13 Best Motorcycle Cellphone Mounts in 2019

If you’re always on the road with your motorcycle, and you find yourself needing to access your phone a lot, there is an item you should gift yourself. And, that is a motorcycle cellphone mount. To help you distinguish between low quality and high quality motorcycle cellphone mounts, our team has done the research for you. We have rounded up the top 13 best Motorcycle Cellphone Mounts in 2019. Read below to learn about these picks’ outstanding features.

Best Motorcycle Cellphone Mounts in 2019

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LXZDL Bike Phone Mount Bicycle Holder, Universal Phone Bicycle Rack Handlebar/Motorcycle Holder Cradle for iPhone, Android Phone, Boating GPS, 360 Degrees Rotatable, Holds Phones Up to 3.5

Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount - for iPhone Xs (Xr, X, 8, 7, 6, Plus/Max), Samsung Galaxy or Any Cell Phone - Universal Handlebar Holder for ATV, Bicycle and Motorbike. +100 to Safeness & Comfort


Bike Phone Mount for Any Smart Phone: iPhone X 8 7 6 5 Plus Samsung Galaxy S9 S8 S7 S7 S6 S5 S4 Edge, Nexus, Nokia, LG. Motorcycle, Bicycle Phone Mount. Mountain Bike Mount. Bike Accessories.


ENKEEO Bike Mount Universal Motorcycle Cell Phone Holder Cradle with 360 Degree Rotation, Rubber Grips for iPhone X/8/7/7 Plus/6S/6S Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7/S6 S5 and GPS Device Up to 3.7

Bike Mount, PTUNA Bike Mount Phone Holder Motorcycle Phone Mount Bike Handlebar Adjustable Universal for iPhone X/8/8s/7/7Plus/5s/6s/6 Plus, Galaxy S9/S8/S8 Plus/S7 Edge (Black)

Bike Phone Mount, Cell Phone Holder for Bicycle Motorcycle Universal Silicone Bike Handlebar Mount for iPhone 8 7 6 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8 S7 S6, Nexus, HTC, LG by APZEK (Black)

Ailun Bike Motorcycle Cell Phone Mount Holder,Handlebar Rack Grip Universal Compatible iPhone X/8/8 Plus,7/7 Plus,6/6s Plus,Galaxy S9/S9+,S8/S7/S6,and Other Smartphones,iPods,and MP3 Player[Black]


IPOW Metal Bike & Motorcycle Cell Phone Mount, with Unbreakable Metal Handlebar Holder for Bicycle, Motorbike, ATV. Fits iPhone, Samsung or Any Smartphone/GPS

$9.79$17.99 (46% off)

MP0609C Dual USB Charger (4) Phone Mount with USB

13LXZDL Bike Phone Mount Bicycle Holder

LXZDL Bike Phone Mount Bicycle Holder
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The first recommendation that we are going to review on is the LXZDL Bike Phone Mount. The first incredible feature of this product is it has the capacity of holding various models of smart. More awesome than that, with the attachment of non-slip rubber on the grip part, it offers the better protection for your phone when you are travelling. Adding to that, you are worried about the installation process, concern no more, since this holder can be mounted easily without the need of assistance from any tools.

For the convenience of the users, the handle bar can be adjusted. too. Therefore, we dare to guarantee that it is designed to work well with all types of bikes and motorcycles. For your information, a 60-day money back warranty is offered as well.

12Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount

Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount
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Here, we would like to draw your attention to the next awesome phone holder which is the ideal product that you should get if you want to mount your phone to your motorcycle. First and foremost, for giving extra protection for your smart devices against the damage, this product is well designed with the durable rubber on the clipping part. On top of that, you can freely adjust this mount to any direction that you wish to see your phone, too.

More importantly, unlike most motorcycle cellphone mounts on the markte, this superb product allows the users to freely access to many features of the phone such as the screen and the buttons. For your information, the total dimension of this product is 3.9 x 2.4 x 4 inches, plus the full refund warranty is provided as well.

11Bike Phone Mount Bicycle Holder

Bike Phone Mount Bicycle Holder
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KSACLE is a motorcycle phone mount that has the total dimension of 5.2 x 3 x 3 inches. For the convenience in viewing the phone from many directions, this mount allows up to 360 degrees rotation. Moreover, this durable product is well constructed using only the top quality materials, making it becomes the ideal product for holding phones.

