Top 15 Best Walking Shoes For Kids in 2018

Walking Shoes, Taking some time out with your family, especially with your kids is one of the most cherished experiences of our lives. We always want to capture those moments when we take our children to parks, fairs, rides, and restaurants. However, if your kid is not comfortable in his shoes, it can ruin the experience. Sounds odd? Sounds out of place? Yes, it is true. Kids usually have a high level of sensitivity with their clothing as well as their footwear, given that their skins are not as well developed as that of adults.

Making your kids wear sandals is not a good idea, as they are susceptible to getting stones and pieces of plastic or even glass into them through the openings in the sides. Walking shoes take care of this problem as they are closed from both the sides. However, the shoes should also have good quality with regards to many other things.

Table of the Best Walking Shoes For Kids:

1Unisex Kids’ Atwood Canvas Casual Low-Top Skate Shoes by Vans

Unisex Kids' Atwood Canvas Casual Low-Top Skate Shoes by Vans
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Comfortable footwear for children is a must in order for them to excel in different areas of life on a daily basis. This particular shoe provides a first-class comfort. It has a well-structured rubber-sole, padded collar, added tongue, and rubber outsole texture that provides durability and traction. There are a variety of colors to choose from.

2Boys’ Suede 2 Straps Inf Sneaker by Puma

Boys' Suede 2 Straps Inf Sneaker by Puma
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Seeing Puma in this list should not be surprising, as they have become well-known in the footwear industry for manufacturing top-notchwalking shoesfor children. This is a suede sneaker that has a rubber sole and comes in several colors. It can be referred as an athletic sneaker that is casual. There are no shoe laces, making it an easy to put them on and take them off.

3SRTech Grayson Bootie by Stride Rite

SRTech Grayson Bootie by Stride Rite
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This footwear was designed for infants and toddlers. It reflects a classic design, one that will never be out of fashion. It is timeless and thus here to stay. This shoe is made out of white leather. It has laces that are easy to tie. It is a comfortable shoe that can make an infant and toddler walk feeling secure.

4Kids’ Stevie Ii Inf First Walker Shoe by See Kai Run

Kids' Stevie Ii Inf First Walker Shoe by See Kai Run
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Thismodel comes in either textile or fabric. It has a rubber sole that was structured to provide security in every walk. Its rubber outsole is very flexible, providing durability and traction at all times. Its upper materials are also flexible, durable, and soft, providing protection. It is made of breathable material, and it is designed in a special way that allows children to move their toes freely.

5Hoy Shoe Shark 2 Sandals by Salt Water Sandals

Hoy Shoe Shark 2 Sandals by Salt Water Sandals
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This shoe is made out of leather and has a synthetic sole. It was specifically designed for those children who are frequently in and out of water. It has a premium leather upper that is water-friendly. It has a flexible and lightweight outsole. A secure fit is ensured with its ankle strap that comes accompanied with buckle. Its leather footbed and lining are breathable.

6Maru Sneaker by TSUKIHOSHI

Maru Sneaker by TSUKIHOSHI
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There are different color options that accompany this lightweight sneaker that features a hook-and-loop strap for easy wear. It has a well-structured rubber sole to provide the outmost comfort when walking. Its collar and tongue are padded, and its footbed is odor resistant, a major advantage for those children who like playing a lot outside.

7GV Special Kids Sneaker by Puma

GV Special Kids Sneaker by Puma
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This leather sneaker comes in more than a handful of colors. It has a rubber sole and has a leather upper in order to provide durability. It provides maximum stability and support due to its cushy midsole. Its rubber outsole provides superb comfort and traction at all times, making it well-worth the buy.

8Speeder Illuminescent V Light Up Sneaker by Puma

Speeder Illuminescent V Light Up Sneaker by Puma
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This is another sneaker by Puma that is easy to put on and remove from feet. The material of itis synthetic. There are different color options available. It has a rubber sole, and it has a lightly padded collar and tongue. It has removable cushioned midsole and kinder-fit sockliner. It is definitely a very comfortable shoe for children.

9Girls First Walker Polka Dots Brown T-Strap Leather Shoes by Momo Baby

Girls First Walker Polka Dots Brown T-Strap Leather Shoes by Momo Baby
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These shoes are made out of leather and come accompanied by a well-structured rubber sole. This shoe has been accepted by APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association), making it a favorite among parents. Due to the deep tread pattern present in the rubber soles, it augments slip-resistance. It has adjustable straps; therefore, it is easy to put them on and take them off.

