Have you invested in Ethereum coin? Well, you might be interested to know the future growth aspects of this cryptocurrency. Don’t worry! This article will help you find answers for all potential questions in your mind.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum was originally founded in the year by Vitalik Buterin, a Russian-Canadian developer. It is basically a blockchain protocol using which people can transfer funds to each other without any interference from third parties. Ethereum is known to establish the first even smart contract technology-based blockchain project. Note that, the smart contract can be better defined as a piece of code that can help people to be a part of the agreement without any intermediary.

Depending upon a few specific conditions, smart contracts are able to transfer funds between different people. Same as smart contracts, all transactions in Ethereum occur in a transparent manner so that anyone connected to the public blockchain can easily find the records.

If we talk about the performance, Ethereum can easily confirm fund movements just within 16 seconds. It means this currency can accomplish almost 15 transactions per second. Investors find great scope for profits in this currency. However, investments must be made after checking different aspects that affect price variations in the crypto world.

The rise in Ethereum pricing:

As per the recent predictions, Ethereum price is expected to touch the higher peak of $100,000 per coin. Many cryptocurrency analysts believe that the volatile market of cryptocurrency would spike to the region of $10 trillion in the near future, and the Ethereum is expected to reach $100,000.

Reports reveal that Bitcoin and Ethereum are going to hold almost 25% share of the cryptocurrency industry. With this, the total market capitalization may reach up to $4.5 trillion in the year. Note that, market capitalization is the way to estimate the total value of cryptocurrency; the process is almost the same as that of the real-world companies. It is done by simply multiplying the present market price of the digital coin by the total number of coins that are in circulation at that time. For instance, if a certain coin is presently priced at $20 and almost 10 million coins are circulated in the market; the market capitalization can be termed as $200 million.

Now, if we talk about Ethereum, there are almost 100 million coins in the market. Now, the year price prediction says that Ethereum will reach the peak price of $11,375; hence, the market capitalization goes up to $1 trillion.

Some of you may say that Ethereum cannot be considered as an individual business value; rather, it is more like a store value; something like gold. It provides the estimated market capitalization of around $10 trillion. Hence, we can say that the ETH price may rise to touch the peak high of $100,000 per ETH. Furthermore, we can say that ETH is not just a single currency; rather, it has the potential to replace many other assets in the market. The cryptocurrency market capitalization has the ability to reach up to $100 trillion, where ETH share could be $1000000 per ETH.

Factors affecting the Ethereum pricing:

It is important to mention that these numbers are not so exact because there are many other values that may impact the market variables. In general, we can say that Ethereum at present has strong competition with EOS, NEO, and Cardano as well. Many new cryptocurrencies are entering the market, and they are making all hard efforts to obsolete the existing ones. However, we cannot ignore the potential of Bitcoin and Ethereum; the two most powerful digital currencies that will be ruling the industry in coming years.

Well, this analysis reveals that cryptocurrency is evolving and it may create new opportunities for the coming generation. The market capitalization may lead to flexible frameworks for understanding the industry, but the variations in the values must be positive. The cryptocurrency market is more dependent on the emotions of the investors. Although technology is progressing day by day, the viewpoints of investors may impact the overall scenario.

As we already said that Ethereum is the first most smart contract project in the blockchain industry; there are more chances for its success in the market. But the developers at the same time need to work hard to solve the issues related to its scalability. If the technical developments go in the right direction; the chances are that this cryptocurrency will reach peak highs.

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If you are planning to make profits out of this industry, it is good to think wisely and plan your actions by focusing on all market stats. Prefer to make long term investments for these digital assets so that they can ensure more success and growth.