Best Outdoor Sofas In 2019 Reviews

Outdoor patios and spaces seem attractive especially when it gets warmer. To begin with, such is added to the overall space available and also hold some promise of entertaining, relaxation as well as more enjoyment overall. Purchasing the outdoor sofas, however, requires some careful steps. Below is a review of the best outdoor sofas and a buying guide for the outdoor sofas.

Table of the Best Outdoor Sofas:

1Peach Tree Outdoor Patio

Peach Tree Outdoor Patio
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A five pieces outdoor wicker sofa with two pillows plus a tea table. The sofa is made of PE wicker rattan a material of very high quality and the frame is made of steel. The material is also waterproof and resistant to UV which enables the sofa withstand weather at extremes. Its design is the modern one fitting to be used for both outdoor and indoor decoration. Its cushions are resistant to fading making their cleaning easy and also very simple to rinse. The cushions of this sofa are that comfortable as they are breathable offering maximum relaxation and comfort. Peach Tree comes with various combination for flexibility whereby you can choose the configuration of your choice as per your geography and preference.

2Diensday Outdoor Sofa

Diensday Outdoor Sofa
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A five pieces sofa which will add fun in your outdoor area be it the poolside, the porch, the patio or besides the garden. It’s designed with low-profile slim updated cushions for provision of that modern look and for easy wash ability and removability. The sofas stands are made of wicker and meticulously handcrafted and handwoven. Made form lightweight, durable frame which is easily reconfigurable in different layouts.

3PATIOROMA Outdoor Sofa

PATIOROMA Outdoor Sofa
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A four pieces Rattan furniture set used in the outdoor area. This sofa is attractive and sturdy as it’s made from strong steel frame coated with powder with the wickers made as water-resistant and handwoven. It offers additional comfort from the sponge lofty padded cushions it comes with. The cushions are simple to wash with their covers zipped for easy removal.

4Tangkula Outdoor Sofa

Tangkula Outdoor Sofa
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Three piece sofa made from durable material. The wickers are made of steel frame with the material being heavy duty and resistant to rust. The sofa’s PE wicker is quite durable when compared to other wickers. The cushions of the sofa are made from polyester fabrics and PP cotton making the set ideal for outdoor use.

5Ravello Outdoor Sofa

Ravello Outdoor Sofa
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A four piece sectional sofa made from wood with cushions that are resistant to water. The sofa frame is from acacia wood making the set beautiful and sturdy. Its thick cushions help in giving users additional comfort. The fabric which is resistant to water used for making the cushions make it easy and simple to clean the cushions.

6FDW Outdoor Sofa

FDW Outdoor Sofa
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A rattan PE wicker sectional sofa made from steel for the frame. The sofas are available in either single dimension or double dimension. It comes with seat and back cushions.

7Ohanna Mezzo Outdoor Sofa

Ohanna Mezzo Outdoor Sofa
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Ohanna sofa is a seven piece outdoor patio furniture which can make the viewing of the outside scenery beautiful. It’s an all-weather sofa made form PE providing the modular design that enables flexibility in various configuration ways. The cushion covers are resistant to fading and come zipped for cleaning easily.

8Sundale Outdoor Sofa

Sundale Outdoor Sofa
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A three seater luxurious wicker couch. It is built from aluminum frame which is resistant to rust and also from weather resistant and durable PE wicker. The couch’s cushions are breathable and padded for additional comfort. The cushion covers can be easily removed enabling easier cleaning. The couch requires minimal maintenance as it won’t deteriorate, fade, chip, rot, split or crack and can be assembled very easily.

9VIVA HOME outdoor Sofa

VIVA HOME outdoor Sofa
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Six piece couch with a combination of both back pillow and cushion. The sofa’s wicker is resistant to weather and can be assembled easily with no need of keen maintenance. The cushions can be cleaned easily as they come with zipped covers which can be easily removed for cleaning.

10Suncrown Outdoor Sofa

Suncrown Outdoor Sofa
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All weather five piece sofa with cushions zipped and also able to be washed using a machine. The wickers are beautifully designed as they are crafted using resin wicker of high quality adding beauty on your backyard porch, poolside or the patio. The sofa comes with water proof cover keeping the chairs dry and clean.

Buying Guide to Best Outdoor Sofa

Purchasing outdoor sofas is moreover the same as purchasing indoor sofas. The considerations made are same only that some additional factors are considered. Such factors include:


Are you leaving in a dry and hot place or next to the coast? Is rain often in your area? Such questions are key before making choice of outdoor sofas. It is because for instance, dry and hot conditions tend to crack and splinter wood. Also strong winds may fly out aluminum wickers and others cannot resist to moisture.

Your space size and shape

How much of space do you have for this sofa? What is the space’s shape? After determining the shape and size of your outdoor area where the sofa is to place you can easily choose the sofa type from such aspects. Consider leaving some space around for comfortable walking.

Where to place the furniture

Is the outdoor area where the sofa will be placed exposed to some elements or is there a covering above? Will the furniture b placed on grass or soft or hard surface? Such aspects aid in selecting sofa with materials best fit for such surfaces and surroundings. If going for soft wooden sofas do not place them on an exposed or grassy surface to keep it away from moisture. Some metals may also corrode from moisture.


The material of the sofa you choose will be determined by the looks, care required and the weather of your place. Weather is key in determining material chosen. Ensure to go for material which can withstand the weather at extremes. Outdoor sofas need to be kept tidy therefore care need should also be emphasized.


Outdoor sofas are very nice source of enjoyment which can add beauty to your outdoor area. The choice of the best sofa to go for depends on your region as weather is key in determination. Therefore, while purchasing such sofas, ensure all the above mentioned factors are well considered to ensure you get the maximum from such sofas. Comfortability is also a consideration as no one would enjoy a beautiful outdoor scenery on an uncomfortable seat. Lastly, always consider the budget you have laid down. The market avails attractive outdoor sofas at even very cheap prices. Always keep to your budget.

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