10Nike Kids Flight 45 GP Pink Basketball Shoe by Jordan

Nike Kids Flight 45 GP Pink Basketball Shoe by Jordan
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These shoes are made out of synthetic fabric. The sole of it is made out of solid rubber and provides durability and traction that is great in nature. It has an inverted strap system that is removable, one that provides superior function. It is a one-of-a-kind shoe that rapidly became a favorite among children right after its release.

11SENFI Kids Summer Walking Shoes:

SENFI Kids Summer Walking Shoes:
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Cotton is known to be a breathable material and is nowadays commonly used in many clothing as a base fabric precisely for its this particular property. These summer shoes from SENFI make use of high-quality cotton so that your kid’s sensitive feet don’t have to suffer pain and stiffness while walking. To complement that, the strong rubber soles protect your kid’s feet from bumps, gravels and
such tiny bits of random material usually found on the ground. The anti-collision design protects your kid’s sensitive feet from hitting surfaces, typically such as tables, slides and other such things found at parks, etc. The soles are soft and made from an anti-slip

material that provides not only a natural walking comfort but also safety.

12WQINSHOE Kids Breathable:

WQINSHOE Kids Breathable:
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This shoe takes your kid’s comfort to the next level with its Lycra blend material. Lycra, which is also commonly used in clothing fabrics, is not only highly breathable but also stretch-friendly and ideal for a comfortable walk that does not stifle your child’s feet. Its mesh-like design is conducive to remove moisture and helps in quick absorption of sweat. This shoe also has anti-slip soles, and they are also good at absorbing any sudden shocks to the feet while walking. Your kids can also use these multi-utility shoes for running, swimming and other sports activities like bicycle riding. Also, they are fashionable and funky, and your kids will definitely like them.

13CIOR Kids Breathable Slip-On Sneakers:

CIOR Kids Breathable Slip-On Sneakers:
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These shoes are made for rough and long-term use. If you are looking for kid’s shoes that will last longer and can endure a lot of use across a variety of outdoor urban surfaces, you should go for these shoes. They are made from a strong and sturdy material that is capable of absorbing shocks and hits. Therefore, the shoes can be used for a variety of purposes such as running and other usual outdoor

play activities of toddlers. The toe part of the shoes is designed in a “U” like shape to minimize strong impacts to your kid’s toes.
The shoes are also machine-washable, so even if they get super dirty, you don’t have to worry about cleaning them.

14Converse Baby Boy’s Chuck Taylor:

Converse Baby Boy’s Chuck Taylor:
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If you have been looking for white shoes for your toddlers, we suggest you go for these. The specialty of these shoes is that they are made of canvas and hence are sturdier and stronger than those made from some fabric such as cotton or cotton blends. These shoes are mostly made for rough outdoor use. So if you are planning that weekend with your toddler to the beach or the nearest park, then we suggest you buy these shoes. Despite the material of their make, they are still relatively comfy for a toddler’s feet. Therefore, the strong canvas also provides your kid with foot protection from bumps and slips.

15TUTUYU Kid’s LED Shoes:

TUTUYU Kid’s LED Shoes:
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If you think conventional and old style shoes for your kids are out of fashion, here we bring you LED- lined shoes that your kid a uniquely awesome look. The shoes come with multi-colored LED lights, such as red, blue, green, orange and yellow.

Buyer’s Guide Tips

When purchasing walking shoes for children, there are severalfactors parentsshould look into in order to make a wise purchase. As previously mentioned, walking shoes are not made equal. There are major differences among them, hence why it is suggested that you take the following tips into consideration.


Footwear that is easy to put on and take off should be one of the main things parents should look into. Children can easily get frustrated with shoes that are difficult to put in place. Simplifying this aspect can aid them in making the most out of their day.


Parents should ensure the walking shoes were designed to provide the outmost security when walking. Paying attention to the sole is important to find if security is going to be providing or not. Rubber soles that were carefully crafted have been noted to be great options.


There are different materials that are utilized to make walking shoes for children. You should want footwear that is made out of durable material, leather and synthetic arecertainly good options to consider.

Best Walking Shoes for Kids on the Market

These shoes have been referred toas beingthe best of the best on the market. This is not a shock, as they were manufactured by companies that are known in the industry for going the extra mile to provide consumers with distinguished footwear that is of high-quality in every aspect. Any one of these shoes can make a child feel secure when walking, as well as comfortable. These are two very important factors that footwear for children should have, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. Fortunately, this is the case with every one of the previously mentioned shoe models.

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