Best Underwater Camera In 2019 Reviews

People travel all over to capture those sites with their great cameras. But they miss some because some of those beautiful sites are found under the ocean. How do you capture those elusive underwater sites? With one of the best underwater cameras in 2019.  Our reviews provide information on the best of the best, so you can capture the beautiful world few people know exists. Then we provide a buyer’s guide which gives you some tips on what to look for. Buying the best underwater camera in 2019 is not going to be difficult. To get this information and tips, all you have to do is keep reading. It is simple, easy and free.

Table of the Best Underwater Camera Reviews:

1AKASO Underwater Camera

AKASO Underwater Camera
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This is a camera that seems to do it all. Multiple video speeds, multiple lens coverage, wifi capability and even an HDTV port. You can share your videos a lot easier with this waterproof underwater camera. The camera will capture angles from 70 to 170 degrees plus film up to 60 frames per second. Also included is a remote wristband, a 2-inch screen and a kit with 19 accessories. To power all of this the camera comes with 2 rechargeable batteries. You get 90 minutes of recording time with each battery. One word of caution. The remote wristband is not waterproof. Please do not submerge it in water.

2 Crosstour Action Camera

 Crosstour Action Camera
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Next time you go scuba diving or snorkeling, you can capture your adventure with this underwater camera. You get to take pictures or videos up to 30 meters under the water. Its 170-degree wide angle lens will make sure you do not miss anything you use. Another great feature is the iSmart DV App. This app will allow you to control your camera from your smart phone. Plus, the 12MP and 1080P provide high quality photos and videos. A 2-inch LCD screen lets you preview everything you have shot. 2 rechargeable batteries power everything and you also get 18 accessories. These accessories allow you to attach the camera almost anywhere.

3Campark ACT74 Action Camera

Campark ACT74 Action Camera
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You can get 4k videos with this 30 frames per second underwater camera. This underwater camera will work up to 30 meters beneath the surface of the water. You can store all your photography work on the 32GB memory card. Plus, you won’t miss any action with its 170-degree wide angle lens. The rechargeable batteries provide up to 180 minutes of recording time. Your creativity is limitless with all the mounting and other accessories that come with this underwater camera. The 2-inch HD screen provides excellent preview options. The underwater unit is compatible with iOS and Android systems and has wifi capability.

4Campark Waterproof Sports Cam

Campark Waterproof Sports Cam
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The two rechargeable lithium batteries provide 180 minutes of underwater recording fun. Its 170-degree wide angle lens will capture everything you point your camera towards. With its wifi capability you can control your camera from a distant. Just use your iOS or Android smart phone to work the different features. The wifi function also provides an easy way to share your new photos or videos. To use your new sports camera underwater, just place it in the provided waterproof case. You can go down to t a 30-meter depth with this unit. To save your work, just record it all to the 32GB memory card.

5Yasolote Dual Screen Mini Digital Video Recorder Camera

Yasolote Dual Screen Mini Digital Video Recorder Camera
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Taking pictures will be a lot easier with this dual screen HD capable underwater camera. You can see what you are shooting whether it is a real picture or a selfie. Even though it is rated for only 10 feet, you can still capture great video at 1080 quality. The different features are almost innumerable. It has anti-shake, face detection, and night photography abilities. But that is not all. This underwater camera is threaded for a tripod and has a selfie timer. You can record all your photography work on its 32GB memory card. The ack screen measures 2.7 inches while the selfie screen measures 1.8 inches.

6Victure Action Camera

Victure Action Camera
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This action camera provides 1080 videos and 12MP photos, both at HD quality. Its waterproof technology allows you to dive to 30 meters to take stunning photos or videos. Plus, the up to 170-degree lens gives you great underwater coverage. Also, the 26 mounting accessories allows your creativity a chance to explore and develop. The battery will last for approx. 90 minutes. Plenty of time to take all the pictures you want. A USB cable is included in the package, allowing you an easier way to share those videos and photos. No wrist strap is included in the accessories.

7ODRVM WIFI Action Waterproof Cameras

ODRVM WIFI Action Waterproof Cameras
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You need the Zsanycam app to work this camera from your smartphone or tablet. But even without the app, you can get great videos and stills up to 30 meters beneath the surface. Plus, you can record everything on class 10 memory cards 16GB to 32Gb in size. Just make sure to format the card before using. Also, the rechargeable batteries will give you plenty of time to record what you see. The amount of time depends on your settings. The video feature will shoot at 30 frames per second through the 170-degree lens. Time-lapse, car mode, motion detection are just a few of the other features included in this camera.

8ETTG Waterproof Digital Video Camera

ETTG Waterproof Digital Video Camera
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This camera has a 2.7-inch viewing screen with 5.0MP sensor. While it is only rated for 10 meters, you can still take great photos or videos with this underwater camera. Its anti-shock construction protects the unit from accidental drops. Some of the features include, a 10 and 2 second timer, face and smile detection and uses a 32GB memory card. The different modes include automatic, night and day time photography, sports photos and of course, underwater photography. If you want to remember the day and time you took your photos, there is a date stamp function as well.

9ODRVM WIFI Action Camera

ODRVM WIFI Action Camera
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What makes these underwater cameras so great is not just the technology. The accessories play a role in that fun as well. You can mount these cameras almost anywhere. This unit is no exception with its 19 mounting accessories. You can operate your camera through iOS or Android systems and the wifi capability gives you easy upload access to social media sites. 12Mp till photography and 1080 video quality is done through the 170-degree lens. This camera will shoot videos at 30 frames per second. A class 10 16 to 32Gb memory card will preserve your precious memories.

10DBPOWER EX5000 Action Camera

DBPOWER EX5000 Action Camera
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This pocket-sized underwater camera will produce 1080 video at 30 frames per second. Even 30 meters under the surface of the water. The 2-inch preview screen lets you see what the 270-degree lens sees.
You get up to 90 minutes of recording time, depending on your settings, of course. Your still photographs are taken at 14MP quality. Like all the other underwater cameras on this list, you can control this unit with its wifi feature. This is done either through your smartphone or tablet. To capture great underwater photos, simply place the camera inside the waterproof case.

Our Buyer’s Guide

This section provides you with some tips to help you select one of the best underwater cameras in 2019. Knowing what you want and what to look for is most of the battle.

  • Purpose: is the camera for only holiday fun or a real hobby.
  • Control: can it do both automatic adjustment and allow for manual control
  • Features: what can the camera do for you
  • Quality: check the quality of the videos and still photographs it will take
  • Wifi: does it access the internet through wifi? can you control the camera through your smartphone or tablet
  • Lens: can you change lenses to different types for different purposes
  • FPS: how many frames per second will it shoot
  • Files: Which file options do you have available to shoot your photos. Are you limited to JPEG only?
  • Price: If you want the best, you may have to pay for it. Remember you get what you pay for.

Some Final Words

You may want to extend your photography hobby from dry land to under the ocean. To do this you will need one of the best underwater cameras in 2019. These best of the best underwater cameras, are designed to produce the best quality photos possible. Knowing what you need and why you need it, will enhance your underwater photography skills. You do not want to over buy when you only need an underwater camera for a vacation or two. A simple underwater camera will suffice. Buying one of the best underwater cameras in 2019 is a lot easier now. Just continue to do your homework and read all the reviews.

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