Best Portable Tool Boxes in 2019 Reviews

They allow you to do all sorts of work, including repairs around your house. The only problem is that tools are not always that easy to store. They require a lot of space unless you have one of the best portable tool boxes in 2019.

These toolboxes will organize your tools and keep them available when you need them most. If you are not sure which portable toolbox is one of the best of the best, simply keep reading. Our review is designed to guide you to the best portable tool box in 2019. We will also provide you with a buying guide, so you will not waste your time and money. Purchasing one of the best of the best is not going to be as difficult as you may think.

Table of the Best Portable Tool Box Reviews

1. Best Choice Products Portable Top Chest Tool Box

Best Choice Products Portable Top Chest Tool Box
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You can put all your tools in one place with this 3.5” x 13” x 42.5” portable toolbox. The multiple drawers give you a large amount of room to store your smaller handle tools and other equipment. The foam in the drawers protects your tools from any left over oil or grease. Made of steel, this unit is on durable wheels, has a handle and even divides itself. You do not have to move the whole unit when you only need the tools from one section. The total weight capacity of this tool chest is 295 pounds. Some assembly is required.

2. Akro-Mils 14-Inch Plastic Tool Box

Akro-Mils 14-Inch Plastic Tool Box
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It isn’t just cars and motors that need tools. This 14 x 8-1/8 x 8-1/8-inch plastic tool box is perfect for artists or those who like doing crafts. You can lock the box up with the steel latch when you do not need it. The removable tray makes grabbing all your tools and supplies easy and convenient. The durable handle allows you to carry this lightweight portable tool box with ease. Because it is portable, you can take your hobby tools anywhere. You get about 6 ½ inches of space without the tray inside and 3 ½ inches when it is put back into place.

3. Stanley 28-Inch Structural Foam Toolbox

Stanley 28-Inch Structural Foam Toolbox
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Stanley is a trusted name in the home and construction tool industry. They make top quality products like this 28-inch portable toolbox. The heavy-duty plastic is water resistant and has a ¾ removable tool tray. Its total dimensions are 28 x 12.6 x 11.6 inches which provide enough space for your most used tools. A groove on the lid holds different objects for cutting or measuring. Plus, its metal rust proof latches provide longevity to the portable toolbox. This box is not designed to handle a lot of heat.

4. Plano Molding Stow N Go Tool Box

Plano Molding Stow N Go Tool Box
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This 11 x 7.2 x 10-inch portable tool box looks like it is reproducing itself. Not only does it have a top shelf for tools, but 4 plastic trays that come out from underneath. The trays each have their own lids and plastic clasps. Your tools and supplies will not spill out. A plastic drop down front door seals in the 4 plastic trays. If you work with small parts and supplies, these trays will keep your pieces organized. Each tray has permanent and moveable plastic sections. You can design them to fit your particular work need.

5. Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Tough Box

Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Tough Box
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This portable tool box does double duty. It can hold your tools, or it can keep your lunch cool. Your choice. Measuring 18.8 x 14.8 x 27.8 inches, this tool box’s lid opens up to 180 degrees and has stainless steel hinges. If you use it as a cooler, it will keep your food, medicine or whatever cool for up to 30 hours. A durable carrying strap allows for easy handling and moving. The solid plastic construction provides strength, durability, and longevity to the unit. Great for camping, hiking, fishing or simply repairing those small jobs around the house.

6. Craftsman 4 Drawer Chest with Large Top Compartment

Craftsman 4 Drawer Chest with Large Top Compartment
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Craftsman is another trusted name in the tool industry. This 4 drawer tool box measures 22.4 x 16.6 x 10.5 inches and has two steel latches to keep its contents inside. You can also place a padlock on the lid to keep your tools safe.
The 4 drawers provide additional space for your tools. They slide on durable steel guides. With the lid open, you get about 2 inches of storage space. But with it closed you can add another 2 inches to that total. There are plenty of retail outlets besides Sears stores that carry the Craftsman tool sets.

7. VonHaus Small Utility Tool Storage Box

VonHaus Small Utility Tool Storage Box
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This all clear plastic tool box comes with a top box and 4 trays to store your tools and equipment. The 10.9 x 10.1 x 6.9” tool box will hold the tools, leaving 4 drawers for your supplies or parts. The top lid and front door have plastic clasps to lock everything inside. With the removable section dividers, you can redesign the drawers to fit your specific needs. Its drawers give you about 1 inch of height for your supplies. The small size keeps it lightweight and easy to carry. A durable tough plastic handle is attached to the top of the unit.

8. BOSTITCH Rolling Tool Box

BOSTITCH Rolling Tool Box
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It’s the 7-inch rubber wheels that make this 13.6 x 30.6 x 19.2-inch tool box easy to move. Versatility is also an attractive feature. This plastic tool box will divide into 2 pieces for convenience. Each drawer slides open or closed on ball bearings. The bottom storage space swings out and does not slide out. If you separate the toolbox, an extra handle is attached to the bottom section. Some drawers have divided sections while others do not. Be careful, though. You can only store about 70 pounds of tools in this plastic unit.

9. Stalwart Mobile Workshop and Toolbox

Stalwart Mobile Workshop and Toolbox
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The fold-down handle is a nice feature on this 17.5 x 10 x 24.5-inch, rolling plastic tool box. 3 plastic storage trays will hold your nails, screws, nuts, and bolts with ease. Its 2 removable trays open up to larger storage areas for your bigger tools. There is also a place to hang an extension cord and the padlock you use to keep your contents safe. Plus, the unit easily divides into two separate storage containers. The two sections simply snap together again when you need all your tools in one place. Just be careful not to overload it with heavy or too many tools.

10. Pink Power Portable Aluminum Tool Box for Tool or Craft Storage

Pink Power Portable Aluminum Tool Box for Tool or Craft Storage
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Not to be sexist but this pink colored portable tool box seems more suitable for women than men. This 18” x 9” x 7.5” portable toolbox has a removable tray, 2 metal latches and an eye for a padlock. Keeping your tools safe and the sound is easy. Plus, there are two plastic trays place on the lid for smaller supplies and hardware. Also, this aluminum toolbox is durable as it holds standard tools. A soft grip handle s easy on a woman’s hand. Another attractive feature is its warranty. This unit is backed by a one-year full warranty.

Our Buying Guide

To make sure you are purchasing one of the best portable tool box in 2019, there are times to watch out for. These items help separate the big boys from the pretenders. Here is a list of items you should check before purchasing:

  • Brand name- this is very important as there are top tool brands who have been around a long time. They know the business and they know how to produce quality equipment.
  • Intended owner- are you a handyman, a professional or someone who simply putters around the house? You should buy a portable tool box that fits your use
  • Purpose- what kind of job will you need it for? How many tools will you need to carry in them.
  • Accessories- supply trays, extension cord holders, wheels, solid handle, removable trays and so on
  • Quality materials- is it made of plastic, metal, aluminum, heavy duty plastic or …?
  • Price- you can go cheap but that doesn’t mean you are saving money.
  • Warranty- how much protection do you have?

Some Final Words

Purchasing one of the best portable toolboxes in 2019 is not a traumatic ordeal. Especially when you know what to look for and know what you need. Basically, it boils down to your purpose for the toolbox. If you have a lot of tools to put in it or if you have to move from site to site. Getting the best portable tool box in 2019 also means you may have to spend a little more now to save money over the long run. The better-quality toolbox, the longer it will last and the less you have to pay for replacements.

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