Did you buy a domain with all the good intentions of actually using it consistently and putting out content. You now have a host domain and probably are tired of paying for it and not using your domain as much as you would like to. A host is a website domain that you currently own and pay for either monthly or annually. Were you aware that it could be sold for a profit? Today I will take you through the steps of how to sell your host. Don’t worry you won’t even have to leave your house or have any real contact with a human.

Many of large companies have sold their website domain and you can too and make money while doing this. First, you should determine how much your domain is worth. Most people over price how much their domain is truly worth. Just because you have owned it for a long time does not necessarily mean that is worth the big bucks. Secondly, after you have decided how much your host site is worth, decide where you would like to sell it. There are many options these days to find a buyer like: Ebay, Letgo, Wish, etc. Now that you have decided where you will sell your domain it is time to put your information out there so interested buyers can contact you.

Finally, it is time to prepare your domain listing for the actual selling process. Once you have chosen your desired site for selling, now you must perfect your listing. Let the buyers (customers) know if the host has any traffic coming to the site, the desired age group, if your site focuses on certain topics, and if your host site has any authority already attached to it. It would be best to use an escrow service once you have decided where and when you actually sell your domain so it is easier to figure out if people have actual interest or are scammers. Some selling sites have a built in escrow process like Sedo in which they take a percentage of the final price of the time of the transfer. Escrow will act as a third- party and hold the money safely and process the funds once it is time.

Lastly but certainly the most important part to all of this; transfer your domain. This part may be a little different depending on where and how you choose to sell your domain. The general outline of the process would consist of: the seller (you) to submit an authorization code to start the transfer of the host domain. The seller then must transfer the funds from escrow once the transfer is completed. Be aware that some escrow sites require that the money sit for some time before the money can be transferred so be aware and do some research before choosing an escrow site. Learning the process of how to sell to a host can be difficult and long process but quite rewarding if done right.