Best Welding Helmets In 2019 Reviews

Individuals who Welding Helmets is familiar to them know very well the importance of having a helmet on when working on such. Helmets shield the face such that any fiery practices which fly as you weld such as radiation and sparks as such may lead to tremendous body harm if the face is not shield.

However, establishing that the helmet is a requirement for welding is not enough but also you should ask yourself which of the helmet is best fit for you. Welding is of various kinds with some helmets more suitable as compared to others. Al you need to know is the fundamental features that make up proper helmet to narrow down many options available in the market. Below is a list of best ranked helmets in 2019 as per their features.

Table of The Best Welding Helmets:

1Rhino Large and Grind

Rhino Large and Grind
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This is an auto-darkening kind of welding helmet which is made using carbon fiber. It features 10 inches plus of space for welding vision. This size is like double of the size which standard normal viewing windows offer. Its shell is light in weight and made of nylon weighing 1.2 pounds and below inclusive of the headgear. The shell provides continuous protection from infrared and ultraviolet rays. Its lightweight makes it suitable for use with less fatigue and also offers longer durability. The headgear of this helmet is made using ratchet style and includes a headband.

2GX990T Series Instapark ADF

GX990T Series Instapark ADF
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A welding helmet powered by solar with auto-darkening. It features four arc sensors as well as auto-darkening filter. The viewing area is about 3.86” by 3.94” which is the largest of the helmets in this class. Its design is revolution offering convenient controls on its exterior as well as adjustments for delay, sensitivity and dark state with no need of getting off your helmet. Shade adjustment are offered in wide range from about 5 to 13 with 4 as resting shade and lighting switching fast time to light from dark a speed of 1/30,000 second. The material used to make the helmet is light in weight and much durable with its interior padded and a headband for enhancement of protection, maximum comfort and consistent performance.

3Deep Sea Welding Helmet

Deep Sea Welding Helmet
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Powered by solar and professional auto darkening hood which features wide lens. The shade of the helmet can be easily adjusted ranging from 4/9 to 13, It offers maximum protection to the eye with the welder getting protected even in power failure cases against IR and UV radiation. It is equipped with delay and sensitivity settings which are adaptable for various environments as well as task durations. With this helmet you get to enjoy enhanced color recognition and visibility. The viewing area is clean and well equipped for angular dependence, luminance transmittance variation and light diffusion which enables the user to clearly view at various angles. With this helmet, you can use at any environments as its lens is adjustable for use in various environments.

4Miller Electric

Miller Electric
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A welding helmet powered by solar with auto-darkening. It features four arc sensors as well as auto-darkening filter. With this helmet you get to enjoy enhanced color recognition and visibility. The viewing area is clean and well equipped for angular dependence, luminance transmittance variation and light diffusion which enables the user to clearly view at various angles.

5A50 Esab Sentinel

A50 Esab Sentinel
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Made of shell revolutionary design with high resistance impact of the nylon. Its headgear from halo team is infinitely-adjustable, ergonomic with five points providing extreme balance and comfort. The profile design is quite low with pivot point at the center to allow maximum clearance of the head while your helmet is still in its position. The helmet’s viewing area measures 60mm by 100mm with during button externally activated from shade three mode of grind. It features a control panel of the touch colored screen with eight separated settings of the memory. It also includes one amber lens and one clear lens.

6AH6-X60S-0000 Antra

AH6-X60S-0000 Antra
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A very light helmet with very swift response time hence providing better eye protection for welders. The helmet’s viewing size is 2.5” by 3.86” together with three premium redundant sensors. The helmet has some compatible design if magnifying lens or shelter lens. This helmet features a step by step knob for adjusting the sensitivity with low, medium and high delay setting.

7.3M 70071688561 Speedglas Helmet

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Features more improved optics which enables users to see some more colors in reality. Its silver 9100Xxi front panel aids in housing controls in the exterior enabling easy and fast access of the memory and grinding modes. It features 2 memory nodes that enable users to set settings individually for light-to-dark, dark-to-light delay, switching sensitivity and dark shade. Its auto-on and grab features enables fast working of the users. Its grinding mode can be activated externally with enhanced user interface for better understanding.

8WHAM3030GB Pyramex Safety Welding Helmet

WHAM3030GB Pyramex Safety Welding Helmet
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Welding helmet featuring a lens with high speed and a response time of 1/30,000, It also has 4 independent sensors of the arc which are used for higher detection. Powered by solar with the technology quite advanced such that the battery has a backup which ensures welding is on for long periods. Its suspension is made of rugged nylon hence providing superior fit. For welders to achieve quite detailed work, holder of the magnification lens is as well featured.

9VIKING 3350 Lincoln Electric Welding Helmet

VIKING 3350 Lincoln Electric Welding Helmet
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Welding helmet which features every aspect of style when it comes to the process of welding as its all face. Underneath its racy, sleek lines is some potential technology which makes it perfect for welders. Its design ensures the welder gets much comfortability and safety. Its lenses are configured cleverly for provision of impeccable visibility with minimal eye strain. Darkening feature is available under solar energy. Constructed using nylon making it durable and light in weight.

1046131 Jackson Safety Welding Helmet

46131 Jackson Safety Welding Helmet
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Quality lens offering wide area of viewing, delay adjustments and sensitivity and variable shade ranging from 9 to 13, It as well features 4 independent sensors that dim automatically with easy and simple to use controls that are digitalized. Its mask is fitted with values for you to choose the weld and grind modes best preferred.
Buying Guide to the Best Welding Helmet

Before making purchase of welding helmets, consider the following features:

Passive lens

It’s the lens found on welding helmets which protect the eyes against hot and bright arc. If the lens is not present you get your eyes burned and to extremes damaged. The lens shade measures from 8 to 13, #10 is most people’s preferred shade for welding purposes.

Auto-darkening lens

Welding helmet with no auto-darkening lens means that at any given time it can keep down. This auto-darkening are sensors that will adjust with the amount of light for maximum protection.


For long periods’ welders, a comfortable helmet is all you need. Therefore, consider the weight of the helmet for comfortability. Other features contributing to comfortability could be how many angle and size adjustments does the headgear has. The helmet’s neck coverage is also crucial for comfortability.


As a welder, welding helmets are a must have for the protection of your eyes. Beginners in welding sector may find it hard to determine which helmet to go for with temptations to go for cheaper ones which might not give as much as it should. Therefore, before making any purchase, consider the features of the helmet and how safe the helmet is.

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