Top 5 Waterproof Headphones for Swimming in 2019

Headphones have become a big part of the major junk of people all around the world. Everyone can be seen from youngsters to adults wearing headphones and listening to their favorite music or watching videos. Headphones play a role of cutting an individual from the outside world as in no other voice can be heard except that of the music. It also helps in clearing out the mind by flushing out all the negative thoughts and filling it with peace and serenity. Researchers have listed out several benefits of listening to the music such as it helps in relieving pain, can improve vascular health, can develop visual and verbal skills, keeps brain young and healthy, improves mood, maintains blood pressure, strong immune system, and will help in providing one with a deep good night sleep.

Individuals who are in the habit of listening to music even while swimming can now opt for the waterproof headphones. They can also work and will not get dysfunctional even in rainy weather. Hereunder are the top five waterproof headphones for swimming in 2019 available on

List of Top 5 Waterproof Headphones for Swimming in 2019:

5. Swimbuds

These headphones are IPX8 standard waterproof making it 100% waterproof in a swimming pool. It has a gold-plated stereo jack which helps it in preventing from oxidization caused by constant exposure to water. The earbuds are made to ensure that they do not fall out of the ear while swimming. It is made specifically to cater the athletes. The cord is compact and stable and does not get snagged while swimming or performing other activities. It is made with second-generation HydroBeat technology which ensures good quality audio underwater. It comes with three different sizes of earbuds to suit varied people. There are three types of Swimbuds available which are Swimbuds Sport, Swimbuds flex, and HydroActive.

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4. Jabees

This fine piece of headphone is waterproof, sweatproof, dustproof, and shock resistant. Jabees is designed while keeping sports person needs in mind. It can handle rigorous and high-intensity interval training workouts with relative ease. It has Bluetooth which reduces the need for physical wires. Therefore, there is zero chance of snagging of cord. It is comfortable and will not fall out of ears while performing tedious tasks. Sound quality is also top notch. It also has NFC which makes it easily able to connect to mobile phones. These headphones can connect to two different devices at a single moment of time. It can also indicate the leftover battery via IOS devices only. Hence, this is one of the best headphone one can keep their hands on who are in search for waterproof headphones.

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3. Surge S+ Short Cord

It is known for providing crisp sound quality even while performing intense physical tasks like swimming. It has good bass quality as well with better sound insulation. The cord is compact so that it does not get stuck or mixed up with the gear while swimming. The design of this earplug is such as to provide utmost comfort while under water. There are five sizes available of earplugs to cater to different ear structure of different people. Surge S is not only waterproof but sweat proof as well. It can work without any problem in 3.6 meters deep water. It also comes with one year warranty which gives a peace of mind to buyers.

Surge S+ Short Cord
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2. HydroActive Short-Cord

It is available with eleven different ear buds in four different styles which cater to varied tastes and preferences. Each style fulfills different purposes from casual listening to water sports etc. The construction of these pairs is done using ABS plastics which are very robust and durable. Wires are made with synthetic fiber which ensures its life as it is made for constant use under water. This is the most rugged pair of headphones in the list and will catch the fancy of those with tough personalities. Its cord is gold plated to withstand the exposure to water and is compatible with the most MP3 players out there in the market. It can submerge in up to 3 meters of water.

HydroActive Short-Cord
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1. Waterfi

It has a grade of IP8 in IPX rating structure. Waterfi can submerge in 10 feet deep water. It has even worked out pretty well in depth of 200 feet but the pressure deep down there can cause injury to your eardrums. So it’s best to use it in 10 feet deep water. Its jack is also gold plated to save it from oxidation caused by chlorine water. It comes with free four pairs of silicone earbuds to suit different audiences.

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