Best Outdoor Solar Lights in 2019 Reviews

We are proud of the work we put into our gardens, and marvel at the results. Neatly trimmed bushes, leafy green trees and the bright colors of our flowers. During the daylight we can see their splendor, and during the evening nighttime hours, we can enjoy their mystery through ambient outdoor solar lighting. Solar lighting gives our gardens a totally different look during the evening hours, as if we enjoyed one bit of landscaping during the day, and another at night. Solar lighting is eco-friendly, cost effective, and hassle free way to add depth and magic to your garden under the moonlight.

The Top 10 Best Outdoor Solar Lights

Whether you are a professional landscaper or homeowner, the right outdoor solar lighting can be the perfect accessory to your outdoor environment. Outdoor lighting as been around for many years, but these electric lights used messy wires, needed to be plugged in, and their overall lighting effect was far from delicate and atmospheric. On the other hand, solar lights have no need of electricity to power them, which makes them very easy to install, simply stake them in the ground, or mount them on stairways, fences or walls, and they produce attractive lighting.

Outdoor solar lights are designed to be durable, lightweight and easy to place almost anywhere, as long as they can gather enough sunlight for a charge. For an added plus, these solar lights can fit any outdoor decor. For example, if you have a contemporary landscape design, you’ll no doubt find solar lights with a metallic, modern flair. If you have a more traditional garden, there are plenty of designs which utilize classic contours to match your tastes. You may even use solar lighting for inside your home. There are currently many people who purchase these lights, charging them up during the day, and actually bring them inside to light their living rooms or computer desks until bed time.

Table of the Best Outdoor Solar Lights:

Preview Product Price

GardenBliss Best Solar Lights For Outdoor Pathway, 10 Brightest Light Set For Walkway, Patio, Path, Lawn, Garden, Yard Decor, Double Waterproof Seal, Large Led Landscape Outside Post Lighting Lamps

$36.99$59.99 (38% off)

SURSUN Outdoor [16pack]-Solar Powered Pathway Bright White-Landscape Light for Lawn/Patio/Yard/Walkway/Driveway, Stainless Steel

$29.99$56.99 (47% off)

Enchanted Spaces Solar Path Light, Set of 6, Bronze, with Glass Lens, Metal Ground Stake, and Extra-Bright LED

Lemontec Solar Lights, 62 LED Wall Solar Light Outdoor Security Lighting Nightlight with Motion Sensor Detector for Garden Back Door Step Stair Fence Deck Yard Driveway, 2 Pack


Treeco Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor for Garden Patio Landscape, Stainless Steel & Waterproof, 6 pack - Bronze

LITOM 20 LED Solar Lights Outdoor, Enhanced IP65 Waterproof Wireless Solar Motion Sensor Lights(White Light), Easy-to-Install Security Lights for Front Door, Yard, Garage, Deck-Black, 1 Pack

InnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights 2-in-1 Waterproof Outdoor Landscape Lighting Spotlight Wall Light Auto On/Off for Yard Garden Driveway Pathway Pool, Pack of 2 ( Warm Light)


Solar Lights Outdoor, Oak Leaf Solar Pathway Lights LED Landscape Lighting Outdoor for Patio Yard Lawn Path Deck Backyard, 5 lumens, 4x bright, Warm White (Yellowish), 8-Pack

[2018 UPGRADED] Solar Lights Outdoor for Garden/Pathway/Walkway Decoration, 7 LM LED Auto ON/OFF Operation & IP44 Waterproof, Anti-corrosion Firm Design, Suits for Yard, Lawn, Patio, Driveway

TomCare Solar Lights Upgraded, Waterproof Flickering Flames Torches Lights Outdoor Solar Spotlights Landscape Decoration Lighting Dusk to Dawn Auto On/Off Security Torch Light for Patio Driveway (4)

$76.99$169.99 (55% off)

1GardenBliss 10 Pack of Outdoor Solar Garden Lights

GardenBliss 10 Pack of Outdoor Solar Garden Lights
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So easy to use, so beautiful for your garden. With the weatherproof GardenBliss 10 Pack of Outdoor Solar Garden Lights, you’ll get lovely lighting for your yard all from the sun, with the option to power up from a charger. Save money on electricity with these long-lived LEDs, designed with crystalline solar panels, to give you up to 20,000 hours of atmospheric pleasure. No wiring means these eco-friendly lights are an easy install and giving you gorgeous night time lighting for up to 8 hours. Each purchase contains 10 lights and rechargeable battery. These solar powered garden lights are backed by a risk-free 365 day, money back guarantees.

