You worked so hard to get an Adsense account approved. Now it is time to make money from your websites. You would need an optimized theme that will help you to get clicks and generate income from Google Adsense.

In this blog post, I will highlight some important criteria to help you choose a good theme for your Adsense websites.

Before we go to details, please remember one thing. You should keep your readers happy by providing them the contents as the priority. Don’t try to make your websites look messy with Ads everywhere. It won’t help. The right approach is to provide them the contents first. Then find a good way to display Adsense Ads along with the contents.

When you provide enough value to your readers, they will find a way to thank you.

If you want to look for example on how to make a good balance between the contents and Ads

Let’s start digging in now!

Here are the 5 important elements to look at when it comes to choosing a best WordPress theme for Adsense websites.

1. Clean and Simple

A good WordPress theme for Adsense must be clean and have enough white space to attract readers’ attention to the Ads. The elements of the theme should be minimized. Do not try to display too many images. You should remember that images are the enemy against the Ads. The more you can minimize the distractions, the more likely you will get more clicks on the Ads.

When you purchase a theme for your Adsense websites, look for the keywords: clean, simple, minimal, minimalist etc.

The less fancy theme will make the Ads standout. You will get more clicks.

2. Optimized for high Click-through rate (CTR)

It’s important to display at least one Ads above the fold area. It means readers don’t have to scroll down to see the Ads. When they open your website, they should suddenly see it on their screen. The best positions to display Ads above the fold area are “before the header” or “inside the header” (align to the right of the logo) or “After the header”.

A good Adsense WordPress Theme must give you these possibilities to display Ads above the fold.

Otherwise, you will not get clicks.

You might want also to place the Ads inside the content. There are many options to choose. You can place before the content, in the middle of the content or below the content.

A good Adsense WordPress theme should help you to insert the code without coding. Here is an example from WikiHow:


3. Optimized for SEO

Adsense works the best for visitors who come from the search engines. It means the theme that you are going to use for your Adsense websites should be optimized for search engines. The more you can get visitors from the search engines, the more you will get clicks, the more you will make money.

You should choose a WordPress theme that has header tags, HTML5 markup, built-in breadcrumb, related posts etc.

These SEO elements will help your Adsense websites discovered from the search engines. A new visitor more likely to click on Ads than a regular visitor.

4. Optimized for speed

Not only for Adsense, a good WordPress theme need to load fast. People have a lot of things to look at from their social media profiles. If you want to keep them stay, you need to deliver the contents and the Ads very fast.

If you keep them waiting because the entire page does not yet finish loading, they will leave your website immediately. There’s no chance they will look at the Ads and click.

5. Responsive

Most of the people these days use their mobile to access the social media and read the articles. It’s not an option anymore. It becomes mandatory to have a responsive website. It means the WordPress theme that you are going to choose should display all the contents, including Ads, properly on any device: desktop, mobile, and tablet.

To get the Ads working along with your responsive theme, you can choose Google Adsense responsive formats. Everything will work well across different devices.

Last words …

There are other factors to choose a good WordPress theme for Adsense websites but above are the 5 essential elements you should absolutely add them into your checklist.

You can find many free/premium Adsense WordPress themes but there are only a few developers who understand the pain points and try to make it easy.

At ThemeCountry, we build WordPress themes for internet marketers.

We know, to continue delivering good contents, we should get a good reward. We must make money from our work.

All our themes are very clean and optimized for SEO and Ads. We pre-define high CRT Ads locations for you. All you need to do is copy/past Adsense codes into your Ads management module. That’s it. No coding required. All our built-in module will help you to build a website and display Adsense in a matter of few minutes.

I like to recommend 3 of our themes that you can use for your Adsense websites:

Wimple Pro

Wimple Pro is very clean WordPress theme. It provides reading friendly experiences to the readers and well optimized for Adsense and SEO.

You can place your first Adsense at the header. It’s a very good location to get clicks. You can choose to display other Ads on the sidebar or inside the content loop such as before the content, in the middle of the content, after the content, after the 1st or 2nd paragraph. You can do these sort of placement by simply copy/post the code into our Ads management module.

Super Ads

Super Ads provide many Ads placements. You should make a good balance between the contents and Ads. I would suggest that you ON/OFF to test each location to find the best spots. Please make sure you don’t display Ads more than contents. Keep in mind to provide value first before asking for the reward.

Super Click

Super Click is our latest optimized WordPress theme for Adsense. You can get your Adsense website up and run within a few minutes. All Ads are managed from our built-in Ads management module. This theme will surely help you to get more clicks and make more money from Google Adsense.

Good luck to your Adsense websites projects!

P.S: Use isbanned to check your domain if it is banned by Adsense or not.