Top 5 Best Motorcycle Helmets for Women in 2018

Motorcycle Helmets are not only meant for safety but also to elevate the overall look of the rider. Whether it is about men or women the need of a good and sturdy motorcycle helmet cannot be overruled. Helmets provide safety while riding on the busy roads so that the damages caused by the uncertainties of life like road accidents can be abandoned to some extent. the most important part of our body is head and if it is taken care of while riding by wearing a good helmet most of the problems get sorted.

If you are also looking for some of the best motorcycle helmets for women then you have landed just on the right page. Here we have enlisted some of the best motorcycle helmets for women purely on the basis of ratings and reviews of people. So check them out and decide which one suits you the most.

List of Top 5 Best Motorcycle Helmets For Women in 2018:

5Fatmingo German Style Half Helmet

Fatmingo German Style Half Helmet
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When we talk about the helmets for women from the brand Fatmingo there are no reasons to doubt the authenticity and reliability of the product. The helmet comes in the sizes of 56 cm to 58 cm so that the user can choose as per the size of the head. From ABS shell which makes the helmet sturdy and lightweight to the presence of very comfortable fabric, everything is perfect about the women helmet from Fatmingo. There is ear muffles as well which makes it even more appealing.

4VCAN V531 Intricate Helmet

VCAN V531 Intricate Helmet
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It’s a half helmet and protect ts the rider from the possible injuries on the head. The presence of butterfly graphic makes this helmet more girlish and a perfect one for the scooter or bike riding women or girls. Being certified by DOT standards the helmet from VCAN could be your perfect choice. The presence of cheek pads which can be removed and then washed if got rugged makes the whole product even more alluring. It comes in sizes from 22.44 to 22.83 inches so that the person can choose as needed.

3Core Helmets Deluxe Half Helmet

Core Helmets Deluxe Half Helmet
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This is yet another wonderful product to splurge upon. Being a half helmet and coming in black color it gives a sporty look to the user. The helmet is made in such a way that it endows total security to the rider form possible injuries and thus helps her riding even on the busy roads without any trouble. The fitting and functionality of the helmet from Core Helmets is completely perfect and thereby becomes one of the most preferred ones among the women riders.
There are neck curtains in the helmet which can be zipped on or off as per the use. This feature has allured a large number of riders towards it. Another appealing feature is the shell of the helmet which is made up of thermoplastic alloy imparting sturdiness to it.

2HJC IS-Cruiser Helmet

HJC IS-Cruiser Helmet
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Being extremely sturdy and equally light-weighted the women helmets from HJC IS-Cruiser is one of those which are preferred by the women rider the most. The shell of this helmet is made up of polycarbonate shell giving it enough strength and support. Whether you talk about the fitting of the helmet of the comfort it endows to the user, it excels in every field. Since advanced CAD technology is being used in its manufacturing there are no reasons left to doubt the authenticity of the product.
There is a nylon strap on the lower side of the helmet which makes the retention of it great. The presence of antibacterial liner that can be washed and removed the overall standard of the helmet get enhanced.

1Custom BiLT Women’s Roadster Helmet

Custom BiLT Women's Roadster Helmet
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One of the best women motorcycle helmets in the market is the one from Custom BiLT. Being an open-face helmet it comes in different colors and sizes. From the quality to functionality everything about this helmet is perfect and thereby it becomes a must-have product for every rider. The visors are flat and make the overall appearance of helmet worth appreciating. Since the use of polycarbonate shell enhances the quality of the helmet one can easily make it the ultimate choice while riding.

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