Top 10 Best Motorcycle Cover for Outdoors in 2019 Reviews

Is not a cry you normally hear. Except when your prized motorcycle is left open to the coming bad weather. At home, you can always wheel your motorcycle into the garage when bad weather comes. But when you are not at home then you need one of the top 10 best motorcycle cover for outdoors in 2019.

These covers will protect your motorcycle from head to toe. They are designed to give your prized ride the best protection possible. How do you find one of the top 10 best motorcycle cover for outdoors in 2019?

Simply keep reading. Our review will provide you with the information you need. Then our buyer’s guide will give you some helpful tips on what to look for. Your search for the top 10 best motorcycle cover for outdoors in 2019 should be a lot easier.

Table of the Best Motorcycle Cover Reviews:

1. Pro Bike Tool Pro Bike Cover

Pro Bike Tool Pro Bike Cover
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Your motorcycle is important to you. That is why you need a top cover to protect it from the weather. This 77 x 39 x 25.5-inch is double stitched, and its seams are heat sealed. Then its PU coated, and UV treated Oxford material protects against sun and heavy rain.

Plus, you have security holes on the front to lock this cover to your bike. Additional security, a buckle strap, is provided to protect against heavy winds. The one thing that is a must. You must measure your motorcycle to make sure you get the right cover size.

2. Ohuhu Bicycle Cover

Ohuhu Bicycle Cover
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This silver and black nylon motorcycle cover is both strong and durable. It will protect your motorcycle from rain, wind, dust and the sun. Plus, it has front holes to help lock the cover in place. The cover has a 40+ UV rating.

Measuring 78.7 x 43.3 x 27.5 inches, this cover will fold down for convenient storing in your motorcycle’s storage compartment. A clip lock buckle is part of the security features that come with this cover.

Then when you clean it, it has a buckle to lock it up to the clothesline for air drying. Sorry, but the cover fits only one bike at a time.

3. Puroma Bike Cover

Puroma Bike Cover
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Your bike will look like a black shroud once it is covered by this motorcycle cover. The 78.7 x 43.3 x 27.5-inch cover is Pu and UV treated. This will protect against rain and the sun. The UV protection is rated at 50+.

Then you can use almost any lock to attach this cover securely to your motorcycle. Its two front holes provide ample room for chains or bike locks. It should fit most bikes up to a 29” wheel size and the Velcro security will help attach it to your bike when it is folded up right.

4. Reehut Bike Cover

Reehut Bike Cover
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You will be able to spot your motorcycle with ease with this silver and black cover. The Oxford fabric resists tears while protecting your bike from the sun and the rain. This waterproof and windproof cover has a UV rating of 50+.

Then this 78.7 x 43.3 x 27.5-inch cover will fit most motorcycles with a 29” wheel size. The handy front holes allow you to lock the cover in place, so you do not lose your protection. The rear safety buckle helps keep the cover on tight. A handy carrying case is included in your purchase for easy storage and transportation.

5. SAVFY Bike Cover

SAVFY Bike Cover
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If you have more than one bike that needs protection, then this oversized motorcycle cover will solve your problem. Made from nylon, this waterproof cover measures 78.7 x 29.5 x 43.3″, and it will protect against dust, rain and the sun.

Its strap and buckle security system keep this cover tightly attached to both bikes. Then the PU coating helps make this motorcycle cover last a long time. The cover folds down to a small size for easy storing and transporting.

The lightweight material keeps this motorcycle cover under 1 pound. It will not be a heavy burden to pack with you.

6. YardStash Bicycle Cover

YardStash Bicycle Cover
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Measuring 82 x 42 x 44″, this motorcycle cover can house between 2 and 3 bikes. That is depending on the bike size. It will also cover mountain and other pedal bikes as well. The cover is made from heavy-duty polyester that has UV and heat shield protection.

