Top 10 Best Portable DVD Players in 2019

For those who like the idea of taking their favorite entertainment with them everywhere, then portable DVD players are just the ticket. These players are full of benefits. For instance, portable DVD players can entertain you while you are traveling on the road, via airplane or simply give you something to watch before you go to bed. If your job involves being on the road, such as in delivery or long haul trucking, then the addition of a portable DVD player can help you pass the time by playing your favorite movies, TV shows or audio. In fact, wherever you expect to be traveling or even waiting in line for a long time, the portable DVD player can help you wile away the hours.

Top 10 Best Portable DVD Players

Once you’ve decided it’s time to get a portable DVD player, where do you start? How do you know you’ll get the best deal, one that plays your video and favorite tunes? We realize it can be confusing, so we’ve come up with a brief but concise review of our top 10 best portable DVD players in 2019 and buyers guide to help you sort things out. Each of the models in our list of 10 is represented by well-respected companies who offer you quality products and good customer service.

Table of the Best Portable DVD Players:

Preview Product Price


Pyle 15-Inch Portable DVD Player, Swivel Angle Adjustable Display Screen, USB/SD Card Memory Readers, and Built-in Rechargeable Battery with Remote Control. (PDV156BK)

$99.99$129.99 (23% off)

Ematic Portable DVD Player with 9-inch LCD Swivel Screen, Travel Bag and Headphones, Teal

$59.95$62.40 (4% off)


$47.77$127.77 (63% off)

APEMAN 7.5'' Portable DVD Player for Kids and Car Swivel Screen Support SD Card USB CD DVD with AV Input/Output and Earphone Port 4 Hours Built in Rechargeable Battery


UEME Portable DVD CD Player with 10.1 Inches LCD Screen, Car Headrest Mount Holder, Remote Control, Car Charger Wall Charger, Personal DVD Players with Built-in Rechargeable Battery (Black)


DR. J Professional 11.5

$52.99$99.00 (46% off)

Sylvania 13.3-Inch Swivel Screen Portable DVD Player (SDVD1332) with USB/SD Card Reader

$95.00 (1% off)

COOAU 11.5


ieGeek 11.5

1. DBPOWER 9.5-Inch Portable DVD Player

DBPOWER 9.5-Inch Portable DVD Player
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The DBPOWER 9.5-Inch Portable DVD Player is an absolute media workhorse, able to handle everything from DVD’s to select classic games. Its compact size measures in at 9.4 x 7.1 x 1.6 inches, at 2.54 pounds. Viewing is made easy with its convenient swivel screen which rotates 270 degrees, to make it the perfect travel companion for long business trips, picnics or road trips. Simply charge up your integrated, lithium battery in your home of vehicle, and you’re good to go for up to 5 hours of viewing pleasure. You can even watch DVD’s while your player is charging. Compatible media formats include: AVI, MPeg, Jpeg, CD, AVI, DVD, and includes an SD card reader and USB port. The SD card and USB port allow you to transfer any digital media to your player, no problem. Your purchase includes a handy car adapter for vehicle charging, AC adapter, AV controller, remote control and even a game controller for select, classic games.

2. Upgraded Pyle 15″ Portable DVD Player PDV156BK

Upgraded Pyle 15
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In need of an easy to use, high performance portable DVD player? If so, then take a look at the Upgraded Pyle 15 inch Portable DVD Player, model PDV156BK. This portable DVD player allows you to enjoy your digital media wherever you are, and measures 15.2 x 9.8 x 1.9 inches and weighs around 3 pounds so it should easily fit in travel bags, backpacks or even large purses. Easy to operate, simply charge your unit up for about 6 to 8 hours, and then flip up the 270 degree swiveling 1366 x 678 pixel, LCD display screen, and enjoy digital media from your USB, DVD player, or SD memory card. Enjoy your favorite songs via their powerful stereo speakers or headphone. Features include a remote control, vehicle adapter, anti-shock playback, and ability to enjoy image, audio and video digital files.

3. Ematic Portable DVD Player

Ematic Portable DVD Player
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The Ematic Portable DVD Player comes with all you’ll need to fully enjoy the benefits of a portable DVD player, as it comes complete with a durable, protective travel bag with additional storage, headphones and an AC/DC adapter. This portable DVD player measures 9.5 x 1.5 x 6.8 inches and weighs about 2 pounds, making it light and easy to transport and setup. Features include a 640 x 234 pixel LCD display screen, rechargeable battery, integrated stereo speakers, and the ability to enjoy a variety of your favorite images, audio or video digital files. An AV output allows you to watch your DVD’s on a larger screen.

