The 15 Best Running Shoes for Men in 2018


The best running shoes aren’t the ones that are only rugged enough to withstand the strain created from consistent running, they are also the shoes that are visually appealing and fashionable. While the most important features one should look out for when choosing a running shoe is ruggedness and durability, it imperative that the physical attributes of the footwear aren’t neglected.

A running shoe is more than just an exercise tool, it is an intricate part of an average runner’s lifestyle. It is, thus, important that the footwear used during exercise drills and running adventures is not only effective but also comfortable.

There are several running shoes in the market, but these five described below are certainly the best sports footwear making waves in 2018.


Table of the best Running Shoe Reviews

1NIKE Men’s Free Running Shoe

NIKE Men's Free Running Shoe
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These all black shoes really are not free, but they are durable and comfortable. Their all rubber sole provides the traction an athlete needs as they run. It also toughens up the whole shoe.

The foam inserts throughout the interior provide the comfort a person needs. Protecting the feet is important when playing sports. Plus, the mesh exterior gives proper ventilation allowing the feet to breathe.

One drawback is that these shoes are not that great on dirt or cinder pathways or tracks. Also, you may need to go a half size larger than your regular shoe size to get a good fit.

2Saucony Men’s Cohesion Running Shoe

Saucony Men's Cohesion Running Shoe
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There is good tread on these rubber soled running shoes. The tread will help keep you from slipping as you make your sharp turns. Plus, the rubber extends over the toe to reinforce that area of the running shoe.

Its faux leather and mesh design provide strength throughout the shoe while allowing for ventilation to cool your feet. These lace-up running shoes also have padded collar and interior. This gives you the comfort you need as you run. The shoes are sold in European sizes. This means that you may have to size up a little to get the correct fit.

3adidas Men’s Energy Cloud Running Shoe

adidas Men's Energy Cloud Running Shoe
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Adidas uses a cloud foam midsole to provide the comfort you need as you run. They then add a honeycomb style tread to the rubber soles for better traction. While they are lightweight, the plastic and mesh uppers provide strength to the whole shoe.

The mesh upper also allows for ventilation which keeps your feet more comfortable as you workout. The laces help the cage design secure your feet for a better more supportive feel. The shoe is durable, breathable and comfortable as the rear collar is padded for extra comfort. These shoes run narrow and you may need to size up for the best fit.

4NIKE Men’s Revolution Running Shoe

NIKE Men's Revolution Running Shoe
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The reinforced toe provides a little extra protection as you engage in your favorite sports activity. Its specially designed tread uses squares and triangles to provide sure-footed grip on most surfaces.

The all mesh upper helps make these running shoes lightweight and easy on the feet. Plus, it allows for ventilation while letting your feet breathe. For comfort, Nike has put foam in the midsole to cushion your feet from the shock of running. Again, when buying any shoe online or otherwise, check the size first. You may find that you need to make a little adjustment in the size you wear.

5NIKE Men’s Flex Running Shoe

NIKE Men's Flex Running Shoe
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The uppers of this running shoe are made from synthetic and mesh material. The synthetic version helps with strength and durability. While the mesh provides the ventilation, lightweight and breathability.

The rubber sole has good tread for great traction. Plus, it overlaps the toe to reinforce that vulnerable spot on a running shoe. The interior has a cushioned tongue and collar for comfort. Keeping your feet comfortable goes a long way in enjoying any porting activity.
The reinforced heel area also provides strength as well as extra ventilation for your feet. You may need to order a half size larger if you have wide feet.

6Nike Men’s Lightweight Running Shoe

Nike Men's Lightweight Running Shoe
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If you are a jogger, you do not want heavy shoes on your feet. They slow you down and tire your legs out more. These lightweight shoes are made from rubber to help keep the weight off.

The mesh uppers also contribute to the lightweight while providing good ventilation to your feet. For better flexibility, hot-knife cuts are added to the shoe’s design. Their rubber sole should help provide traction on most surfaces. These running shoes are made for men but if women want to use them they can. You just need to go smaller than your regular shoe size.

7Under Armour Men’s Micro G

Under Armour Men's Micro G
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The synthetic leather reinforced toe and heel keep these running shoes strong and your feet protected. These lace-up running shoes also have a mesh upper for breathability and good ventilation.

Plus, an EVA sock liner and supportive foam add the comfort for your feet to enjoy. On top of this, you get a padded collar to keep the back of your feet from wear and tear. This construction is placed on top of the rubber sole. The sole is tough and has good tread. You should not lose your footing when wearing these running shoes. When in doubt about sizing, go a bit larger.

8adidas Performance Men’s Energy Cloud Running Shoe

adidas Performance Men's Energy Cloud Running Shoe
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These all mesh upper shoes have the Adidas stripe design for better fit. The stripes form a cage to help keep your feet feeling secure. Its mesh construction contributes to the ventilation and breathability for your feet.

Plus, the padded collar and cushioned interior provide the extra comfort you need. The interior has a sock like construction design. Its synthetic sole has a honeycombed tread which improves traction and helps you to not slip. An added feature is the cloud foam design. It works to help keep your feet comfortable and the shoe more durable. They are not made for outdoor winter activities.

9Nike Flex Experience Running Shoe

Nike Flex Experience Running Shoe
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A molded EVA interior provides a sock-like feel, comfort, and support. Add this to the Phylon midsole and your feet are swimming in comfort. For breathability and ventilation, the shoe’s upper is made of mesh materials.

