Top 5 Best Single Window Rods in 2019

Single Window Rods, Interior designing is a hefty task demanding loads of research and analysis to procure the most beautiful items that can conveniently fit in your home. Even the tiniest pieces can add charm to your house if you have a keen eye to select the best for your purpose.

Window rods are an essential part of our home decor that is used to hang the curtains. It might seem insignificant, but a good window rod can increase the elegance of your expensive window curtains. These rods will also make your house look standard and can even assist in imparting taller look to your room if you hang them near the ceiling. So, be careful while choosing the window rods for your house because this unimportant product can either make or break your decor design.

List of Top 5 Best Single Window Rods in 2019

To ease up your job and assist you in choosing the ideal product from your hard earned money, here is a handpicked list of top 5 best single rods in 2019:

5Decopolitan 7/8-Inch End Cap Window Treatment Rod Set

This fantastic product from Decopolitan will elevate the magnificent gleam to your drawing room making it look even grander. It doesn’t matter if your drawing room is small or huge, this window treatment rod sets will do its job marvelously.

Sinlge Window comes in three different colors espresso, nickel, and copper to complement your new decor. It is also available in three different sizes giving you an ample range of options to choose. The simplicity of this rod makes it a perfect fit for offices and formal places. The is made up with sturdy steel providing it toughness and strength. It has a diameter of 7-8 inches making it suitable to hold curtains firmly.

Decopolitan 7/8-Inch End Cap Window Treatment Rod Set
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4Decopolitan 1-Inch Urn Single Window Treatment Rod Set

Your living area will look even more pleasing and attractive with this traditional looking urn styled window rod. With one inch diameter, the rod can easily withstand the weight of heavy curtains. The decorative cap finials and elegant scroll brackets add up extra zing to the window treatment rod set.
Every inch of this rod set comes with Antique Black finish adding more tranquil and somber features to the rod set. In case, you are not comfortable with the antique black look; you can always opt for bronze, antique silver and antique bronze colors available for the set. The product is pocket-friendly, and this feature gives you another reason to consider the product while updating your interiors.

Decopolitan 1-Inch Urn Single Window Treatment Rod Set
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3Decopolitan 7/8-Inch Square Window Treatment Rod Set

Another window rod set from the brand Decopolitan that will make your home appear more subtle and chic. You can quickly transform the dull look of your home to an elegant one with this square-shaped window set.
Besides the alluring appearance, this rod set has some brilliant features that give full guarantee of durability and high-quality manufacture. The item is obtainable in three sober variations allowing the customer to buy the best one. The set includes all the necessary mounting hardware ensuring convenience in fitting the window curtain rod.

Decopolitan 7/8-Inch Square Window Treatment Rod Set
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2Kenney Beckett Window Curtain Rod

This versatile and inexpensive piece of window curtain rod is brought to you by Kenny. The diameter of the window curtain rod is 5/8 inches, and it fits 3 inches away from the walls. The product is adjustable from 48 inches to 86 inches making it easier to set according to the window size.
The Kenny window rod is a suitable match for lightweight and medium weight curtains. The metal rod has dark brown finish while the side finials are oil rubbed with the bronze color scheme. The whole box set includes all the necessary installation hardware and a user manual to ensure safe and secure mounting.

Kenney Beckett Window Curtain Rod
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1Drapery Treatment Window Curtain Rod – Ivilon Square Designed Style

Crafted with sheer brilliance, this curtain rod stands on the first place in our list due to its high quality and stylish design. This Square style Window Curtain Rod from Ivilon is undoubtedly going to garner appreciation from your guests.
This window rod comes with an additional feature of rod adjustment due to its extendable telescoping design. This single window rod is designed to quickly mix with all the decors to make the room look even more beautiful. This rod set comes with all the essential items like the mounting hardware, telescoping rods, brackets, finials, screws, anchors and a well-written instruction guide to ease up your installation process.

Drapery Treatment Window Curtain Rod - Ivilon Square Designed Style
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