4. WONNIE 7.5 Inch Portable DVD Player

WONNIE 7.5 Inch Portable DVD Player
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Enjoy your favorite digital media on Wonnie’s 7.5 inch, high definition 800 x 480 resolution TFT display screen, which swivels 270 degrees, so you can watch comfortably from your favorite angle. Once charged via Wonnie’s integrated rechargeable battery, you’ll be able to watch media from the player, SD card or USB for up to 4 hours. This unit measures 7.1 x 5.9 x 1.6 inches, and is perfect for students, business travelers or long road trips. The Wonnie supports a wide range of media files including DVD, CD, MP3, AVI, Jpeg and many more. With this purchase you get a backpack, vehicle charger with 5 foot power cord, earphones, remote control, USB and AV cables, and AV adapter.

5. APEMAN Portable DVD Player

APEMAN Portable DVD Player
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The Apeman Portable DVD player is the perfect device to enjoy all of your digital image, audio and video files on a 9.5 inch, clear LCD monitor which easily rotates 270 degrees for your viewing pleasure. Once fully charged, this portable DVD player by Apeman allows you to enjoy your digital files via SD card, player or USB for up to 3 hours. This unit comes with a handy AV output port so you can connect it to your TV to watch your digital media files on a large screen. Media compatibility includes: DVD, CD, MP3, Jpeg EX for ebook reading, and many more. This also includes a game function if you feel like enjoying some classic NES games. Your purchase includes an AV cable, AC adapter, remote control and vehicle charger.

6. UEME 10.1″ Portable DVD Player

UEME 10.1
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Watch your favorite videos or sit back and enjoy your music while on the go, with the portable UEME 10.1 inch DVD player. This player by UEME is shock resistant, and comes with a high resolution, 1024 x 600 LCD, swiveling monitor, which can be charged while driving or at home. This unit is compatible with the following media files: CD, MP3, Jpeg, DVD, etc., and accepts digital files from your SD card, USB or via direct play. If you feel like enjoying your media on a larger screen, this comes with an AV output port, so you can plug in an AV cable from the player and connect it to your television. A nice perk with this model is its ‘last memory’ function, which means it will remember the point where you just left off. Your purchase includes a vehicle headrest mount, remote control, AC adapter, vehicle charger, and AV cable.

7. THZY 9.5 inch Swivel Screen Portable DVD Player

THZY 9.5 inch Swivel Screen Portable DVD Player
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If you are in the market for a DVD player that can last a couple of movies, then the shock resistant, THZY portable DVD player is the one for you, as it lasts 5 hours on just one charge. It’s 270 degree swivel screen allows you to position the monitor for your viewing pleasure. This 9.8 x 7.5 x 1.2 inch unit weighs around 2.95 pounds, and lets you enjoy digital media files from your SD card, USB flash drive or directly from the player itself. Digital formats supported include, DVD, AVI, MPeg, XVid or Jpeg. If you plan on taking it on a long drive, you’ll be happy to know that it comes with a vehicle charger with a 1.8 meter long cable so it can easily reach the back seat passengers. Your purchase includes an AV cable, remote control, AC adapter, and vehicle charger.

8. Sylvania 13.3-Inch Swivel Screen Portable DVD Player

#Sylvania 13.3-Inch Swivel Screen Portable DVD Player
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The Sylvania 13.3 inch Swivel Screen Portable DVD Player gives you a nice, large screen so you can enjoy your favorite media in comfort. This portable DVD player comes with a large 13.3 inch screen on a 180 degree swivel base, where you can enjoy your favorite digital media files from your USB, SD card or from direct disk play. The user friendly remote control lets you zoom, play, pause, stop, repeat, forward ahead or back while you watch from the comfort of your couch. Compatible digital media files include CD, MP3, Jpeg, DVD and many more. It includes an integrated battery for charging, and 2 buil-in stereo speakers. Your purchase includes AC power adapter, vehicle charger, easy to use remote control and ear buds.

