Best Soccer Shin Guards in 2019 Reviews

And like the American style game, you need some protection from the contact. Thankfully, you do not need protection for the whole body when you play soccer. You just need to protect your shins the most.

One way to do that is to purchase one of the best soccer shin guards in 2019. We review the best of the best, so you know which ones to look for. Our review will provide you with the information you need to make the right selection.

Then our buyer’s guide will give you some tips on what to look for as you search for good shin guards. Your search for the best soccer shin guards in 2019 just got a lot simpler and easier.

Table of the Best Soccer Shin Guard:

1Nike Mercurial Soccer Shin Guards

Nike Mercurial Soccer Shin Guards
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Playing soccer can get a bit rough around the lower legs. That is why Nike has developed these slender shin guards. The cut down on injuries to the shins. Made with a hard shell, these shin guards come with a foam sleeve for added protection.

Its waffle designed foam helps disperse the impact and provides a cushion to absorb the blow. Just one word of caution, though. Be careful when you order online. These shin guards do not run true to size. You may need to order larger than normal. You cannot return these shin guards because you ordered the wrong size.

2adidas Performance Ghost Shin Guards

adidas Performance Ghost Shin Guards
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These shin guards are designed for the younger soccer player. They come with an adjustable strap to help them stay where you put them. The hard, front shell has a foam back to cushion any blows.

A sock-like strap fits over your feet and holds the bottom of the guard in place. Again, you need to be careful when ordering these shin guards. The size chart may have some errors in it.

The size chart is not running true to size and there may be some inconsistency in shipping. Other than that, these guards are durable and strong enough to protect your child’s shins.

3DashSport Soccer Shin Guards

DashSport Soccer Shin Guards
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The bottom sock-like strap loops over your foot to help keep the shin guard in place. This sock-like strap will also provide support to the ankle. A top Velcro styled strap holds the top portion of the guard where they are supposed to be.

The hard, outer shell with foam backing protects and helps cushion any blows to the shins. Ventilation holes help your shins to breathe and stay cooler. The size chart will guide you in your purchase. It seems to be true to size. There is also a no hassle one-year warranty protecting your purchase.

4CrossBones Sports Shin Guard Sleeves

CrossBones Sports Shin Guard Sleeves
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Having good sleeves to hold your shin guards in place is important. Almost as important as wearing shin guards. These made in the USA shin guard sleeves will protect against rashes or other irritants as your child plays. It will also protect against cramps and leg fatigue.

These shin guard sleeves replace straps and tape. You can have confidence your shin guards will stay where they are supposed to be. The shin guard sleeves come in packs of 2 and are easy to clean. Simply hand wash them and air dry. One size fits most soccer players.

5AVONOURS Youth Soccer Shin Guards

AVONOURS Youth Soccer Shin Guards
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Soccer can get a bit rough when children play the game. That is why you need good shin guards to protect your child’s shins. These hard, plastic shin guards and the EVA lining work together to absorb any impact.

Two flexible straps, top and bottom, hold the shin guards in place. These guards are designed to adhere to most youth legs. Ventilation holes help keep the lower leg cooler as your child plays. They are also designed to protect bone growth. To keep clean, just use a damp cloth to wipe away any sweat that has accumulated during play.

6Franklin Sports Superlight Shin Guards

Franklin Sports Superlight Shin Guards
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The foam padding on the inside helps protect against any cuts that may come during the game. The hard, plastic, exterior shell helps deflect impact while protecting the shin from injury. They are also designed to fit the leg of any young soccer player.

A top and bottom strap keep the shin guards in place for ultimate protection. The straps are adjustable and have Velcro closures. Like many other shin guards, these may run a little small. If you are over 6 feet tall, then look for the largest size available. They also may be a bit wide for the average size leg.

7Elemart Youth Soccer Shin Pad

Elemart Youth Soccer Shin Pad
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These two strap shin pads come with ventilation holes to keep your lower leg cool. The straps are adjustable and have Velcro closure. The ergonomically designed shin pads will fit most lower legs and provide great protection from impacts.

The interior foam padding work to cushion any blow your child may receive. Its exterior shell is reinforced for better protection from errant kicks. For best results, these pads are to be used with those soccer players under the age of 12. One problem that may arise is that the straps may be too large for very young and very small players.

#8G-Form Pro-S Shin Guards

G-Form Pro-S Shin Guards
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You may look like someone who was part of the movie Judge Dredd, but your shins will be well protected. The unique feature of these shin guards is that the sleeve is built into the system. You do not need straps or tape to hold them in place.

The exterior shell is flexible and only hardens when your shin is kicked. Plenty of ventilation cuts down on the heat to your legs and the sweat they produce. These shin guards are designed to work with your body, not against it. Very lightweight and you will not notice that they are even on your legs.

9HiFunSky Youth Child Soccer Shin Pad

HiFunSky Youth Child Soccer Shin Pad
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The adjustable straps will help these shin guards fit almost any leg play soccer. Simply slip them under your socks and tighten to fit. The plastic exterior shell combines with the interior foam to provide ultimate protection. They will absorb almost any impact.

The many ventilation holes provide good air flow. This keeps your shin from sweating too much and from overheating. The one drawback is that they do run small. They may not be good for those soccer players over the age of ten. You can also use these shin guards without a strap. Just slip them underneath your soccer socks.

10Vizari Blossom Shin Guard

Vizari Blossom Shin Guard
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These pink soccer shin guards are for the player that wants to look stylish and cute. The flexible design fits most legs and its hard, outer shell helps absorb most collisions. The interior is padded for extra protection for the ankles.

The top strap may fit a bit loose but that would depend on the size of your child’s calf. The lower strap slides over your child’s foot to keep the shin guard in place. As with buying anything article of clothing over the internet. Be careful about size.
Some charts may not be true to size.

Our Buyer’s Guide

As with anything else, there are some things to look for when purchasing shin guards. Especially if they happen to be one of the best soccer shin guards in 2019. Here are some tips to help guide you to the best of the best:

  • Construction material- what is the exterior shell made of? Is it tough, durable and long lasting?
  • Interior padding- is it hard foam, soft foam or what? Will it absorb the shock and cut down on scratches and other cuts?
  • Design- do they come with straps? One or two? Are they part of a sleeve? How are the straps attached?
  • Size- will they fit individual soccer players or are the one size fit all models?
  • Brand name- are they from a company you can trust and who produces quality sports equipment
  • Price- will they fit your budget?
  • Warranty- are the protected or are there a lot of hoops to jump through to return the shin guards?

Some Final Words

Yes, you could go out and purchase just any old shin guard. But then you would not be providing your child with the best protection from soccer impacts. Buying your young soccer player one of the best soccer shin guards in 2019 sends a good message.

It tells your child that you care about them and their body. That alone will help their soccer playing confidence and propel them to better play. Purchasing one of the best soccer shin guards in 2019 goes a long way in developing your child.

You may not agree with our list here but that is okay. Feel free to do your own research. Your child is worth the extra effort and you will be glad you took the extra time to get them the best soccer shin guards in 2019.

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