Top 5 Best Polarized Night Vision Glasses for Driving in 2017

They say eyes are the window to one’s heart and soul, maybe that is why they are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. Eyes have been the inspiration for poets, authors, writers and many more all over the world ever since medieval times. From the character of a person to the feeling of trust and sincerity in the eyes of a dog they tell it all and are the most attractive feature of any living being. It is very important to keep your eyes safe at all times from insects, dirt, infections, Ulta-violet radiations and most importantly strong direct beams of light which are very common during driving as these can lead to a number of problems such as cataract, myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism, red and burning eyes, increased strain and in some extreme cases even full or partial blindness. To keep your eyes safe here is our pick of the top 5 best polarized night vision glasses for driving in Year.

List of Best Polarized Night Vision Glasses in 2017

#5. Pro Acme Rimless Polarized Night Vision Driving Glasses

These Polarized night vision glasses with 66 mm long lenses will definitely cover the entire eyes and are big enough to stop all kinds of lights and harmful radiation which could enter into the eye. The rimless design exhibits simplicity with panache and looks great on every face type. Extremely lightweight and comfortable aerospace technology of polycarbonate materials is used for its construction which is impact resistant. It comes with a cleaning cloth, a pouch made from micro fiber and a leather case to keep it classy along with 30 days replacement warranty if unsatisfied with the purchase.

 Pro Acme Rimless Polarized Night Vision Driving Glasses
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#4. Manneco HD Polarized Anti-Glare Safety Glasses for Night Driving

These glasses come with polarized amber/yellow lenses coated with an Anti-reflective coating and premium, high-quality resin made from German technology hence making them completely shatter-proof and strong. The frame is made from an aluminum-magnesium alloy which is lightweight yet durable and provides elasticity. The lens color yellow has been specially chosen as it is the best tint for enhancing light and helps to eliminate scattered and reflected glares and thereby makes the road appear a lot brighter by increasing the amount of contrast.

 Manneco HD Polarized Anti-Glare Safety Glasses for Night Driving
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#3. BLUPOND RALLY Night Vision Polarized Glasses

These glasses feature a strong and durable build thanks to the metallic frame which has a classic and timeless Italian design and comes in a variety of different color ways changing the lens and the frame. The lenses are UV400 TAC Polarized ones to enhance vision and are coated with the worlds most advanced Anti-Glare technology for you to experience the world in High definition. The polarization protects your eyes not only against the harmful UV radiation from the sun but also from unexpected reflections and strong headlights while driving. In addition to this, the glasses also come with a 5 in 1 accessory pack including, sunglasses pouch, cleaning cloth made out of micro fiber, protective sports case, screwdriver and 10$ value car clip holder for your glasses to hang safely in the car and an extended warranty card.

 BLUPOND RALLY Night Vision Polarized Glasses
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#2. Soxick Pro Acme Rimless Polarized Night Vision Driving Glasses

Very comfortable and good looking night vision polarized sunglasses which adjust to the shape of your head and are so lightweight that they are barely there. It assures dependability and keeps your eyes safe during driving at night or in strong sunlight thanks to the amazing quality of the polarization coating. These can be used in every situation such as for outdoor sports, boating, skiing, fishing, walking, running and many more and offer round the clock protection. The frame is extremely lightweight and is made from a blend of aluminum and magnesium which guarantee good durability and reliability.

 Soxick Pro Acme Rimless Polarized Night Vision Driving Glasses
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#1. Lazarap Men’s HD Polarized Night Driving Glasses

Probably the best pair of polarized driving glasses out there and the ultimate solution to all your problems these driving glasses not only protect your eyes but also tackle eye fatigue and prevent drowsiness while driving making sure you and your loved ones stay safe. The aluminum magnesium frame is super light on this one at just 28 grams and the quality of materials used is absolutely fantastic. The lenses are shatter proof and can even be used as protective eye glasses in rough terrain. The company also offers lifetime warranty on this product as it is a German Military Quality Guaranteed and Patented Product.

 Lazarap Men's HD Polarized Night Driving Glasses
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