Best Rock Climbing Shoes For Men in 2019 Reviews

Outdoor activities are an imperative for anyone who wants to live an interesting lifestyle. However, while outdoor activities are excellent for your lifestyle, not many people have the best ideas. This is why we have prepared this Best Rock Climbing Shoes For men reviews. We chose these shoes based on various factors and design features. This includes exclusive research procedures and considering features on the best rock climbing shoes buyers guide. As a result, you can be sure of the best performance levels if you are equipped with one of these shoes.

List of Best Rock Climbing Shoes For Men!

1La Sportiva Men’s TarantuLace Performance Rock Climbing Shoe

La Sportiva Men's TarantuLace Performance Rock Climbing Shoe
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The La Sportive Trantulace performance rock climbing shoe is the perfect solution for your needs. It comes with a fast lacing system that makes it convenient to wear and for a secure fit as well. Also, it also comes with advanced edging features, which are designed to help you climb any terrain with ease. Users will also appreciate that this shoe is built to last and that it’s developed using high-quality materials. The shoe has a lined tongue construction that regulates moisture and improves ventilation.

2Mad Rock Men’s Drifter Climbing Shoe

Mad Rock Men's Drifter Climbing Shoe
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Make the most of your climbing hobbies by investing in the Mad rock Drifter climbing shoe. This shoe features a unique outsole design which provides the perfect grip and it improves comfort as well. Also, it also has a unique lace system that makes it convenient and simple to use. Users will also appreciate the durable exterior construction that is also appealing to complement your casual wear needs. This shoe can last for several years, and it provides high-performance results.

3Mad Rock Shark Climbing Shoe

Mad Rock Shark Climbing Shoe
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Mad Rock is a big brand when it comes to producing practical solutions. This is why the Mad rock shark climbing shoe comes with a superior design construction for the best performance. It comes with a durable upper material construction for long-lasting results. Thanks to the unique hook and loop strap construction, users can experience convenient shoe wear procedures. The sole also provides minimal friction and its durable to last through most terrains.

4Butora Acro Wide Fit Climbing Shoe – Men’s

Butora Acro Wide Fit Climbing Shoe - Men's
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Equip yourself with the Butora Acro Wide Climbing shoe that is designed for steep sports climbing and bouldering. It comes with a unique combination of soft synthetic and natural leather for the best performer. Additionally, this shoe has a unique upper construction that makes it highly comfortable and long-lasting. With its high tension heel rand, this shoe brings all the power to the front of the shoe for optimal edging. It has a large sticky rubber toe patch that makes it convenient to secure toe hooking.

5La Sportiva Oxygym Climbing Shoe – Men’s

La Sportiva Oxygym Climbing Shoe - Men's
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Take your performance to the next level with the La Sportive Oxygym Climbing shoe. It comes with a three-layer washtex external fabric that works to keep the shoe clean and hygienic. More so, users will also appreciate the internal breathable fabric that provides exceptional moisture wicking benefits. The super comfortable design makes shoe perfect for extended use. It also has a patented hook and loop closure system for a personalized fit.

6SCARPA Men’s Force V Climbing Shoe

SCARPA Men's Force V Climbing Shoe
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Improve your rock climbing regimen by considering the Scarpa Mens Climbing shoe. This show comes with a low charged v tension active energy randing that works to conserve energy for all-day efficiency. Additionally, users will also appreciate the technical flat lasted construction that delivers all-day comfort and performance benefits. The shoe has a snug heel cup and padded mesh tongue that can provide cushioning for rock climbing

7Evolv Raptor Climbing Shoe

Evolv Raptor Climbing Shoe
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Meet your rock climbing performance goals by considering the Evolv Raptor Climbing shoe. This shoe comes with a 4.2mm trax high friction rubber sole for the best comfort levels. Additionally, the upper construction comprises of durable leather for optimal comfort and improved shoe value. The shoe also has an appealing design to complete your casual wear. It has a convenient lacing closure system for the best user performance. The unique suede construction is both comfortable and practical for your needs.