Besides this, the assembly and disassembly process of this product can be completed with ease too. Last but not least, we would like to remind you that, the company of this product is willing to offer a lifetime warranty to the customers of this item, too.

102017 Mongoora Bike Phone Mount

2017 Mongoora Bike Phone Mount
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If you are looking for the best bike phone mount to secure your smart devices while you are traveling, we bet Mongoora is one of smartest choices. Being made in 2019, this product is carefully designed to fit all types of smart phones available on the market today. Moreover, the construction of this named product is thoroughly made from durable and high quality metal and plastic. Hence, the rubber part can protect the phone from the damage, too.

Adding to that, with the 360 degrees rotation that this bike phone mount offers, displaying the phone from any position is no longer a concern. Lastly, if you are concerning about the quality of this product, fear no more, since the lifetime warranty is offered too.

9Enkeeo Bike Mount

Enkeeo Bike Mount
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Enkeeo Bike Mount, the product that we wish to draw your attention to, has the total size of 4.7 x 2.4 x 3.2 inches. This is the product that you should get for yourself if you wish to secure your smart phone during your fun ride. The next feature that this product carries is it allows the full adjustability for the user by providing the cradle that can rotate up to 360 degree. More awesome than that, the strong and durable clamp guarantees to give the firm grip too.

Plus, the slings that are well made from the silicon add the extra protection for your device as well. Additionally, the installation process can be done with ease without the use of any tool at all.

8Bike Phone Mount Motorcycle Holder

Bike Phone Mount Motorcycle Holder
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Here comes another Bike Phone Mount Motorcycle Holder which has received many incredible reviews on the superb quality that it offers. Please be noted that, this great phone holder works well with many types of phones which are available on the market today. Furthermore, with the design that allows up to 360 degrees rotation, you can freely adjust it to any position, too. More than this, it not only works with the motorcycle, but it also works best with baby stroller, shopping cart and more.

More incredible than this, using this product will not hide any part of your phone screen since it chooses to use the silicon bands for securing the phone. Last but not least, this bike mount comes with a 1 year warranty.

7Bike Phone Mount

Bike Phone Mount
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This motorcycle cellphone mount that is attached with the stretchable silicon has the capacity of holding the phone that has the size between 4 to 6 inches. Adding to that, this awesome phone holder is made to fit various sizes of handlebars as well. Therefore, it is not designed for mounting with the bike, but it is also carefully produced for many equipment that come with handlebar such as shopping cart, baby stroller and more. More incredible than this, since it is well made from the non-slip rubber, it can absorb shock well. So, we bet you will have less worry about your phone getting damage or fall down.

In case you are concerned about the installation process, we are here to ensure you that the installing and removing process are very simple and easy. The size of this product is 4.87 x 2 x 2.75 inch.  Greater than this, with the lifetime warranty, you shall have the confidence in the purchasing the item.

6Ailun Bike & Motorcycle Cell Phone Mount

Ailun Bike & Motorcycle Cell Phone Mount
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Here arrives another sleek and slim bike mount called the Ailun Bike & Motorcycle Cell Mount. The first great feature that this product is designed to meet all the sizes of handlebars. No matter what size of vehicle you are having, the mount can give it the perfect grip. Since this product cares about the safety of the phone, the clamp offers a very nice and perfect grip. Hence, even though you are travelling on the hard road, you phone is still safely secured.

On top of the features mentioned, the 360 degrees rotation that this product provides allows you to adjust your phone to any position easily. Please be noted that this product needs only one screw to finish its installation process. We would like to add that the warranty that this product offers is up to 12 months.

5Bike Mount, Ipow

Bike Mount, Ipow
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Ipow Universal Cell Phone Bicycle Mount is the next product that we wish to give the recommendation on. This awesome product is well known for the fact that it can perfectly protect your smart devices from shock and fall. With the construction from the high quality product, this plastic mount is guaranteed to last a very long time. More than this, if you have this great product in hand, you can always keep your eyes on your phone even when you are travelling on the long and bumpy road.

Adding to this, with the free 360 degrees adjustment, this product provides the users the choice in viewing the phone from any angle they want, too. Last but not least, we also wish to give the friendly reminder that  a12-month warranty is given without any hesitation at all.

