Best Portable Workbenches In 2019 Reviews

Portable workbenches are tools that permit you to move you work area virtually anywhere it fits perfectly. You just fold it up as well as save space. Getting the best portable workbenches is a challenge for most people. However, don’t worry because here is a review of the to best portable workbenches in 2019 as well as a buyer’s guide that will help you to choose the best portable workbenches that will perfectly fit all your needs. Read through and choose the best for yourself.

Table of the Best Protable Workbeches:

1Keter Folding Compact Workbench Sawhorse Work Table

Keter Folding Compact Workbench Sawhorse Work Table
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This portable workbench offers a strong yet portable work area for a wide range of projects. Whether you require a place to rest your boards for painting or a sawhorse for cutting projects, it has a pair of singe-handed clamps that holds your work materials steadily in place. It is ideal for use for commercial construction work and home improvement projects as it assists you get the project done in all types of settings. It offers dependable project support for anything from staining table legs to sanding 2 x 4. Also it has very durable legs that offer the support you require to be confident while doing any work. The workbench adapts perfectly to any working environment as it is made of materials that are thoughtful engineered, quality constructed as well as weather-resistant. Moreover, it is made from rugged polypropylene resin thus, built to last for long. In addition, its plastic base provides the following benefits; resists cracking, will not peel, dents resistant, never rusts and won’t fade in the sun. it measures 33.46”W x 21.65”D x 29.75”H

2Disston 30140 Omnitable 4 in 1 Portable Work Bench

Disston 30140 Omnitable 4 in 1 Portable Work Bench
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This remarkable portable workbench has a floor creeper, dolly, scaffold as well as workbench all in one. It has a large work area of 35.7” x 18.3” and has a load capacity of 500 pounds, thus it will accommodate big projects with a lot of ease. Also it has in-built features such as; carry handle, in line accessory storage, steel hammer surface, drill hole, ruler/protractor, and power strip. Additionally, it is lightweight and weighs only 32 pounds hence highly compact as well as easily stored.

3Finether Heavy Duty Steel Workbench Tool Table

Finether Heavy Duty Steel Workbench Tool Table
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This perfect portable workbench features 59” comfortable height for work while standing or seated. Its 47”W x 23.6”D MDF worktop offers enough space for a range of operations as well as tool solution. It has a complete width smooth sliding drawers to store small work pieces, user manuals as well as various stuffs. Also it has 47” x 23.6” functional wooden pegboard that comes with ten hooks to hang often required tools such as screwdriver, hammer, saw, keeping them perfectly organized as well as easily accessible. Moreover, it is constructed of sturdy steel frame as well as hold up to 331 lbs and its powder coated finish makes it fingerprint, rust and water resistant. In addition, some assembly is required.

4WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table and Sawhorse

WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table and Sawhorse
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This versatile portable workbench converts to a workbench or sawhorse in seconds as no assembly is required. It is lightweight, foldable and compact for anywhere storage and usage. Its workbench top can hold up to 300 lbs and sawhorse can hold up to 1000 lbs. Its legs lock for extra security. It includes two fast clamps and four clamp dogs to secure a range of shapes and materials. The workbench top measures 31 x 25 x 32 inch and weighs 30 lbs.

5Hopkins 90164 2x4basics Workbench and Shelving Storage System

Hopkins 90164 2x4basics Workbench and Shelving Storage System
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This extraordinary portable workbench is made of heavy-gauge resins that are solvent and impact resistant for extra durability. The shelflinks and workbench support spans of up to 8 ft and can hold up to 1000 pounds per shelf. It comes with six shelflinks and four workbench legs. The workbench can be customized to any length and width. In addition, it comes with a two-year warranty.

6Seville Classics UltraGraphite Wood Top Workbench on Wheels

Seville Classics UltraGraphite Wood Top Workbench on Wheels
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It has 1.5-inch thick solid wood top coated with very durable polyurethane. Also it has steel organizer drawer that has two adjustable dividers and seven mounting points hence creates compartments that fits the way you work. It includes one non-slip drawer liner. Moreover, its frame is made of steel with tough graphite finish for high durability. Additionally, it has four 3-inch casters that have steel hardware and two locking. In addition, this garage and workshop essential workbench is perfect for office, garage, home or commercial use.

7Kreg KWS1000 Mobile Project Center,

Kreg KWS1000 Mobile Project Center,
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It has multiple work modes that offer extra versatility. It comes with four bench dogs and an auto-adjust bench clamp hence will fit any of your work. Also it folds down just in second hence you can work anywhere and for simple storage. The table has hole pattern that accepts bench dogs as well as other accessories. In addition, its heavy gauge steel legs offer a solid foundation as well as in-built storage trays to hold parts and hardware.

8Olympia Tools 82-802 Multi-Purpose Workbench With Light

Olympia Tools 82-802 Multi-Purpose Workbench With Light
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This amazing portable workbench measures 47.25” x 23.18” x 1.61” thus offers a large working area and accommodates large projects. It has complete width pegboard for perfectly organized tools storage. Also it has 22.5” long 3W fluorescent cabinet light. Moreover, it has in-built 3-outlet grounded power strip that has two ball-bearing sliding drawers. In addition, it is made from heavy-duty steel with long lasting enamel finish and has 220 lbs load capacity.

9Black & Decker WM1000 Workmate Workbench

Black & Decker WM1000 Workmate Workbench
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It has a big bamboo work area and fast clamping that has flexible clamping options. Also it has heavy-gauge steel frame that can hold up to 500 lbs load. Moreover, it is easy to carry as well as free standing. In addition, it has single hand fast folding thus compact and easy to use.

10Fold Away Work Bench w Ideal Wall Storage Solution

Fold Away Work Bench w Ideal Wall Storage Solution
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This portable workbench comes with 3-panel of perfect wall solution, screws as well as 2-pieces of color identical end trim. It comes with mounting hardware and designed to be completely functional for large projects, as it has a large working area, that will accommodate large jobs easily. In addition, it has solid hardwood finish thus very durable.

Factors to consider when purchasing the best portable workbenches


The size of the portable workbench matters a lot because you require considering the amount of working area accessible in your working environment. You should also find the ideal size of size of the portable workbench as well as how much does the working area demand. If your working area demands a huge workbench you should purchase a large workbench and if your work area demands a small workbench you should choose a small workbench.

The cost

You should also consider the cost of the workbench to make the right decision. Thus, you are required to purchase a portable workbench that matches with your money. However, it is recommended that you purchase a more expensive workbench because they are more strong and durable.

Type of work

The type of work that you require a portable workbench for is a vital factor to consider. The portable workbench you purchase should be suitable to the needs of the project you need to do. If the type of work is large, consider purchasing a large portable workbench.


You should also consider the weight of the workbench you purchase because you will be required to carry the workbench around. However, you should not purchase very lightweight workbenches, as they are weak as well as bound to be distorted or break. It is therefore, recommended that you choose a portable workbench that is sturdy as well as a bit heavy.


It is vital to consider the height of the portable workbench you purchase. You should choose a workbench that fits your height and does not pose any risks by bending more while working.


Whether the use of the portable workbench is heavy or light, you require a strong workbench. Because portable workbenches are subjected to clamping and pounding of heavy materials frequently, Therefore, you should purchase a portable workbench that is very strong, has strong legs as well as will not shake while working. It is recommended that you choose one with legs made of steel.


The above are indeed the best portable workbenches that will perfectly suit all your needs because they are very strong, durable and easy to use. Also they have amazing features that will suit all your needs. We recommend that you purchase any of the above best portable workbenches in 2019. Also consider the above vital factors before and when purchase a portable workbench for yourself.

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