2SURSUN Solar Lights Outdoor

SURSUN Solar Lights Outdoor
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For a streamlined, sleek and contemporary look, consider Solar Outdoor lighting from SURSUN. Each LED light gives off 1.2 lumen of brightness, and automatically turn on at sunset. As these are solar, you don’t have to be concerned about a messy installation, just install them wherever you feel they’ll add the most atmosphere, by simply staking them in the ground. Once they’ve been in the sun for around 8 hours, you’ll have enough solar power to keep them lit during the evening, giving you 8 to 10 hours of light. This 16 piece solar light set is made from durable stainless steel and plastic and carries a waterproof rating of IP44.

3Enchanted Spaces Solar Path Lights

Enchanted Spaces Solar Path Lights
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Enchanted Spaces Solar Path Lights come in a package of 6 solar powered garden lights. These solar garden lights have a metal body with classic bronze coloration, which will blend in perfectly with your landscaping style. The lens of each lightweight, 16 inch light is made of a durable plastic material, has their own AA 200mAh Ni-Mh rechargeable battery, and each have their own on and off switch. These LED, soft glow lights radiate from the center outward in a gorgeous star-type pattern with a 4 foot radius. As these lights are solar powered, they are easy to install, you are not limited to placement as there are no wires, so feel free to add atmosphere anywhere in your garden.

4Lemontec 62 LED Wall Solar Light Outdoor Security Lighting

Lemontec 62 LED Wall Solar Light Outdoor Security Lighting
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Lemontec has just what you need if you’re in the market for outdoor security lighting. These durable, weather-resistant, LED solar powered security lights come with a PIR motion detector, and can sense movement up to 26 feet away. Use these lights anywhere in your yard, gang way, patio or stairs as they’ll turn on the moment movement is detected. These lights come with 3 modes: Strong Light Mode, Dim Light Mode and Strong Light Sensor Mode. These eco friendly lights have a multi-year life expectancy, which means that their Li-ion battery will regularly recharge over and over, guaranteeing you years of service. Brighter than their competitors with 62 LED powered lights to give you the best in solar security lighting.

5Treeco Solar Pathway Lights

Treeco Solar Pathway Lights
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The Treeco Solar Pathway LED garden lights provide your garden with exquisite, tasteful, atmospheric lighting. As they are powered by the sun, you have no messy wires to contend with, which means you can be free to place them wherever you desire. These weather resistant lights are designed to stay put no matter the season, and give you 8 hours of illumination once the sun sets, so forget the old days with hassling over timers and switches, and let its Smart Sensor do the work for you. Constructed with premium stainless steel, these rechargeable outdoor solar lights each come with their own batteries, which guarantee you years of service.

6LITOM Super Bright Motion Sensor Wall Lights

LITOM Super Bright Motion Sensor Wall Lights
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LITOM brings you sharp, super bright outdoor solar lighting for your driveway, gardens, entry ways, stairways or porches. These durable weatherproof/waterproof solar outdoor garden lights are constructed with tough ABS material, come with 20 LED lights per unit, have an IP65 rating, and come with a motion sensor to detect motion up to 26 feet. These lights have three modes: Reduced light mode, motion detector mode, and full on modeAs they are solar, prepare for an easy install, as each unit in this 2 pack purchase measures 6.75 inches wide by 4.75 inches high, so they’ll easily fit on garages, fencing or doors.

7InnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights 2-in-1

InnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights 2-in-1
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InnoGear has created an IP65 rated waterproof/weatherproof/heatproof 2 in 1 solar garden light with bright light, constructed from strong, durable ABS material. Easy to install, you can place them in the ground, or use the screws to keep them up high on a fence or wall. No time, no worries, as these lights charge up during the day, automatically turn on at night and off at daylight. These lights are long lived and designed to give you years of service with their integrated 18650 lithium rechargeable 2200mAh battery. These lights by InnoGear are perfect for brightening up your outdoor spaces where it counts, such as out of the way gates, garage doors, stairways, patios and more. The accompanying solar panel is adjustable, so you can catch the best sunlight any time of the day.

8Oak Leaf Solar Pathway Lights

Oak Leaf Solar Pathway Lights
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Brighten up your walkways at night in a pleasant and aesthetic manner, complementing your landscape design with Oak Leaf Solar Pathway Lights. These waterproof LED lights have a rating of IP44, give off a warm white glow, and come complete with solar panel and rechargeable battery built right in. These weather proof solar powered garden lights are made from durable plastic, so will not suffer the ugly effects of corrosion, while sending a lovely radiating light on your yard. Easy to install, they come complete with a rechargeble 500mAH AA ni-MH battery, they will stay lit for about 8 hours.

