With only a few months away, the web designers are buckling up to transform the look of their websites from a stereotypical one to something more relatable and updated. The properties that have so long been under probation and construction are being targeted to be developed in full swing in the coming year to completely change the face of the website and user interface. In the section below, we have provided with 8 web design trends that we will hopefully encounter.

Asymmetric layouts

It is about time that we step out of the conventional disciplined designs and explore the world of asymmetry to imbibe the variation that it has to offer. Unlike the grid-based designs that are constructed of virtual lines that guide our eyes to follow a fixed direction, web designers are looking for ways to break this structure and place the grids in a hay-wire manner. The absence of any fixed rule while designing the website will help its creators to follow and implement patterns that they think would be more fun and profitable.

3D design

In the world of technology, something that has inevitably grown and retained its popularity is the 3D graphics. Designers have been waiting for long to bring in this theme to the arena of websites and seems the year likely to launch this development. 3D designs shall not only be more captivating but at the same time, it would ensure that every bit of content displayed on the webpage receives equal attention from the readers.

Latent navigation

The stay of website designs that were clogged with an indefinite amount of information is now over. With web designers preferring a more simplistic, integrated and classic style, they are willing to employ hidden navigation in the websites to promote minimum content so that the focus of the viewer’s increases. The hidden navigation will grant the websites a neater look and clear a lot of unused space.

Motion design

Motion designs are meant to work in a fashion that is similar to that of the GIF animations. With the swift pace of the world, this design will be an ideal choice to save time and enhance the content displayed on the websites more than the ones that are illustrated in a static form. Because these designs come with a restricted piece of run time, the crucial particulars of the website must be successfully crunched in those few seconds. Motion designs look better, works efficiently and can be accessed through any smartphone or browser.


With the swelling effectiveness of voice-recognizing techniques, web designers are keen to bring about this feature on their websites too. If we analyze the accompanying comfort, we will be able to figure out many. Firstly, instructing the device directly to open a webpage is more convenient and saves time. Secondly, web developers can capitalize on this factor by targeting the group of on-the-go audience to provide them a hassle-free platform to browse their content. Lastly, voice-recognition assists the audience in identifying a lot of things from their everyday life that otherwise becomes difficult to describe and then look for it,

Doodles and hand-drawn characters

Considering the fact that all of us are fond of acknowledging true efforts, the introduction of doodles and hand-drawn characters on the website is a super-hit idea. The creative doodles and physically drawn objects have a different charm to them and the moment we cast a glance at it, we can relate to an object that is more natural and human in the pool of technology. Also, such drawings are highly appealing to children and are thus a great way to increase a website’s audience.

Flash Chatboxes and AI

With the chain of developments that are being incorporated into the functions of AI, the chatboxes on the website will not be only restricted to send and receive conventional questions, answers, and feedbacks; its scope will be diligently utilized. The websites are intending to come up with chatboxes that will pop up automatically when the customer needs them to gradually eliminate the live chat services with the company and its restrictions. These Flash chatboxes will ensure that all the unique queries of the customer are rightly attended leaving no room for grievances.

Slashing the content into parts

Rather than involving multiple pages that eventually create confusion in the minds of the visitors and require escalated efforts to browse back and forth through the content, slashing the content into different parts and displaying them on a single part is what the web designers are aiming. On one hand, it would improve the appeal of the website and allow the creator to invest more creative methods, and on the other hand, it would grant the website a cleaner and organized look.