8Evolv Spark Climbing Shoe – Men’s

Evolv Spark Climbing Shoe - Men's
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Enhance your performance during rock climbing activities by using the Evolv Spark Climbing shoe. This shoe comes with a unique hook and strap lace system which makes it simple to wear. Also, the shoe is durable and can last for several applications. It also has a unique outsole that is both durable, and it improves your comfort levels. Besides that, this shoe has unique nylon footbed and 3-D air mesh for added ventilation

9La Sportiva Skwama Rock Climbing Shoe

La Sportiva Skwama Rock Climbing Shoe
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Realize what it takes to meet your climbing goals by using the La Sportive Skwama Rock Climbing shoe. This is designed for technical performance and with a unique patented S-heel design. This provides the ideal hooking maneuverability and the perfect heel cup to use on any wall surface. The shoe also has advanced edging that is designed to perform with sensitivity, flexibility, and precision. Additionally, the shoe has a comfortable design to improve your performance.

10Five Ten Men’s Anasazi Guide Climbing Shoe

Five Ten Men's Anasazi Guide Climbing Shoe
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Become a better rock climber by using the Five ten men’s Anasazi Climbing shoe. It comes with a unique stealth C4 rubber outsole construction for the best performance. Besides that, this shoe has an extended lace closure system which offers a secure fit and makes the shoe comfortable as well. Besides that, the shoe also has stitched suede upper construction that also improves the comfort of the shoe. It has a rubber sole that is durable for most terrain types.

How to choose the best rock climbing shoes

Choosing a good shoe means that you have to select the ideal brand based on various design features. The following are some of the main factors to consider when buying the best rock climbing shoes

Footwear closure

Lace up– this is one of the versatile designs. If the shoe gets hot and is less ventilated, you can easily loosen the laces. However for a challenging climb, you can crank down the shoe at the toe to improve its performance.

Straps– These closures also designed for superior performance and convenience. This makes them perfect for gym climbing and bouldering activities.

Slip on– these are also referred to as slippers. They often come with elastic closure systems that provide the ideal sensitivity levels of any low profile shoe. These shoes are perfect for training, and they don’t have stiff soles or midsoles.

Material construction

The material construction of the ideal shoe should be either leather or synthetic. The leather shoes provide the convenient care including deodorizing benefits. You should a rock climbing shoe that is both comfortable and functional for your needs. More so, many high performance shoes are synthetic, and vegans tend to prefer these shoes.

Unlined leather– this refers to shoes that can stretch up to a full size. You can size them such that your toes touch the end of the shoe but without compromising on comfort. Note that all leather shoes to bleed shoe colors to the foot.

Lined leather– the lined upper leather means that the stretch is in some cases reduced to half or even less. Some brands might only line the toes to keep the price down and reduce the stretch.
Synthetic materials- The synthetic shoes are not prone to stretching, and this makes them durable options for your needs. In most cases, you will come across perforated synthetic uppers that provide more solid fabric benefits. Some materials offer optimal ventilation to make them perfect for long lasting applications.

Climbing Shoe Outsole

Otherwise referred to as the sole, the outsole is the rubber construction of the shoe that gets in contact with the surface. This type of rubber and its density play a major role in your performance.

Outsole rubber– there are different types of rubber used on most shoes. Although all shoes are designed to provide optimal grip, some rubbers tend to be soft and stickier than most. Broadly speaking, the durable rubbers tend to provide improved support and edging for the foot. The stickier rubbers only provide better grip for smearing on slabs. More so, the stickier rubbers are not durable so can withstand abrasion.

Outsole thickness: The density of the outsole also plays a major role in the performance of your shoe. In most cases, these shoes have sol sizes that average in between 4-5.5 mm. These provide optimal support for edging and they also durable solutions. That said, novice climbers are recommended to consider the shoes with thicker soles. These tend to last for long durations, and they also provide optimal support for your needs.


Finally, rock climbing is an excellent hobby or consideration for your lifestyle. However, you need to be equipped with the appropriate solutions such as the Best Rock Climbing Shoes For men. In this way, you can improve your performance levels and make a good impression on your social peers.

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