Top 10 Best Portable Tire Inflators in 2018

Do you remember that annoying moment when you are about to have a great time with your loved ones on a long drive only to find that the tires of your vehicle aren’t having the proper tire air pressure? Well, technology has changed the scenario, and as there is a high demand for a portable tire inflator, a great number of inflators are readily available on the market to use. Before making any purchase, you should check out this excellent list that describes the best portable tire inflator available in the market. So let’s jump straight into the 10 Best Portable Tire Inflators.

List of Best Portable Tire Inflators in 2018:

10EPAuto 12V DC portable air compressor pump

EPAuto 12V DC portable air compressor pump
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This pump has got a firm structure. The inflator can be attached to the cigarette heater of the car for instant power. It comes with different adaptors for balls and inflators. The digital display helps to take a reading of the pressure in four different units. It is suitable for cars, bikes and even cycles. The LED equipped with it comes very handy at the time of need. It also comes with a sensor that prevents over inflation and stops the machine if it gets overheated. Click here to buy form

9 Tiretek RX-I digital tire inflator

 Tiretek RX-I digital tire inflator
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Packed with lots of features this inflator will surely win your heart. One of the best selling product the inflator comes with an additional port of 12V DC supply and two USB port to charge your mobiles and other accessories. It also contains LED light for emergency purpose. It has built in sensor that prevents over inflation and overheating. The digital screen can display pressure reading in 4 different units. It also comes with 11 and ½ feet extendable hose to reach each tire effortlessly. The unit is rubber coated to provide efficient handling.

8Family tool’s tire inflator 2017 model

Family tool’s tire inflator 2017 model
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This compact design looks like a modern router or modem in look. The sleek design is beautiful and comes with a lot of features. It comes with three attachments for solving different inflation problem. The device is used to inflate cars, SUVs, bikes, and cycles. The sleek design is handy and can be easily handled. The pump comes with three nozzle attachment that makes it an all rounder for inflating any object.

7 Raniaco electric portable air compressor pump

 Raniaco electric portable air compressor pump
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What makes it different from rest of the pumps is its easy cable handling. You do not need to worry about the tangling of wires or cable after solving your flat tire problem. In addition to that, it has LED lights that helps in making repairs even in low light condition. The build of the pump is handy and is easy to carry anywhere. It can be used to inflate tires, balloons, cycles and even more.

6 ENGREPO handheld pump

 ENGREPO handheld pump
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The beauty of the pump lies in the fact that the size is considerably reduced to make it suitable for easy carrying. Weighing about just 1 pound this little master competes equally with other devices. It comes with a sensor that automatically detects over inflation. It can be charged either in board or cigarette lighter socket. The hose is sturdy and also comes with an extendable hose. The unit is convenient and can be used to carry the load wherever you require it.

5 AUDEW auto digital air compressor

 AUDEW auto digital air compressor
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This 12V air compressor is rather stylish and bit bulky in build. The triangle shape gives it a look of portability and reliability. It provides enough space to easily store 3m long cord, long enough to reach all the tires. It also comes with LED light for emergency purpose and three nozzle attachments to use the inflator for different applications. It also has auto shut off feature that prevents over inflation and overheating of the device.

4 Lifeline AAA air compressor

 Lifeline AAA air compressor
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If you are rather looking for a simple compressor who simply does its jobs and does not carry additional cost with unwanted features then this is a must go. It comes with an analog dial that keeps the reading simple, and it comes with three nozzle attachment. The 10 feet long power cable ensures that each tire can be reached without any hassle. It can be connected easily to the cigarette heater socket.

3 GHB portable air compressor

 GHB portable air compressor
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Similar in built and design to ENGREPO pump, this air compressor also weighs around 1 pound and is easy to carry wherever required. The compressor comes with an auto shut off so that it does not over inflate the tires. The compressor can be charged either in the cigarette port or standard outlet without any hassle. Also, the three nozzle attachments that come with it make it easy to it for other vehicle types too.

2 Ryobi cordless air compressor

 Ryobi cordless air compressor
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For those who want to have a cordless inflator, Ryobi provides them an all time solution. If happen to be the user of Ryobi product then it can come as a great extension to the series. The base of the tool carries all the nozzles and attachments thereby making it easy to conduct the inflation task. It is a pneumatic device and thus is great for function and durability.

1Kensun AC/DC convertible tire inflator

Kensun AC/DC convertible tire inflator
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Along with its small physical factor which makes it an excellent companion to travel with, the AC/DC conversion is what makes it an ideal partner for all handling all types of tire pressure problem both inside and outside the home. The analog dial gives the pressure reading. The AC/Dc conversion feature allows the compressor to work both in the normal socket and in car’s cigarette heater socket.

It is entirely reasonable that with so many options available in the market that one may get confused as to which one to choose and which one will work out the best. The list will surely go a long way in saving your time and straight forwardly making a right choice.