Top 10 Best Reflecting Telescopes in 2019 Reviews

1n our day to day life, people are engaged in personal astronomy studies, doing research meant for school work, to proof theories, and even for personal knowledge. To complete the study with a perfect conclusion, many are times we find it necessary to own a personal telescope to improve our finding. However, coming up with the best telescope for one’s work can be difficult as there exists a wide variety in the market. As a result, it is always advisable that the buyer should to know the different parts of the telescope, prices, amount of time one is willing to learn how a telescope works, and the intended use of the telescope. In this article, we shall discuss some top ten best telescope in the market, and some factors to consider before purchasing one.

Table of the Best Reflecting Telescopes:

1. Celestron 127EQ

Celestron 127EQ
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The telescope has 3X Barlow lens that is used for the magnification of the objects under study. Its mount is German Equatorial with an aperture of 127mm, and a focal length of 1000mm. The telescope holds a fully coated optical elements that have a high transmission facilitating an increase in image brightness and enables the user to have enough clarity. It usually comes with an aluminum tripod that helps to ensure its prolonged durability and has an accessory tray. With its 91.94 dollar price, it makes it possible for low earners to access a telescope and can be given to children as a gift to inspire their passion for astronomy.

2. Orion 09007

Orion 09007
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With a 5.1 inch aperture, it makes it possible to gather enough light for good views on the moon, the planets, star clusters, nebulas and other brighter galaxies. It has a 24inch long optical tube designed uniquely, which facilitate its portability. Its EQ-2 equatorial mount with a tripod that is adjustable giving room for slow-motion manual tracking on celestial elements as they make migration on the skyline. For convenient transportation, it weights 27lbs, and it’s one of the telescopes that the whole family can enjoy having around. It has two Sirius plossl 1.25-inch eyepieces, tripod accessory tray, as well as Starry Night astronomy software among other unique features that make it unique.

3. Landove telescope

Landove telescope
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To improve on your studies, this telescope has a multilayer glass coated green optics to increase image brightness and at the same time protecting the eyes of the has a 1.25 inch, 10mm smartphone adapter, which helps the user to take photos using the telephone at any time. Its 600mm aperture, 700mm focal length makes it an entry-level refractive astronomical telescope. To enhance its stableness during the study, it has preassembled aluminum full-size photographic tripod, and it usually has a one year warranty.

4. Orion 10015

Orion 10015
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It is designed for a grab-and-go style for entry-level, as well as for intermediate astronomy enthusiasts. Its fast f/4 focal ratio and 4.5-inch aperture provide brighter, detailed views on the targets such as the moon. It is packed in a pre-assembled manner so that it takes a short time to assemble every part in the required manner. It has a stable, smooth altazimuth motion from its stable tabletop that facilitates easy manual tracking on celestial objects. It has EZ Finder II reflex that enhances easy aiming, Starry Night astronomy software, a collimation cap and an eye rack.

5. Celestron NexStar 130 SLT

Celestron NexStar 130 SLT
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With a 130mm aperture, 650mm focal length, and 2-inch eyepieces it can have a bright, detailed view on the target object. It has a minimum of 19x magnification power, and a maximum of 307x magnification power hence gives a chance to view objects at different sizes. It has a computerized hand control with over 4000 images the user can have a study on. From its skyalign, it is possible to align three bright objects. It is always advisable to ensure that before the use of the telescope, the control hand is set, align finderscope, and align the telescope.

6. Orion 10012 Skyscanner

Orion 10012 Skyscanner
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It is an ideal entry-level telescope made for beginners. It has a 100mm parabolic mirror optic, with no plastic lenses. It allows the user to view Jupiter details, moon craters, and have views from bright locations. It’s a big tabletop telescope enable the user find, and as well observe the sky at night. Its small size allows storage of information in closets. It has a good reflector with a wide range angle and has low power in viewing deep sky elements, and Milky Way while taking views from the dark sky. It has two eyepieces 1.25 inches, aiming device EZ Finder II, and astronomy software the Starry Night.

7. Orion StarBlast II

Orion StarBlast II
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It has a great optic, convenient portability, and an easy to use operations. It allows user make views on everything including planets, moon, to distant objects like the star cluster, and galaxies in a bright and clear manner. It has a fantastic wide-field of astronomy, an EQ-1 mount that makes it easy to keep moving the objects at the center of the eyepiece by its slow hand control. It has a moon map 260, EZ Finder sight, a tripod with adjustable height among other characteristics.

8. Orion 10016

Orion 10016
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It has a fun, capable, and a simple point-and-view tabletop reflector that suits beginners as well as seasonal astronomers. Its six aperture reflector optics gives a detailed view on target objects. The compact tabletop allows the starBlast six reflectors have great grab-and-go portability with a height of 23.5 lbs. The sturdy StarBlast 6 reflector is pre-assembled packed so that there are no difficulties in assembling the whole set. It includes 25mm and a 10mm Sirius Plossl telescope eyepieces, eyepiece rack, EZ finderII aiming, Starry Night Software and many more characteristics.

9. Orion SkyQuest XT8

Orion SkyQuest XT8
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It has a metallic blue eye-catching optical tube placed at the redesigned base and has altitude tension adjustable knobs. For easy collimation without tools, it has a convenient thumbscrew- adjustable secondary mirror. It has a 2 Crayford focuser that has dual-speed, and fine-focus of 11:1 that allows users to focus to have sharp views. It has two 28 mm deep view eyepiece, Short 2x Barlow lens, a reflex sight, and a collimation cap.

10. Celestron 31045

Celestron 31045
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It is a quick and easy no-tool set up making it convenient for the whole family. It has a permanently mounted StarPointer finderscope, an elastic image optics for terrestrial, as well as astronomical use. To accurately locate and truck the target objects, it has a German Equatorial mount with settings circles. It has a pre-assembled tripod that provides a rigid and stable platform. It also has all coated glass optic to provide clear, and crisp images.

Factors to consider when purchasing a telescope


This is the main lens of the telescope and is mostly said to be the magnifying glass in a microscope. It allows the user to see objects that are fainter in color. If the intention of the study is to have a star gaze leisurely, one should choose a smaller aperture, and for fainter objects, consider telescopes with a large aperture.


Before selecting a telescope, consider the three types of mount that are regular in the market, which include the Altazimuth that is good for smooth movement when star-gazing, the Dobsonian for advance terrestrial viewing, and the Equatorial that is the best of all and can be used when trying on astrophotography. Other factors to consider include the realistic expectation, and the different types of the telescope


In conclusion, having a personal telescope or one that serves the whole family is what every person wishes in the current world. However, purchasing the best telescope that fits the needs of a person can be hard. It is therefore good to consider the different types of telescopes in the market, as well as some characteristics that make great impacts on the operation of the telescope. One is advised to have a view on our shortlisted top ten telescopes, and he will be able to come out with the best telescope that will suit his needs.

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