9. COOAU 11.5″ Portable DVD Player

COOAU 11.5
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The COOAU 11.5 inch portable DVD player comes with a 9.5 inch, 270 degree swivel screen to let you enjoy your media in comfort. The COOAU player comes with a clear, crisp 800 x 480 LCD screen, and runs a complete 5 hours on just one battery charge. If you are getting low on the charge, simply plug in the charger and watch while it charges. This player also comes with a ‘last memory function’ feature, which remember where you stopped watching, so the next time you watch, you’ll start off from where you stopped. This player comes with a convenient game controller so you can enjoy some fun, retro games. Digital media files which are compatible with this player include DVD, CD, Jpeg, MP3 and many more. Play all your digital media files from your USB or SD card as well. Your purchase includes a 9.7 x 7.3 x 2 inch player, AV cable, remote control, AC adapter, and joystick.

10. ieGeek 11.5″ Portable DVD Player

ieGeek 11.5
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The ieGeek Portable DVD Player comes with a nice sized, 11.5 inch, eye protective, LCD display screen, and lets you enjoy media for a complete 5 hours on one charge. If you’d like to watch your movie on a larger screen, simply make the connection via its AV output. Digital files can be read from both your USB flash drive as well as SD card reader. Features include a last memory function, repeat function and a copy option. If you’d like to do a little old school gaming, then feel free to play some of the compatible NES games using the included gamepad. Your purchase includes a vehicle charger, remote control, AV cable, and AC adapter.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Portable DVD Player

Choosing the best DVD player for you is a simple affair. Basically, it depends on the type of media you enjoy, and the source of your files. However, it’s a good idea to remember to look for a model that will grow with you. In other words, you may not need some features today, but tomorrow, who knows? So, looking for a portable DVD player that offers you the most options now, may save you from having to purchase another model in the future.


As you’re looking for a portable player, size should be one of the first things you look for. For instance, do you want it to travel with you in your backpack, or are you a frequent flyer who is searching for some rest and relaxation during a flight? Either way, you’ll be looking for one that fits easily into your travel scheme. For those who simply want to use it for home or vehicle use, then a larger model will do quite well. If you’d prefer a display screen which is a little larger than 7 or 9 inches, then you’ll have to sacrifice some storage space in the backpack or suitcase.

File Compatibility

Take some time and consider what media you’ll be enjoying and what file formats that media comes in. For instance, not all portable DVD players can play Blu-ray discs, so if that is what you wish to watch, then make certain it supports Blu-ray. If you plan on using a photo gallery, check to make sure it handles image files such as Jpegs. The same goes for video files. Look for a portable DVD player that will grow with you and your tastes, and find one that is compatible with as many file formats as possible. You might not need them now, but who knows? Tomorrow you may.

Length of Charge

This depends on you. Most portable DVD players can run 3 to 4 hours on one charge, while others will run 5 to 8 hours, so choose one accordingly. Also, it’s a good idea to make sure you can watch it while it is charging, especially for those of you who are purchasing it solely to keep the kids quiet during road trips.


Look for a DVD player that offers you the option of playing digital files from your SD card or USB flash drive. This way, whatever compatible media files you download from your computer, you can play on your DVD player. Also, consider your output. Say you want to view one of your media files on the big screen. Well, you’ll need an AV output for that, as well as an AV cable to connect to you TV.

Classic Games

This is a feature that is an extra on certain portable DVD models. Gamers who grew up on classic NES games, such as Mario will enjoy this, and parents who want to keep their kids occupied during drives will most certainly appreciate it. Some of these models come with the game controller or game pad, while others require you to purchase these accessories separately.


Pay close attention to what you get with your purchase. For instance, there are some portable DVD players that will offer you an AV output so you can watch your videos on your big screen television, but they don’t include the AV cable. This means you have to make an additional purchase. There are some which offer you the ability to play classic NES games, but do not include the controllers, so you have to buy that separately. In both of these scenarios, you must include the added purchase in the overall cost of the player. So, it pays to check out what you get with your package, weight the options and choose accordingly.


Thank you for reading our review of the Top 10 Best Portable DVD Players in 2019 & Buyer’s Guide. We sincerely hope that this article helped you in finding the perfect portable DVD player for your needs. When shopping for a player, make certain that you are aware of the type of media you’ll be listening or watching, the type of file formats they use, and if you can use an SD Card or USB to access those files. Look for one that offers you the most options. Even if you don’t need those file formats now, tomorrow you may find a video or audio file you love, and will want to be able to enjoy it on your player. All of the players in our DVD player review are made by manufacturers that have your best interests in mind, while offering you high quality products to enjoy.

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