The elastic ends help adhere the cover to your bikes. Plus, the lock holes and drawstrings keep the cover on your bikes securely. It has ventilation holes to fight corrosion and other harmful moisture conditions.

Its 2-year guarantee protects your investment and provides a little peace of mind.

7. Aiskaer Waterproof Bicycle Cover

Aiskaer Waterproof Bicycle Cover
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Made from Oxford fabric, this cover has UV and PU protection to keep it sun and waterproof. You can also use this motorcycle cover indoors to protect against dust. It measures 78x 41.3x 43 inches and will cover up to 3 pedal bikes or one motorcycle.

Plus, the drawstrings and buckle lock straps secure the cover in place. The cover will stay in place even in the wind. Just remember to measure your bike or bikes first. Then you will know which size of cover you need to do the job you want done.

Locking holes are optional and not on all of these motorcycle covers.

8. MayBron Gear Bike Cover

MayBron Gear Bike Cover
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The handy carrying case will store your motorcycle cover when it is not needed. But when it is needed, this 78 x 30 x 40” is made of top quality Oxford fabric that protects against dust, sun, rain, and snow. It comes with 2 Velcro straps for heavy wind days.

Plus, you get elastic edges, adjustable buckle lock straps and a bike lock hole for better security. You know your cover is not going anywhere. This motorcycle cover will handle one average motorcycle and maybe two regular pedal bikes.

You get a 60-day money back guarantee plus a 2-year replacement warranty covering your purchase.

9. Olycism Bike Cover

Olycism Bike Cover
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Made from polyester material, this motorcycle cover has 50+ UV protection and PU coating to make it waterproof. The cover is also anti-theft and windproof as well. The buckle locking system combined with the front locking holes gives you all the security you need.

Then the seams are double folded, double stitched and heat treated to keep the cover strong and long-lasting. To keep clean all you do is hand wash with mild soap and then hand rinse and hang dry.
Measuring 78.74 x 27.56 x 43.31 inches, this cover will fold up nice and all for storage and transportation.

10. Hipiwe Bike Cover

Hipiwe Bike Cover
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This motorcycle cover has two front holes to place a chain or lock to secure your bike and cover. Then a rear adjustable buckle lock helps keep the cover where you put it. Made from durable Oxford fabric, this cover is waterproof and sun proof. It is also windproof.

Measuring 78.7 x 27.6 x 43.3″, it will easily cover one average motorcycle. It will also protect a pedal bike. It is good dust protection if you store your bikes indoors. The double stitching is protected by heat treat tape, so no water ruins the seams.

Like other bike covers, it has its own handy carrying case.

Our Buyer’s Guide

It may seem that all motorcycle covers are made the same but there are some differences. Some tips are useful to find one of the top 10 best motorcycle cover for outdoors in 2019. Here are those tips:

  • Purpose- will it cover motorcycles or regular pedal bikes?
  • Size- how many bikes do you need to cover? Will it be large enough to cover all bikes?
  • Fabric- is it made of Oxford, nylon, polyester or … materials? Do they have UV and PU coatings for sun and water protection?
  • Security- does it have front holes for chains or locks? Does it have elastic hems, drawstrings and adjustable buckle locking straps?
  • Added protection- is it also wind and dust proof? Come with a carrying case?
  • Warranty- do you have a money back guarantee? How long is it? Do you have replacement guarantee as well? For how long? Read and understand the warranty details.
  • Price- even affordable motorcycles costs need to be kept in consideration. Make sure it fits your budget.

Some Final Words

Having the right protection for your motorcycle is important. You do not want your treasured ride to suffer from the sun, rain, dust or even get scratched. Using the right motorcycle cover will protect against all these dangers.

One of the top 10 best motorcycle cover for outdoors in 2019 is using the right cover. They are designed to endure tough conditions, even high winds. They know their job and they do it well.

Having a top 10 best motorcycle cover for outdoors in 2019 is a smart move to make. It will keep your treasured ride fully protected.

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