9Forsous Solar Outdoor Solar Lights

Forsous Solar Outdoor Solar Lights
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Forsous Solar Outdoor Garden Lights are attractive in design, durable in construction and a suitable addition to your outdoor living area. These easy to install LED solar garden lights get their energy all from the sun, so no dealing with wires or electricity, and charge up in about 10 hours, to give you 8 hours of relaxing, atmospheric light in the evening as they cast a beautiful, delicate pattern which radiates out from the center, onto your landscape. These durable lights are made of strong ABS material, and weather proof with a rating of IP44, which means you can leave them out all year long.

10TomCare Solar Lights

TomCare Solar Lights
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TomCare Outdoor Garden Solar Lights are unique with their realistic flickering flame effect, which casts a gentle ambiance over your garden during the night hours. These LED lights are energized by the sun during the day, and automatically turn on at night, so no wiring or remote controls needed. Use these lights for your driveway, patio, stairs or walkways. They actually look quite elegant next to your pool. Constructed of durable ABS plastic, these solar powered torches are 32.6 inches tall, and carry a water proof rating of IP65 which means they’ll be lighting your walkways with relaxing torchlight even during the winter months.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Outdoor Solar

Types of Outdoor Solar Lighting

Choosing the perfect outdoor solar lighting for you depends solely on the function you want your solar lighting to perform. The function of solar lighting is directly related to the type of solar light, and is an important consideration, as this factors heavily in the final cost of the lights. Solar task lights for security use will probably be more expensive than path lights. Below we’ve compiled a simply guide to assist you in finding the best outdoor solar lights for you.

Solar Path Lights

Solar path lights are the lights you see lining driveways, walkways and outlining some garden areas. Depending on the effect people wish to achieve, they can also be used as accent lights for your garden. Solar path lights are much brighter than garden accent lights. Easy to install, these lights can be staked in the ground, or hung on outside walls or fencing. Many designs come with on and off switches located on each light. Once you flip the switch off the charge is stored until needed.

Solar Accent Lights

Solar Accent Lighting is not designed to bring functional illumination to your yard, but to add delicate accents via lighting to your carefully sculpted landscaping. These solar lights are definitely not as bright, and often are made to produce a warm glow instead of a bright white light. For instance, if you have constructed a lovely rock garden, rose garden or outdoor pond, staking some organically designed solar accent lighting would highlight certain areas, casting a warm, amber glow on the surrounding foliage.

Solar Task Lighting

Solar task lighting is not designed to make your garden beautiful or line your pathways. Solar task lighting is there for your security. These lights are generally designed to be mounted up high on fences, garages or homes and have motion sensors. These sensors detect motion and immediately turn on, producing a very bright light designed to warn trespassers away. Of course, if you have a beautiful bit of statuary in your yard, or wish to cast a brighter accent light on your landscaping, there are many designs which can be staked in the ground and will cast a bright light from dusk until dawn.

Points To Consider Before You Purchase Your Outdoor Solar


As we’ve seen, functionality is a big part of the final decision when purchasing solar lighting. Functionality also affects the price tag of the lighting. Task lighting will generally cost you more than purchasing accent light. Ambient, atmospheric lighting will definitely not deter a burglar from entering your home, but a solar operated, bright LED lights with motion detectors placed near your garage, driveway, front and back doors most certainly will.

Length of Operation

Take a close look at specs to see what type of solar battery you have. Some solar batteries will require the units to be in full on sun to become fully loaded with charge. Other batteries can charge up when not in full sun. This is an important consideration if you are using your lights to illuminate a pathway which is under a tree lined path. Remember if you are using a solar powered task light for security purposes, it’s absolutely no good unless it actually works from dusk to dawn. Today, more and more people are choosing to save money on electricity by powering solar lights in the sun during the day, only to bring them inside to add ambient lighting while watching TV or surfing the internet at night. For this purpose, always buy the solar lights with an on/off switch, so they’ll hold the charge until you need them.

What Type of Lighting Effect do You Want?

When you look at the descriptions of solar lighting, you’ll notice that some state they give off a warm, amber glow. LED solar lighting will usually produce a bright, long lasting light and is often used for task lighting for security purposes, or keep your pathways lit. Lights used to highlight your landscaping will create a sublime, amber light.


in our review for the best outdoor solar light, we’ve learned that solar Lights serve both utilitarian and decorative purposes. These lights can either be staked in the ground to brighten a darkened walkway, hang from a shepherds hook to illuminate your pond, or be mounted on your garage to provide you with added security. There are even individuals who choose to use these lights to save on electricity by allowing them to soak up the sun during the day, only to bring them indoors, to provide gentle, ambient lighting while they watch TV or work on their computers. Simply look for the solar lights which serve your purpose, give off the perfect lighting effect, and can hold a charge for at least 8 hours after sunset, and you’ll have hassle free, atmospheric, functional lighting for many years to some.

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