But the uppers have synthetic reinforcing on the toes and heels. Their rubber soles are cut to allow for greater flexibility as you run or play team sports. One drawback is that the collar is not padded. You may want to wear double socks to protect the back of your feet. These running shoes tend to size a bit small and a little narrow. But they are still a strong durable shoe that will take what you throw at it.

10New Balance Men’s Cushioning Trail Running Shoe

New Balance Men's Cushioning Trail Running Shoe
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The toes on these running shoes are reinforced with synthetic materials. Its rubber sole overlaps the toe a little bit for added strength and protection. Plus, reinforcement is used on the heel area as well.

The uniquely designed diamond trad helps you gain the traction you need as you run. Also, there is some reinforcement in the heel to help absorb any shock that comes from running and jumping. The mesh and textile upper combine to bring strength and breathability to the shoe. Your feet should get good ventilation. The shoes are supposed to run true to size.





11 New Balance Men’s 510v3 Trail Running Shoe

Newly established sport apparel company, New Balance, continues to set the trail with its beautiful kits and stylistic footwear. Every release from the stable of the American company has been met with heralding praises, and once again it has not failed to disappoint with the New Balance Men’s 510v3 Trail Running Shoe.

This running shoe is both a visual spectacle and an incredible running tool. Its upper incorporates the right blend of leather and textile, and this is responsible for the uniqueness of its design. With its logo smartly placed on the quarter of the footwear, it transforms the shoe from a sports accessory to a fashion masterpiece.


  • Its sole is synthetic and durable
  • It has a midsole made from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • Its upper is a blend of leather and textile
  • Its heel cover is well padded to protect the back of the foot.

 New Balance Men's 510v3 Trail Running Shoe
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A pair of running shoes is an important part of a man’s wardrobe. They are not only essential for exercising and partaking in sports, they also play a role in impacting his lifestyle.

12 NIKE Men’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe

This is another masterpiece from the American footwear giant, Nike. Though its physical appearance may exhibit style and finesse, its performance is likewise remarkable. Its upper, which is made from polyester, is expertly designed to deliver comfort to the foot of the user. The Nike logo is also creatively plastered on the shoe’s quarter to improve the footwear’s visual appeal while also displaying the brand.


  • An upper that is made from 100% polyester
  • A well elevated sole that is made from rubber
  • A soft foam within the shoe that helps cushion the weight of the foot
  • The outsole is effectively designed to enable proper traction.

 NIKE Men's Revolution 3 Running Shoe
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13 ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5 Trail Running Shoe

It is rare to find a pair of running shoes that are so rugged they actually become fashionable but that is exactly what ASICS provides with its GEL Venture 5 Trail Running Shoe. This brilliant footwear is clearly manufactured to be both tough and durable yet it manages to exhibit a physical attribute that makes it very appealing.
While the main application of the footwear remains in running and other exercise drills, it is not unthinkable to don the pair of shoe when paying someone a casual visit.


  • A blend of leather and synthetic fibre
  • An elevated sole that is made from rubber
  • A rearfoot infused with GEL to increase the cushioning effect
  • A sockliner that is removable in order to accommodate orthotics.

 ASICS Men's GEL Venture 5 Trail Running Shoe
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14 Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Training Shoe

There is probably no footwear company that perfectly blends the ruggedness of sports and the elegance of fashion into a running shoe like the American shoe manufacturing company, Nike; and the Air Monarch IV is another endorsement of Nike’s brilliant footwear making proficiency.
The shoe is not only tough enough to withstand the most strenuous exercise drills, it is also visually appealing, and can easily substitute for party footwear. With the Nike logo on the shoe’s quarter very conspicuous, it is certain that most end users purchasing this footwear will be doing more than running.


  • A blend of leather and synthetic fibre
  • A well raised sole made from rubber
  • Finely crafted upper.

 Nike Men's Air Monarch IV Training Shoe
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5 Under Armour Men’s Dash RN 2 Running Shoes

This amazing footwear is both practical and fashionable, and is certainly one of the best running shoes for men regardless of their stature. Manufactured by the American company, Under Armour, the Dash RN 2 is clearly designed for durability and comfort rather than visual appeal.
While its basic pair is composed of a mix of the most popular neutral colours: black and white, the shoe also has a variety of designs that are sure to appeal to men who are attracted by flashy colour combinations.


  • The upper of the shoe is made from synthetic leather with a blend of rubber, EVA, and textile
  • Its sole is made from durable rubber
  • Its sockliner is made from EVA to help cushion the underfoot
  • The leather of the shoe is stitched to provide optimum comfort.

 Under Armour Men's Dash RN 2 Running Shoes
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Our Buyer’s Guide

While you may think to know what to look for, it never hurts to get a few tips to remind you. Getting one of the top 10 best running shoes for men in 2018 will help you enjoy your sporting activity.

Here are a few guidelines to help you find the best of the best:

  • Purpose- What sporting activity will you be using them for
  • Strength- Are they strong enough for that sporting activity
  • Tread- What kind of tread do they have? Will they work on all surfaces?
  • Construction materials- Are they genuine? Synthetic? Rubber? Mesh or …
  • Comfort- what type of interior cushioning do they have? Will they protect your heels as well as your arches?
  • Price- are they affordable? Cheap shoes are not always the best way to go

Some Final Words

Playing sports is a lot of fun as well as great exercise. But you need the right equipment to get the most out of your sporting activities. Purchasing one of the top 10 best running shoes for men in 2018 is buying the right equipment.

Your feet are the most important part of any sporting event. It is a wise move to make sure they are given the best running shoe. Protecting your feet means you are protecting yourself.

The top 10 best running shoes for men in 2018 are designed to help your feet. They will also keep them healthy for years to come. The right equipment is best.

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