Best Magnetic Phone Car Mounts in 2018

The phone is really important nowadays since you need to keep in touch with your family, your works, and your friends. However, when you are out on the road or to be simple, when you are driving your car, it will be illegal and very dangerous if you use one of your hands holding the phone while the other is on the wheel.  Magnetic Phone Car Mounts.

By the way, the magnetic phone car mount comes to the world to help hold your phone for you in the most efficient and convenient way, so that you can put your both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

There are many models out there, but choosing the right one is a little bit hard. So now, let’s go through these reviews together to get to know the best magnetic phone car mounts in 2018.

Best Magnetic Phone Car Mounts in 2018 + Buying Guide

Preview Product Price
VAVA Magnetic Phone Holder for Car CD Slot, CD Slot Phone Mount, Compatible with Most Smartphones, from iPhone 5S to iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy S6, S7, and S8
Universal Magnetic Car Mount - For any Phone, GPS or Light Tablet | Stylish Black Chrome One-Hand & One-Sec Dash Holder, +100 to Safeness & Comfort
SHSF Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder, Universal Dashboard Car Phone Holder for iPhone 7 Plus/6/6S Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6 Note 5/6/7 Google Pixel/LG and GPS, Black
$7.44$10.99 (32% off)
Mpow Car Phone Mount, Universal Car Phone Holder for Windshield & Dashboard with Strong Grip Magnetic for iPhone X/8/8Plus/7/7Plus/6s/6Plus/5S, Galaxy S5/S6/S7/S8, Google Nexus, LG, Huawei and More
$9.99$16.99 (41% off)
Magnetic Phone Car Mount, WizGear Magnetic Stick On Ball Mount Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder with Fast Swift-Snap Technology for Smartphones
Magnetic Phone Car Mount, vodool Universal Car Phone Holder Adjustable Dashboard Phone Mount for Safe Driving for iPhone 8 / 8Plus / X, Samsung Galaxy S8 / Note 8 and other Devices
Magnetic Car Mount Holder, Metrans [1+1]Windshield &Air Vent Magnetic Heatproof Car Mount Phone Holder for Phone/GPS Devices
$9.99$19.99 (50% off)
Magnetic Phone Holder for Car, Humixx 360° Adjustable Dashboard Cellphone Car Mount Holder for iPhone 8 8 Plus 7 7 Plus ,Samsung S7 S8, HTC, LG, ZTE [Easy Series] (Black)
$15.99$35.99 (56% off)
Koomus Pro CD-M Universal CD Slot Magnetic Cradle-less Smartphone Car Mount Holder for all iPhone and Android Devices
IKOPO Universal Magnetic Mini Air Vent Car Mount Holder Cradle for iPhone 7 7 Plus/ 6s Plus/6s/6, Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge S7 S6 Note 5, Nexus 6, & Smartphones(Black)
$14.99$24.95 (40% off)

15. VAVA Magnetic Phone Holder

VAVA Magnetic Phone Holder
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Let’s begin with the magnetic phone holder from VAVA. This phone holder will help you get rid of some distractions on the road. You just need to prop up the phone holder exactly into the position that gives you the best viewing angle for easy map navigation and hands-free calling. It is compatible with most smartphones, so you don’t need to worry about that much.

With the easy and secure screw lock system, the installation of the phone mount is as easy and secure as it gets since you just screw the holder to your car’s CD slot and you are ready to go.

14. Universal Magnetic Car Mount

Universal Magnetic Car Mount
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As its name implies, this universal mount is suitable with any phone or GPS and can be installed in any cars. The extra strong magnet provides the great stability even for the lightweight tablets under 8 inches. Talking about the installation, it is a piece of pie. This car mount keeps your device visible and next to your hand which eliminated the needs of you holding the phone during driving (illegal and dangerous at the same time).

With just a few minutes, you just bring your phone to the mount and feel like it is locked into place without the help of any clamps or cradles. This mount will also provide you the 360 degree rotation and viewing angle freedom. Protect yourself from accidents on the road; use this car mount.

13. SHSF Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder

SHSF Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder
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Talking about this magnetic phone car mount holder SHSF, we are thrilled to show you this mount that can rotate 360 degrees which is good if you want the perfect viewing angle. It comes with the small body, but ultra stable and even super strong. This one provides the powerful adhesive force between the car dashboard and car mount.

The cell phone car mount is compatible with the apple iPhones. Use this phone holder to get yourself multitask in the car in the most convenient and safest way.

12. MPOW Car Phone Mount

MPOW Car Phone Mount
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You are now looking at the powerful windshield magnetic car mount, which can produce an intensive force of attraction that holds your phone tightly and stable even on a rugged road without causing any scratches onto your lovely phone. It comes with a secure suction pad, which is easy to remove, and does not leave any nasty marks on your windshield.

MPOW designs this car mount with the high quality aluminum to ensure durability and make your devices close to your sight. You can test the quality by yourself and if you are not satisfied with the product, you can contact the company since MPOW also offers a 18 months worry free guarantee on this item.

11. WizGear Magnetic Phone Car Mount

WizGear Magnetic Phone Car Mount
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If you are driving and in need to use the GPS on your phone, do not use your hand to hold your phone, use this car mount to help you stable your phone and let you get to use the GPS and answer your phone with your hands on the wheels. You can also adjust it to your needs, which means you can rotate this car mount to find the most comfortable angle for your height.

Anyway, you don’t need to worry that your phone will fall down even if you are driving on a bumpy road or a rocky road since it is constructed with the high quality rubber. This model is compatible with any devices and is very easy to assemble as well as remove.

