Top 5 Best Waterproof Laptop Backpack In 2017

The first thing to get after the purchase of your laptop is some form of cover that offers the adequate protection for your laptop, and to that effect, a laptop backpack is what you should go for. Laptop backpacks are bags designed specifically for the safekeeping of your laptop and other handy things as you move around.

These laptop backpacks, however, does so much work other than just the storing your laptop, ultimately they should ensure that whatever goes into it; your laptop, phone, camera or any other thing is kept dry and intact. That is absolutely why beyond just getting a laptop backpack, you need a waterproof laptop backpack, bearing in mind that what a waterproof backpack can do, a water resistance backpack cannot. So don’t ever get a laptop backpack that is not completely waterproof either out of rush or folly. Relax and review our list of five (5) best waterproof laptop backpacks in 2017 below and make the choice that fits your style and requirements.

List of Top 5 Best Waterproof Laptop Backpack In 2017

#5. HaloVa Travel Backpack

HaloVA Travel backpack is a top class waterproof laptop backpack with a dimension of 10″ x 4.3″ x 17″ and has gray as its basic color. The backpack is produced with a waterproof PVC and premium breathable polyester. It has as part of its design, an inbuilt external USB charging cable so you can charge any of your electronic devices even as you are on the move. For security purposes, the main pocket zipper of this backpack are hidden in such a way that a thief will find it difficult having access to inside the bag. HaloVA Travel backpack offers you much more than storage for your laptop. The number of other small pockets inside (7) makes it possible for you to store other stuff like your cell phone, keys, wallet, books, etc. with all these features, the backpack is light weighted and suitable for people of all class and profession.

HaloVa Travel Backpack
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#4. Samll Tree Laptop Outdoor Backpack

Following closely to the first backpack on our list is the Samll Tree Laptop Outdoor Backpack. A backpack made with Vegan leather and waterproof polyester that is of high quality, it has dimensions of 16.14 inch in height, 12.6 inches width and 5.5 inches in depth. This backpack is multifunctional; its durability makes it suitable for students to use in carrying their laptops, notebooks, and textbooks. It is also suitable for travelers because it is a heavy duty backpack. The design of the Samll Tree Laptop Outdoor Backpack makes it hang on your back nicely and offers you some comfort as well with the bag straps padded. There are plenty of rooms in the bag to contain not just your laptop, but other important stuffs you may have.

Samll Tree Laptop Outdoor Backpack
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#3. Beyle Laptop Backpack

The Beyle laptop backpack is next on our list. This beautiful laptop backpack is designed to offer storage and safety fully from water to your laptop and other electronic gadgets you may put inside it. The backpack has a dimension of 18 x 11.5 x 6.5-inch meaning it can carry any laptop up to 17 inches high. Along with the storage features, the bag comes with USB cable that allows you charge your phone and other devices on the go with convenience. The front buckles of the Beyle laptop backpack offer good protection for your bag prevents anyone from easy access to the content of the backpack; this applies to the side buckles as well.

Beyle Laptop Backpack
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#2. M200 Business Travel Laptop Computer Tablet Backpack

The M200 Business Travel Laptop Computer Tablet Backpack is a master class backpack. It is made of nylon material all through, suitable for everybody, the profession notwithstanding, can contain laptops as high as 15 inches, a guarantee of comfort for the handler as it comes with both backs and should strap padded and air ventilated. This M200 Business Travel Laptop Computer Tablet Backpack offers you everything you need in a laptop backpack plus class.

M200 Business Travel Laptop Computer Tablet Backpack
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#1. Fengcase College Backpack High School Backpacks

Closing our list is an excellent and stylish laptop backpack known as Fengcase College Backpack High School Backpacks. This backpack is made from a smooth fabric lining and a nylon material that is waterproof as well as offers strong resistance to tear. There are multiple pockets in the backpack to ensure that you can store both your laptop (as high as 15 inches) and other valuable devices. With the pack’s padded ergonomic mesh back, your comfort is guaranteed. It bag also comes with a thick handle on the top meaning that freeing your shoulder and carrying with the hand is allowed.

Fengcase College Backpack High School Backpacks
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