4MOTOPOWER Bike Motorcycle Phone Mount

MOTOPOWER Bike Motorcycle Phone Mount
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MOTOPOWER MP0609D Bike cell mount is the ideal product that you should get for securing your smart devices when you are travelling on the bumpy road. This incredible product allows you to check your phone in the case that you need to know your location through GPS while you are riding. More incredible than this, the 360 degree grip that this product offers adds the convenience in viewing the phone from any position you want with ease, too. For the added convenience of the users, this product is attached with the silicon belt for giving your phone a very firm grip.

In the case that you are worried about its quality, we are here to assure you that, the quality of this product is unbeatable. Plus, be noted that this heavy-duty product has the dimension of 5.1 x 3.9 x 3.1 inches.

3Cell Phone Holder for Bike Motorcycle

Cell Phone Holder for Bike Motorcycle
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This is the very nice bike cellphone mount, which is specially designed for using with bike and motorcycle. First and foremost, this product uses the non-slip rubber to hold your smart phones in place. More than this, the attached strap is guaranteed to give the very firm grip. Furthermore, with the pad attached with this cellphone mount, your phone will be fully protected. Adding to that, you can comfortably view your phone from many different angles without any difficulty with the innovative design that allows up to 360 degree rotation.

For your information, the devices suitable for using with this mount should have the size from 3.5 to 7 inches wide. Plus, the handle bar that works with this product should have the size from 0.7inch to 1.2inch. Last but not least, this product sure is recommended for using during your long travelling.

2Motorcycle Phone Mount – DOGO 100

Motorcycle Phone Mount - DOGO 100
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The number two product in our today list goes to the sleek and simple motorcycle phone mount, which is known as the DOGO 100 Cruiser. As the item is carefully designed, its gives the perfect fit for almost all types of smart phone. Adding to that, this incredible product is also constructed under a very thorough observation, too. Therefore, this product has received many great reviews on the fact that it can perfectly fit with all types of bike handlebar. If you are looking for the best product for your road trip, we bet choosing to use this product will be so beneficial.

Adding to that, you do not have to worry about the installation process at all as it is very simple and easy. Besided holing your smart device in place, it also allows up to 360 degrees rotation, too. last but not least, the warranty that this product provides is up to a lifetime.

1Widras New Bike Mount and Motorcycle Cell Phone Holder

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We always keep the best to the last; right now the wait is finally over. We are glad to introduce to you the number one product in our today list. Widras New Bike Mount that has the total dimension of 2.7 x 4 x 1.5 inches is well produced from the top quality materials such as silicon and ABS plastic. As a result, this durable product offers the very firm grip for securing your small devices. Moreover, with this product is hand, you can mount it to almost all types of bike handlebar, since it can hold the product that has the wide up to 3.5 inches easily.

We also wish to remind you that, you need less than 1 minute for the installation process. Last but not least, for the better protection of your phone while you’re commuting on your mortorcycle, choosing to use this product will not disappoint you.

Buying Guide

There are several points that you should consider if you wish to get yourself the high quality bike cellphone mount that suits your needs best. With the list provided below, we will highlight the key important consideration aspects such as the base attachment, cradle and clamp.

Base attachment

We would like you to pay a thorough attention to the attachment that comes with this motorcycle phone mount. Since this is the most important part in keeping the phone against damages, it is wise to look for the base attachment made from durable and long-lasting rubberized ball. Adding to that, a good attachment can perfectly hold your smart devices in place, too.


Next to the base attachment, the cradle is one of the important parts of a phone holder in determining how strong this product is. As a result, choosing the product that attaches with the strong cradle is the perfect solution for keeping your phone safe. Adding to that, for considering in the cradle is good or not, we would like you to pay a close attention on the rubberized materials used.


The next point that we believe that you should be careful with is the grip of each motorcycle cellphone mount. Due to the fact that the handlebar of the bike comes in different sizes and shapes, for making sure that it fits your bike, do choose the grip that allows the adjustability of the width. More than this, some grips are compatible with baby strollers and shopping carts, too. Last but not least, it will be much easier and handier if your motor cellphone mount can be rotated easily.


The products mentioned above are the best-selling products on the market today. Since each product is different in size, feature and function, you can make the comparison before deciding to purchase it, too. Hopefully, you can find the right product for yourself. But, please be noted that, these products can be sold out very fast, get it today and enjoy your fun travelling.

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