Top 10 Best Stepper Machines for Workout in 2019 Reviews

If you want to do a proper lower body workout at your home just like the way you do at gyms, you need to buy a steeper machine for workout. Starting from your hips and things to your lower leg muscles, you can tone and get all the muscles in shape that you can flaunt. There are also some stepper machines available that can help you do a whole body workout and cardio workouts to burn out fats and target the hard to reach muscle conveniently. The following is the list of the top 10 best stepper machines for workout in 2019 that you should buy for your fitness and get the desired shape.

Table of the Best Stepper Machines for Workout:

1. Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper

Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper
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This is one of the bestselling stepper machines for a workout and the product features under Amazon’s choice for its quality. It is a twisted stepper which helps you to work out your thighs and buttocks to get them in the desired shape. At the same time, you can do cardiovascular workouts and muscles of various hard to reach areas. The joints won’t get affected and you can do almost a whole body workout with it effectively. The construction has been made out of heavy-duty steel and the footplates are slip resistant. The size is quite large to fit in anyone of any size and there is an LCD display to see the total count, calories burnt, time and various other parameters.

2. Sunny Health & Fitness Twisting Stair Stepper

Sunny Health & Fitness Twisting Stair Stepper
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Sunny Health and Fitness is one of the most popular and trusted brands in the fitness equipment category and we have already covered another product from the same brand before. Different steeper machines have different applications as they are designed for working out different areas of the body. With this one, you can do side to side and up and down movements and hence, you can focus on calves muscles, hip flexors, and gluteal muscles. You can change the difficulty level as per your requirements and keep track of your performance through the LCD screen provided. The construction is quite sturdy for a greater durability and safety.

3. Gazelle Freestyle Step Machines

Gazelle Freestyle Step Machines
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This stepper machine is designed to make all the major muscles of the body. The transition for a smooth walk to heavy running is very smooth and hence, you will not be tired or injured. There are ten different exercises possible for burning out calories and the design of the stepper is patented. The split suspension construction allows a user to make free movements and different types of motions with ease. It is going to provide the least amount of stress and strain on your joints. You can fold it and store comfortably.

4. Stamina SpaceMate Folding Stepper

Stamina SpaceMate Folding Stepper
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This is having an independent steeping action design and it is best for the beginners. You can adjust the resistance to decide the difficulty level with which you want to work out. The handlebars have a foam covered for better grip and that too for a longer period of time. There is a monitor available to track your steps, workout time, burnt calories and much more. The product is easily foldable and hence, convenient to store.

5. Xiser Mini Stairmaster

Xiser Mini Stairmaster
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This is a miniature form of a full-fledged stepping machine and the construction has been done with aircraft-grade alloy material for durability. Due to its compact size, it is extremely lightweight with a weight of merely 14 pounds. No assembling is required and you can store it anywhere. This is especially for those having space problem for a full-fledged stepping machine for a workout. With it, you can fine-tune your things and buttocks. The resistance can be varied. The maximum weight it supports in 400 pounds.

6. Xiser Commercial Stairmaster

Xiser Commercial Stairmaster
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This is another variant of the previous listed Xiser product. The difference is that it is a more highly rated product and it gets featured under Amazon’s Choice for the same reason. Furthermore, you will get a polished alloy finish in this which is more attractive. The company offers five years of warranty it is always a bonus and the hydraulic cylinder pressure is patented and you can adjust the resistance as per your requirements.

7. Tomasar Vertical Stepper Machine

Tomasar Vertical Stepper Machine
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The machine is made up of high-quality steel alloy and it is lightweight and highly durable. The maximum weight it can carry is 350 pounds and it can be used both as a climber as well as an exercise bike. Therefore, you can do a whole body workout and tone your hard to reach muscle perfectly. You can fold it and store in the least available space. There are non-slip pads and there are foams on the handlebars. You can record your data and monitor them.

8. SereneLife Exercise Machine

SereneLife Exercise Machine
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The machine has large sized feet for accommodating any body size and types. It is designed for leg workouts and one can also opt for whole body workout. You can also target a particular body part and get it in the desired shape. There is a display available to keep track of your progress and the construction is rugged and for heavy-duty usage. There is reinforced steel used and it can sustain 220 pounds only. The operation is quiet and it is suitable for everyone.

9. Cosway Vertical Climber Stepper

Cosway Vertical Climber Stepper
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The machine is highly stable and there are front wheels that let you move the machine anywhere conveniently. The resistances available make it feel like you are on the roads and there is a brake system available for immediate stopping. The workout session is sure to be smooth and it does not make any noise. The heavy-duty chain mechanism makes it suitable for regular use and the product will last longer. The handlebars are comfortable to grip and monitor your progress live on the screen. It can carry a maximum weight of 275 pounds.

10. Best Choice Products Steeper Machine

Best Choice Products Steeper Machine
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The machine has the twisting motion that is specially designed for lower body workout. You can get lean muscles and make your things and hips in the desired shape. The machine is made out of heavy-duty steel and the handlebars are ergonomically designed for greater grip and higher stability. A small display is provided to monitor the progress. The machine is highly stable and balanced and the footplates are large for everyone. Even the footplates have contours for grip and non-slip property. It is certainly small than traditional steppers that come with an exercise bike type design and hence, you can store it in a limited space.

Buyer’s Guide – Things To Keep In Mind

There are different types of stepper machines available that you need to understand first before buying any of them.

Stair Steppers

These are generally the bigger ones that you can find in the gyms. They are heavier and highly stable and they are available in manual as well as motorized form. It is more suitable for heavier persons. They will take space to operate and even store.

Mini Steppers

These are recommended for beginners like teenagers and women. They are highly compact and designed for lower leg workout only. They are lightweight and you can carry it around comfortably. As a matter of fact, you can slide them under your bed. They are slightly less stable than others but there is no risk factor as they are very close to the ground. It is better to buy those that offer twisting action. You can add resistance bands for hips and thighs workout and increase the difficulty level.

StairMaster Steppers

There is one StairMaster Stepper listed above and they are referred to as the king of the stepping machines. If you can afford the price, you should always go for them. One StairMaster Stepper at your house means you can do whole body workout with one piece of equipment. There are more parameters shown on the display which are highly informative. There are escalator type and independent steeping machines available to choose from.

Elliptical Steppers

These fall under cross trainers and they are specially designed for whole body workout targeting the hard to reach muscles. You can increase and decrease the difficulty level and it is a complete exercise equipment you can have if you have the budget.

While buying a stepper machine, you have to look at the construction material. It must be ready for heavy-duty use. The feet have to be non-slip and the handlebars need to have good grip. The muscles that you can target with the machine and you want to target should match to provide you the desired result in the due time.


A stepper machine is a must-have one for your home as everyone can try it out whenever they get time and it is completely safe and stable. One can do low-impact exercises, muscle development, calorie burning, and tone the shape of different areas of the body conveniently. It also provided the option to track the progress of your workout session live and compare it with past performance for improvement.

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