Top 10 Best Waterless Car Washing Treatments in 2018 Reviews

Do you want to buy the Best Waterless Car Washing Treatments? Water is one precious commodity, which means it’s important to conserve it. For instance, if you choose the average car wash option, it will use 50-100 gallons of water, which is a bit much and wasteful considering the scarcity of water in some areas. However, if you opt for the waterless car wash option, you will conserve water in addition to protecting your vehicle from damage. That’s because it involves the use of substances that remove dirt from the surface of the car without creating friction that can scratch the paint. This Top 10 Best Waterless Car Washing Treatments in 2018 & Buyer’s Guide gives you the best brands to consider for washing your car.

Table of the Best Waterless Car Washing Treatments:

1Aero Waterless/Wet Car Wash

Aero Waterless/Wet Car Wash
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One brand that ranks among the Best Waterless Car Washing Treatments is the Aero Waterless/Wet Car Wash. it cleans your car gently and leaves it with UV protection (non-stock) coating, which means it protects your vehicle. It offers you the best cleaning performance for your boat, car or RV. Its water based, meaning its ammonia and alcohol-free. You can use it as the perfect waterless wash or spray if after wet washing.


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If you’re searching for a gentle waterless carwash, you should consider the MEGUIAR’S G3626 BRAND. It conveniently washes and adds the best wax protection using one easy step. It applies the best chemistry (advanced polymer) to ensure your vehicle elegant and clean. It’s best for car owners with water restrictions in their areas, those who live in apartments, cities and don’t have access to a hose. Your vehicle is one of your most significant investments, which means you want to take care of it.

3Armor All Wash Wipes (Ultra Shine)

Armor All Wash Wipes (Ultra Shine)
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The Armor All Wash Wipes (ultra shine) is the perfect option for car owners who want to clean their vehicles anywhere, anytime without using water. These wipes are pre-moistened and extra large, which means they effectively remove dust, dirt, and road grime. You can use them to clean the entire car or do touch-ups. Remember you may be in a hurry, for example rushing to a business meeting or other routines. It means you need a solution that works fast and protects your vehicle. The best option should be the Armor All Wash Wipes (ULTRA SHINE).

4Mothers 05664 Gold Car Wash (California)

Mothers 05664 Gold Car Wash (California)
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The Mothers 05664 Gold Car Wash provides your car with a careful and efficient balance of powerful cleaning and prevents the paint from getting dull. For instance, it has balanced PH, which means it offers your car added safety that ensures you can use them continually. Even without using wax, your vehicle will shine using this car wash. The super-sudsy formulation prevents and resists water spotting which means it provides you with longer-lasting benefits.

5Chemical Guys Quick Detail Spray

Chemical Guys Quick Detail Spray
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Chemical Guys Quick Detail Spray comes with several amazing benefits. Their hybrid (fast flash) technology will disappear into the finish and leave long lasting and streak-free gloss, which is non-stick and slick. This spray ensures your vehicle has optical clarity along with the best sleek finish, it easy and fast to use and works on all painted surfaces, glass and wheels. With this spray, your vehicle will stand out from the rest; which means you will get value for money.

6Chemical Guys EcoSmart Waterless Car Wash

Chemical Guys EcoSmart Waterless Car Wash
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The Chemical Guys EcoSmart Waterless Car Wash offers you dependable and efficient waterless detail system. Its eco-safe and 100% scratch free. You can achieve complete cleaning without the need to use water and protects your vehicle from harmful UV rays.

7Masterson’s Waterless Wash

Masterson's Waterless Wash
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If you plan to start cleaning your vehicle without water, you should purchase the Masterson’s Waterless Wash. It enables you to clean, shine and protects your car in addition to being environmentally friendly. For instance, it effectively cleans oxidation, contamination, water spots, bird droppings and dirt, which means you get value for your money. It works on your car’s paint, glass, plastic, wheels, metal, trim and chrome, which means you get the best returns.

8OPT Optimum (22752) Opti-Clean

OPT Optimum (22752) Opti-Clean
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The OPT Optimum (22752) Opti-Clean consists of polymers (soy-based) which combine with an efficient lubricant to remove surface debris. That enables you to clean your vehicle without scratching it. This solution ensures you conserve water and leaves your car with a slick surface.

9Purple Slice Clean/Wax/Polish

Purple Slice Clean/Wax/Polish
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If you just want to clean your vehicle by spraying, wiping and shining, you should purchase the Purple Slice Clean/Wax/Polish. It’s the best option for glass, chrome, paint and much more. It’s safe for all gel coats and clear coats, which means it offers you value for money.

10Chemical Guys Waterless Car Wash

Chemical Guys Waterless Car Wash
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The Chemical Guys Waterless Car Wash provides you with the chance to clean your vehicle without water. That’s because it a combination of sealant, wax, polish and waterless wash. It’s made of organic clay and carnauba wax, which means it environmentally friendly. If you intend to remove water spots, contamination, grease oxidation, water spots and dirt, you should purchase this brand.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Waterless Car Washing Treatments

  • Make sure it’s safe for your vehicle, which means look for those without harmful chemicals as ingredients.
  • Purchase brands that have been proven to remove dirt from vehicles without scratching the paint.
  • Consider selecting brands that can clean your vehicle without having to add water.



The above Top 10 Best Waterless Car Washing Treatments in 2018 & Buyer’s Guide should make choosing the best waterless car wash smooth for you. During this detailed review, among the considerations, we looked for were the ability to clean vehicles fast, protection of cars and being environmentally friendly. Remember the purpose of purchasing waterless car washes is to conserve water, which is among the precious commodities in the world. By choosing to buy these solutions, what you’ll be doing is contributing to saving natural resources such as water and taking care of your vehicle.

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