Top 10 Best Wifi Thermostats in 2019 Reviews

Is a smart idea. You save on energy, you save money and you help the environment. Using the right thermostat helps with all of those issues. That is why switching to one of the top 10 best wifi thermostats in 2019 is the way to go.

How do you find one of the top 10 best wifi thermostats in 2019? Just continue to read our review. Its designed to give you the information you need to make the right purchase.

Then our buyer’s guide will provide you with helpful tips on what to look for. Knowing what to look for is half the battle. Soon you can be enjoying one of the top 10 best wifi thermostats in 2019 in your home. One thing is for sure your search will be a lot easier.

Table of the Best Wifi Thermostats:

1Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat
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This wifi thermostat will perk up as you draw near. Its light will shine, it will display the temperature and the time and generally look good. Coming in 4 different colors, you can find one that will fit in with your home’s décor. Plus, the thermostat will display in digital or analog formats.
Then, if you wait long enough, you can get the weather from this wifi thermostat. It is also compatible with other NEST products as well as Alexa if you want voice control. The device will also communicate with other smart products you have in your home.

2ecobee Thermostat with Sensor

ecobee Thermostat with Sensor
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The built-in Alexa system allows you to have voice control over this thermostat. You can access the news, weather, time, or even set a timer with just the power of your voice. Then your Android and iOS can program your thermostat from just about anywhere.

Also, it is compatible with Apple Homekit, Samsung Smart things, as well as Google assistant and more. There are several ways to connect to this Smart thermostat beside wifi. Its room sensors also identify hot and cold spots in the house and make the appropriate adjustments.
It is easy to install.

3Emerson Thermostat for Smart Home

Emerson Thermostat for Smart Home
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The digital display allows you to see everything that is happening in your home quickly and easily. You can get the temperature, time and which function is operating in a single glance. Plus, it is easy to install and operate.

This smart thermostat is compatible with a variety of other smart programs. Then, using the Sensei app, you can use your smartphone, etc., to program the thermostat or adjust your home’s comfort levels.

It can be hooked up to your current heating and cooling system. A c-wire may be needed for everything to function correctly. Read the included instructions to get all the features this thermostat has to offer.

4Honeywell Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat

Honeywell Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat
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The touchscreen gives you the menu you need to operate this wifi thermostat. Then a touch of the finger sets the comfort levels in your home. Your finger can program the device for up to 7 days in advance.

But you do need a c-wire to make it all happen correctly. It is Alexa compatible and it will give you alerts when filters and other important devices need attention. Plus, the device is compatible with other voice control programs.

This smart wifi will learn what it needs to operate your heating and cooling units at their peak performance and energy saving best.

5Honeywell Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat

Honeywell Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat
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You can pre-program this wifi thermostat to work for 7 days. All the controls and menu are on the digital display and the device itself. It will also provide you with the weather if you want it. The digital display gives you the room temperature and the time.

This wifi thermostat is compatible with Alexa and other smart programs that are available now. Everything you need to install the thermostat is included in the box when you purchase it.

Just make sure you have a c-wire. This is essential if you want the wifi thermostat to operate.

6Honeywell Smart Color Programmable Thermostat

Honeywell Smart Color Programmable Thermostat
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The dark crimson background color highlights the white lettering, so you can read this device with ease. It will display the time, the inside and outside temperatures, and the humidity. Plus, it will let you know your temperature setting as well as your program schedule.
All you need is your fingertip and you are ready to set your home’s new comfort levels. Then, you will receive alerts when filters need changing or some other device needs your attention.

It is compatible with Alexa and you do need a c-wire to make it work. It will blend in with your décor.

7Honeywell Smart Wi-Fi Color Thermostat

Honeywell Smart Wi-Fi Color Thermostat
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You can customize the display screen to match up with the way your home’s interior looks. Your finger is all you need to get this wifi thermostat working like you want it. Then you can lock the screen, so no one can readjust the settings.

You also can program this thermostat to help you save on energy and your energy bill. Then with the right app, you can control this device with your Android or iOS systems. Plus, if you want voice control, you can attach the Alexa system to this thermostat.
The power and control of your home’s comfort level’s is all yours.

8Honeywell Touchscreen Thermostat

Honeywell Touchscreen Thermostat
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The large display screen provides you with easy to read lettering and numbers. Then all you need is your fingertip to run through the menu and set your schedule. The device’s settings are your servant and awaiting your command.

You can also download the app that allows you to remotely control and monitor the device. With this device, you can get the date, time, temperature setting, current indoor and outdoor temperatures and even the humidity.

It is also compatible with Alexa and you can program up to 7 days in advance, with the touch of your finger.

9Emerson Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat

Emerson Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat
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You can get the temperature, the humidity level and the time just by glancing at the large display screen. The HD quality touchscreen is easy to use, and it can be controlled via your smartphone or other electronic computer devices.

All you need is the Sensei app and you can make changes when you are away from home. It is also compatible with Alexa and other similar voice control applications. The step by step instructions tells you everything you need to know to install and operate the device.
You will get emergency alerts if you program them to sound off after activating the thermostat.

10ecobee Thermostat with Sensor

ecobee Thermostat with Sensor
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This little wifi thermostat uses thousands of data points to manage your heating and cooling systems. It will use the information to provide you with the best indoor climate possible while saving you money.

It also senses when you are home and which rooms you and your family are in. Then it will take the appropriate steps to provide you with the ultimate comfort. Then it will make the right adjustments when you are not.

Besides being compatible with Alexa, it uses remote sensors to do everything it says it can do.

Our Buyer’s Guide

When technology upgrades simple items like thermostats, it pays to get some helpful tips. Not everyone understands technology and to find one of the top 10 best wifi thermostats in 2019, you may need some help. Here are some of those helpful tips:


  • is it just to control the temperature or will you use it to save money as well?


  • will it meet your needs for your home’s comfort levels and provide you with the information you need. For example, outside temperature, humidity, time, etc.


  • can you attach voice control programs to the device? How many sensors will it work with?

Remote monitoring

  • can you download an app that allows you to use your smartphones, etc., and tablets to monitor and control the device? Can you access the device from almost anywhere?


  • how many days can you program in advance? What other features doe sit have that you can program to give you up-to-date information?


  • is it easy to install and does it include all the hardware needed?


  • what is covered? How long is your coverage? What is the return policy?


make sure this does not ruin your budget. Going cheap is not going to get you the best device on the market.

Some Final Words

Technology has a way of updating simple household items. It takes a bit to catch up with what is happening to your home with all the advances technology brings. Switching to one of the top 10 best wifi thermostats in 2019 is a way of catching up with technology.

Plus, it may save you some money as the years pass by. Using one of the top 10 best wifi thermostats in 2019 may be your next smart decision.

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