Top 5 Best Waterproof Activity Trackers in 2018

Activity trackers are worn during fitness exercises; swimming, games, etc. and they are designed to be more resilient than regular smart wristwatches. The reason is simple, unlike the average wristwatch, activity trackers face more hash conditions like sweats which are experienced every workout session, shakes, bumps, etc. However, when it comes to choosing an activity tracker to wear for your exercise considering its basic functions, you will find out that a waterproof activity tracker is just what you need.

Be it in the pool, in the gym, in the shower and in any other type of event that fully involves water, having a waterproof activity tracker got you covered in checking your fitness level and also in observing how your body performs at each session. Varieties of waterproof activity trackers exist in the market with differences in shapes, styles, features, sizes, and design that it makes become kind of confusing selecting which is the best among them. However, we have compiled a list for you that shows the Top 5 Best waterproof Activity Tracker in 2018.  Go through it and then make your choice comfortably.

List of Top 5 Best Waterproof Activity Trackers in 2018:

#5. Kybeco Fitness Tracker

Unsurprisingly topping the list is the Kybeco waterproof fitness tracker. This fitness tracker shows your heart rate and even fat burning rates during any workout or exercise on the screen. The tracker also comes with all the essential features that a Smartphone has, features such as vibration alarm, step tracker, daily reminder and notification for all applications including Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, email, calendar, etc. You can control your phone camera to take pictures anytime and control your music player as well while you do your workout using the Kybeco fitness tracker. By connecting with the GPS mode, you can see the real time of your activities, steps, heart rate, your speed, calories burned and others show on the screen as you carry out any outdoor exercise.

Kybeco Fitness Tracker
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#4. Kirlor Fitness Tracker

Similar in design to the Kybeco fitness tracker but with unique features, the Kirlor fitness tracker is the next on our list. This fitness tracker is a multifunctional tracker; it’s a timer, a pedometer, sleep monitor, time display, stopwatch, alarm clock, blood pressure test, SMS alert and a whole lot of other functions. There is a USB port in the tracker which means that it can be charged either using your PC, a power bank or in your car. Much more than a tracker, the design of the Kirlor fitness tracker (0.87” OLED display) makes it possible for you to wear it comfortable at any occasion in the form of fashion, coupled with the fact that is light.

Kirlor Fitness Tracker
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#3. Fatmoon Fitness Tracker

The Fatmoon fitness tracker is a waterproof tracker that serves as a smart pedometer, a sleep monitor, notifications, control for a phone camera, reads and record calories, has an anti-lost alert, and others. It is designed in such a way that not just your fitness seasons but your all-day activities can be tracked with it. The tracker’s touch screen is very responsive, and by a simple tap, all the counting and recording can be read. The tracker supports Bluetooth 4.0 and is compatible with Android 4.4, iPhone and other smart devices.

Fatmoon Fitness Tracker
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#2. Aneken Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

Next is Aneken tracker, an activity tracker can take records of your heart rate, distance covered, amount of calories burned, etc. and comes along with 14 different sports modes for you to choose. With the Aneken waterproof tracker, you will always receive notifications for calls, SMS, emails, and can as well find your phone if it’s within Bluetooth range. The waterproof rating of the tracker is IP67, and it comes with a warranty of 24 months.

Aneken Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor
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#1. LOVK Fitness Tracker Watch

A fantastic tracker watch ends our list, which is the LOVK fitness tracker watch. The tracker watch has its best wearing position to be 2cm in the upper region of the anklebone. From that position, your heart beats can be recorded accurately, your calorie loss, climbing, running and walking space can be recorded by the tracker as well. The LOVK fitness tracker watch serves as a controller for your phone camera, your sedentary reminder, helps you monitor your sleep and other side functions. With a waterproof ranking of IP56, the fitness tracker can be worn even in the most extreme conditions.

LOVK Fitness Tracker Watch Top 5 Best Waterproof Activity Trackers in 2018
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