Top 5 Best Portable Folding Camping Chairs in 2019

Portable Folding Camping Chairs, Most of us love camping. Going off the grid, deep into nature’s territory, away from the lights, bustle, and noises of mankind. In those lush green forests, the foliage, mountains towering and blocking your half your vertical view, gushing winds caressing the back of your neck, the experience is simply mesmerizing.

A camping trip is complete only when you have got all your camping materials ready by your side. Tents, flashlights, food, medical kit, hiking accessories, and most importantly, your camping chairs. Yes, if you are going for a camping trek somewhere in the woods and are going to spend at least a day there, camping chairs are a must as much as sleeping bags are.

We understand many of you are at your wit’s ends when you want to buy camping chairs due to the lack of buying guidelines available out there. That is why we have come up with a list of top 5 best portable camping chairs of 2019 that will help you know what to buy for that next camping trip or at least what you can expect from your nearest camping depot.

Table of the Best Portable Folding Camping Chairs in 2019

5. Coleman Aluminum Deck Chair:

This chair is ideal for those who prefer low seating in a typical camp setting so that they can have that nice and calm feel of being in the woods. Laying low, sitting with your back arched and relaxed, yet not in a completely sleeping position.

The chair also comes with padded arm rests that help you to fully slump back, relax and take a moment to appreciate nature’s beauty. Don’t worry, the chair is built sturdy and can take a weight of an average American adult. To be specific, it can take up to 225 lbs. of weight. It folds easily, and you can pack it up in the back of your truck or your van with relative ease.

Coleman Aluminum Deck Chair:
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4. Quick Shade Max Shade Camp Chair:

What sets this chair apart is that it comes with a canopy over it or shade to keep you cool in your summer (or rainy. camping treks. It also has two cup holders, so that you can have your juice (or beer. by your side while you observe nature in its full glory. You can also adjust the shade, lower it, raise it and tilt it according to your comfort. It is 18.5” from ground and can tolerate up to 225 lbs. of weight.

Quick Shade Max Shade Camp Chair:
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3. Moon Lence Ultralight Foldable Camping Chair:

This chair is the most flexible and easily foldable chair in the list. It is highly durable, made from the 1000 D Oxford cloth wrapped on a high-quality aluminum frame. It can take weights up to 243 lbs. The chair is designed as per your ergonomic needs and makes you feel very comfortable and cozy even in the most rugged environments. The design is portability-friendly, which means, you can easily fold the chair into a small contraption that effortlessly fits your camping backpack. The specialty of this chair is that even if you are trekking towards a campsite on foot (or hiking), you can still carry it around with yourself without sweating a lot of effort.

Moon Lence Ultralight Foldable Camping Chair:
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2. Travel Chair Slacker:

As we move from the bottom to the top of the list, it keeps getting smaller and better. Anyways, moving on to this chair, we find that is incredibly compact, so much that it doesn’t even look like a chair at prima facie, but when you use it, you know it is for sure and a good one at it. It can be rolled up like a newspaper and easily carried manually, without requiring any vehicular support. So you can also carry it while you are hiking with the rest of your camping equipment. It weighs only 2.2 lbs. but can tolerate a total weight of 275 lbs. It certainly punches above its weight.

Travel Chair Slacker:
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1. Coleman Oversized Quad Chair:

We understand that there are those for whom size matters and this is where the Coleman Quad Camping Chair fills in the gap. This big boy of a chair is made from high-quality, durable steel that can support 300 lbs. of weight, which is the highest in this list. It also comes with a storage pocket where you can keep magazines and newspapers. It also has cup-holders at its sides where you can place your drinks. We hope this list helps you know what you can expect out of a camping chair. In fact, we suggest you go for one of these.

Coleman Oversized Quad Chair:
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