Top 10 Best Zip Line Kits in 2019

Summers are perhaps the best time of the whole season. It does not only allow the budding of nature but also blooms the adventurer inside your kid. However, what you really need to take care of is that it is safe, and a playful affair. In achieving this, having the knowledge of the right product is very much important. The following is a curated list of real-time reviewed zip kits that have bench-marked newer standards of this domain, this year. Here are the top 10 best zip line kits in 2019 that are selected from the topmost products available in the market. At the bottom, you’ll find a buyer’s guide that will help you make a right decision.

Table of the Best Zip Line Kits:

1. Family backyard toys:

Family backyard toys:
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If your child has a thing for sports, this toolkit might become the perfect match for your ninja kid. Turn your boring lawn into a playful affair for your kid with this handy tool-kit. When it comes to your child’s safety, this toolkit is perhaps a champion of all. Its bungee cords render powerful resistance and can lift weights that go up to 250lbs, thus qualifying international quality levels. Be the best parents by converting your lawn into an amusement park and spend endless hours with your children. All thanks to its easy step-by-step installation and assembling manual that makes it hassle-free for you to assemble it for your kid’s perfect playtime.

2. Slacker ninja line 36’ intro kit:

Slacker ninja line 36’ intro kit:
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If your kid is a proven ninja pro, then the all-new Slacker intro kit is an enormous gift of happiness on that title to your kid. With its easy installation set-up, this kit helps in moving the subject further apart as your kid’s skills improve more with time. One can hang between two posts or healthy trees easily. For an amazing ease of portability, the whole kit is equipped with a carrying bag along with the toolkit only. Its slack line of 30’ is ample for any kid to climb between two trees. Its accessories are in detail and in ample amount for full course ninja training.

3. 90’ Eagle series seated zip line kit:

90’ Eagle series seated zip line kit:
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This toolkit is a combination of the best of all worlds. It’s easy to use and is fun and safe. Its step-by-step installation and assembling instruction can turn your boring backyard into an interesting play zone. When it comes to comfort, it is simply the best of the products. The rope in the kit can be easily adjusted according to the height of different rider without any hassle. This product’s major USP undoubtedly lies in its warranty of 1 year. You can enrol for free warranty and registration program for a better overage of the product. It’s one of the most recommendable elements is the wonderful weather-resistant materials that are used in the product. It benefits the longevity of the product easily.

4. Slackers zipline 70’ eagle series:

Slackers zipline 70’ eagle series:
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With the all-new Slackers eagle series, it would be wrong to convict that pricing is its only plus. With such a phenomenally convenient pricing comes yet another charm of quality. Thus, now you can now turn your boring backyard into a super play area for your kids with this kit. When it comes to quality it is one heck of a deal. But it does not stop at being only high quality. Teaming it comes to its amazingly satisfactory performance. The cable that is given in this kit is one of the most stable and highly risk-proof. The engineering of eh the whole kit is so systematic and scientific that it keeps all the nitty-gritty of the toolkit intact.

5. . Slackers value series zipline kit:

. Slackers value series zipline kit:
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Flying fox, Foefie slide are the names, synonymous to that of a zipline. This kind of toolkit is becoming more and more popular for vacation activities which are held at outdoor. And with good reasons. The major advantage of this toolkit is that it holds a good deed of weight all securely. As the assembly parts are less, the assembling process is naturally much hassle free and easy. One of the best parts of this toolkit lies in the fact that it is highly comfortable and secured while in action. All thanks to the use of the durable steel trolley that the kit uses, that the toolkit is one of the safest amongst all available in the market.

6. Epic series -80’ Zipline with seats:

 Epic series -80’ Zipline with seats:
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People often suggest Zipline kit for turning the boring backyard into an amazing play zone for their kids. And to achieve this, this product may be just the opposite one. Two people can install this kit in just 30 minutes with two tools like pliers and wrench. Further, this helps in balancing all the rides just a few feet off the ground. It’s easy and fast installation is perhaps one of the major reasons that are required to take this up. When it comes to accessories it is simply one of the best kits. It inclusions range from 5-foot sling cable to 75-foot man cable to u-clumps finally having turnbuckles with nuts and bolts and also a trolley.

7. Alien flier X2 H200 Zip line kit:

Alien flier X2 H200 Zip line kit:
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If you are someone who is looking for the best which doubles as the safest zip line kit in the market, then your search may end here. This kit’s trolley is made up of strong aluminium that can hold weights of a rider that ranges up to 220lbs. The speed controls that it offers to the rider are one of the best parts of this kit. The cable kit might be the best attractions of all time in this kit. One of the major benefits that this kit renders you as a user is its serious offering of portability. Its light-weight and ease of movement make it one of a kind. This may be considered as the biggest buy point of the kit. It lets you enjoy great quality without making a hole in your pocket.

8. Allien flier X2 R100:

Allien flier X2 R100:
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This kit comes with all the required gears you need to set up an obstacle course zip line on your very own property. However, this may not prove to be the best choice if you are searching something that is useful yet cost-effective. The speed controls of this product are something that is great. The length of the cable that is given in this kit is commendably long. It is highly risk-free. This product is highly portable, a factor which is very much appreciable for toolkits like this. Although pricey, the quality that the product renders to you as a user is something to consider.

9. Ripline 90’Night riderz w/ seat:

Ripline 90’Night riderz w/ seat:
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This toolkit is great fun for the age of 8 and above. Having the capacity to hold weights that range up to 200 lbs, it is one of the best products right now in the market. Plus, comes its easy 30 minutes installation process that is both risk and hassle-free. The product has step-by-step description of installation thus makes it easy for parents. The set-up process is something that is one of the best about this product. The quality is something that is much anticipated in this product. It is high-end delivering some amazing performances at all events. With great quality follows great pricing. Despite its high-end quality, you will be pleased to witness the product offered at a very competitive pricing.

10. 95 foot zip line kits:

95 foot zip line kits:
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Be your child’s super parents by gifting them this mind-blowing zip line swing kit this season. Your kids can spend endless merry hours with this safe and comfortable swing kit at all their free times. The exclusive design is this toolkit is something that renders endless safety and comfort to your child at all times. Its safety meeting international standards, it is one of the most coveted product in the market. With the fastest installation process with the help of a step-by-step guide, it is a product whose mounting is hassle-free. Its design is custom made that is specially targeted to fulfil weight factors of riders weighing up 250 lbs. Its quality is something that is the most prominent factor in this product.

Buying Guide for the Best Zip Line Kits


When you’re buying something for your child then it should be safe for use. You can analyze the safety of the product by its design and make. A good quality design ensures that your child enjoys moving down the line safely.


The comfort of a zip line kit lies in the assembly part. With fewer parts to assemble you have the best of the service without any hassle of putting too many parts together. On the other hand, proper gripped handle ensures great comfort for your child.


You can know about the quality of the product from the speed itself. A high-speed operation is generally obtained when the product is engineered with the good quality material and proper design.

Swing it Easily

All the children like to go for challenging adventures in their free time. You can get the best for your kid by gifting a zip line kit that gives the satisfaction of enjoying a full swing moving in the air. All the products mentioned above are chosen especially keeping in mind their quality and resourcefulness. You can get the best product by referring to the buyer’s guide and make a wise decision that will bring a smile on your child’s face.

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