Top 5 Best Waterproof Mp3 Players in 2017

The waterproof mp3 players with different designs are getting very popular these days. They are mostly preferred by the swimmers as well as other sportspersons. They are supposed to be completely water resistant. The waterproof mp3 players are all the rage these days because besides being 100% waterproof and water resistant, they provide the users with an excellent set of features that you might not even find in a regular set of headphones/mp3 players. A list of some of the best waterproof mp3 players in 2017 is given below.

List of Top 5 Best Waterproof Mp3 Players in 2017:

#5. 4GB Waterproof MP3 Player

 4GB Waterproof MP3 Player
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This is one of the top 5 Best waterproof mp3 players in 2017, They are designed for different sports like running, swimming, etc. It is supposed to be built with an international IPX-8 standard. There is a built-in battery of Lithium polymer (3.7V, 200mAh) in Aerb MD190 4GB that is rechargeable.


• It’s has a built-in memory of 4GB and it has an outstanding design.
• It lets the users enjoy a crystal clear sound.
• It is 100% resistant to water up to a depth of three meters.
• There is a unique attaching of the clip for swimming, a collar, waist belt, skiing goggles, etc. the make the product very comfortable to use.


• It does not support shuffling and the iTunes sync. The iTunes is first required to be converted to the MP3 format songs or the WMA.

#4. Diver (TM)

 Diver (TM)
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They are also considered to be a one the best waterproof mp3 players out there according to the rankings of the year 2017, The mp3 player follows a plug and plays mechanism for both Windows and Mac. The USB cable also comes up with the product. It is also available in Blue color.


• There is an inbuilt memory of 4GB that is enough for storing a handsome number of songs in it.
• There is a warranty of twelve months for the rechargeable battery of Diver (TM) Waterproof MP3 Player Includes Waterproof Earphones.
• The hooked water-resistant earphones are also included with the other accessories of the product and a guaranteed performance is offered.


• There is no shuffle allowed in the Diver (TM) Waterproof MP3 Player Includes Waterproof Earphones.

#3. Tayogo Upgraded

 Tayogo Upgraded
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You should not forget to add the name of Tayogo Upgraded headphones can be used for Swimming, Surfing, and Diving-White in the list of the best waterproof MP3 players for the year 2017, This MP3 player has one of the latest design that is very comfortable to use.


• Tayogo Upgraded for Swimming, Surfing, and Diving-White has a unique design as compared to other such products.
• There is a built-in memory of 8GB that is double the memory of some of the other waterproof MP3 players. It lets you get 2000 or more songs on your device and lets you enjoy unlimited music.
• Tayogo Upgraded for Swimming, Surfing, and Diving-White is not only resistant to water but is also heatproof.
• It is portable, durable and fit for being used for the water-based activities.


• There are no noticeable cons for this Waterproof Earphones

#2. 8GB swimming mp3 player

8GB swimming mp3 player
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These waterproof swimming headphones are black in color and are 100% waterproof. These are one of the best MP3 players in 2017, There is a stereo jack that is plated with gold for preventing it from getting eroded.


• These underwater waterproof headphones are perfect for the swimmers. They are very comfortable to use as there is no wrapping of the long cords around the straps of the goggles.
• Both shuffle and sequence playing of songs is allowed.
• There is a warranty of one year of the product which is an added plus.


• There are no particular cons of the product.

#1. Swimbuds Headphones

 Swimbuds Headphones
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Swimbuds Headphones and 8 GB SYRYN waterproof MP3 player with shuffle feature has lots of features and functionalities that make it the best MP3 player for the present year. When you purchase this product, you get the original headphones of Swimbuds as well as the SYRYN waterproof MP3 player.


• This MP3 player lets you listen to music without any interruption.
• It meets all the waterproofing standards of IPX8,
• There is an original feature of shuffle.
• Optional shuffle feature keeps your music in a mix


• There are no noticeable cons of the product.

Therefore, if you ever want to go swimming and want to enjoy music at the same time, choose one of these amazing products and have the time of your life.

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