It is important to promote your blog because you have to gain readership in order to make blogging work for you. If you want a significant income from blogging, people have to read your blog and like your blog for this to become a successful endeavor making your monthly income. You can start promoting your blog by using Facebook. You can use your Facebook page to promote your blog page if you monetize your blog and pay for the monetization process. To promote a blog, you have to write better content that makes people want to read it. An email list for blogging is not always necessary.

You can also use your blog to promote various items. An email list can be used to generate clients or it can bother your clients to get mail from them all the time. To make an email list successful you have to send it at specific times of the day where there is more mail activity. The time of the week that is best to send emails is a weekday, with peaks on Tuesday and Thursday. Sending an email at around 10 in the morning does also works to get readership.

Emails can advertise your new blog post. WordPress is an easy to use platform that does many things automatically for you. Using words like “read” can get subscribers Sending plain text emails or visual emails is a current trend in the world of making money while blogging. Blogging can make you significant income give or take your work at getting the readership going. The more people read, the more money you make. Bloggers have a rate of publishing their newsletter 2-3 times a week although you update your blog every day if you own a blog that you eventually, want to make significant income for.

Your content has to be useful to people in order to get them to read it. You can also share other people’s content. You send your content to people that missed your first email since half your email list is not actually going to read your emails, which is why emailing someone may potentially be a waste of time. Why bother emailing something out when nobody is going to read it? Although, it could be said that an email takes 1 minute worth of work for thousands of potential customers to read it.

Email can attract social shares because there should be a link to your blog in your email signature. This link will attract readers. WordPress is one huge platform that by now, has helped many a blogger become successful. Yes, you can make money from blogging but you have to make the effort to do so. You have to find a niche with writing about something you know about, and then the rest will fall into place. You have to work on your blog consistently in order to make something of the experience. This means daily writing because keeping a blog is really easy.