#10. Vodool Magnetic Phone Car Mount

Vodool Magnetic Phone Car Mount
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Move on to the ultra stable dashboard phone car mount by Vodool. The car mount features the built-in 4 high quality magnets and strong magnetic force that ensure the phone will not fall. It is really easy to use and 360 degree adjustable. You just need one hand to bring your phones to the mount and feel it lock into the right place.

This comes in unique a shape which is padded with soft rubber that avoid your phone from scratches. Get this one to always get in touch with your love one.

#9. Metran Magnetic Car Mount Holder

Metran Magnetic Car Mount Holder
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The magnetic car mount holder from Metran is made to be 360 degree rotation with the unique round shape that makes it possible to adjust the phones position. If you stick the mount on the smooth dashboard, it will hold your phone stable even on bumpy or rough roads. You can just keep your eyes on the road which ensures your safe driving. It is very easy to use as well.

You just need to insert the included mental plate inside your phone case or directly glue in on the back of your phone.  The magnet will ensure that your device won’t fall down so that you can view your device without bother touching it. It comes with lifetime warranty as well.

#8. Humizz Magnetic Phone Holder for Car

Humizz Magnetic Phone Holder for Car
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This magnetic phone holder helps you drive safely. It keeps the road and the phone screen in the same line of view which won’t affect your reaction. You will experience the magnet that is very easy to angle the phone toward you when you want a perfect frontal line of sight when using the navigation.

This best car mount can compatible with most majority brands of smart phones such as iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC and so on.  With this, you do not need to worry about the road condition that could make your phone fall.

#7. Koomus Magnetic Cradle-Less car Mount

Koomus Magnetic Cradle-Less car Mount
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Koomus has released this magnetic cradle-less car mount to the market already. This one is really innovative and easy to install on any CD slot. It features full 360 degree rotation feature, which can be mounted with protective case on it.

Anyway, it is universal compatible with all iPhone and Android devices. And, this product is under the cover by U.S patent and Trademark of Koomus.

#6. IKOPO Mini Air Vent Car Mount

IKOPO Mini Air Vent Car Mount
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The simple design of this mount slips right into the air vent and magnetically attaches tour phone with the pre-installed metal plate on the back or the any protective case. It features 4 powerful magnets which build into the mount head to ensure that your phone stay securely while driving. No clamps, no cradles, but only this magnet that allows your phone to stay safe.

The twist lock is a unique design which let you enter the mount to the air vent and lock the mount. It is made of environmental ABS rubber and plastic and 100% pure copper material with long lifespan and aging resistant.

#5. AILUN Car Phone Mount

AILUN Car Phone Mount
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Next, we’ve got the car phone mount which is really easy to install. It will not block your air vent and the windshield of your car. It comes with magnetic and cradle-less design. The reinforced magnetic holder of this car mount produces an intensive force of attraction that will hold up your device securely and allow you to drive without distraction.

It is equipped with round and rectangle metallic plates which can simply be placed between the device and its case. This mount provides 360 degree rotatable that gives you ultimate flexibility in rotating you device as well. This one is universal compatible with any smart phones and mini tablets.

#4. TechMatte Dashboard Mount Holder

TechMatte Dashboard Mount Holder
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Then, TechMatte also let this dashboard mount holder born into this world as well. This universal cell phone car mount that secures almost any phones to a dashboard. The bottom base secures to dash or windshield with the suction-cup gel pad which provides strong suction and leaves no residue behind.

It is constructed to be durable since the materials used sturdy plastic and rubber. There will be a 30 days money back guarantee and 1 year replacement warranty.

#3. Anker Universal Magnetic Car Mount

Anker Universal Magnetic Car Mount
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The Anker universal magnetic car mount affixes the amount on the flat and with 3M adhesive technology which can let it stick fast, for a long-term and robust hold. Anker includes the highly flexible ball joint rotation that helps you set the perfect, personalized position. Especially, it is known as a mount that is simple to remove, reapply and reset.

#2. aLLreLi Universal Magnetic Car Mount

aLLreLi Universal Magnetic Car Mount
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This one will keep your phone in your sight, and your both hands on the wheel. This item lets you see the clear view on your phone screen without bother reaching out to your phone. It will give you the perfect viewing angle with its unique round shape of the magnetic mount holder which can adjust the phone up to 360 degree.

This holder features the powerful magnet which keeps your device in the position. This mount can be mounted not even in your car, but also one your office desktop, kitchen counter, bedroom nightstand or anywhere you want.

#1. WizGear Universal Magnetic Mount

WizGear Universal Magnetic Mount
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WizGear had produced one of the most powerful magnetic car mounts, and brought it to the world. The reinforced magnetic holder of this mount is what sets it apart from the other mounts. It produces an intensive force of attraction that will hold any smartphone including those Android, Apple, Blackberry and so on. The high quality rubber constructed this mount to be unique and very functional as well.

You can rotate your smart phones and swivel your display as you please. The mount will remain fixed into the air vent of your car and will not move. This one is 10 times easier to use than those others due to its simplicity and complementary design.

Buying Guide: How to choose the best Magnetic Phone Car Mount

Magnetic phone car mount comes in different sizes, different looks and vary in terms of angle and position adjustments. So, choosing the right one might be a little difficult for you. By the way, here are some aspects you need to take note of when buying a car mount.

First, you need to check out the mounting positions. Dashboard and windscreen mounts are the most common one which appears to be clung on the flat surface. Some are air vent mount and mostly, you have to cling it to the heating vents in the vehicles. Some are CD slot mount, so you can just attach this to the CD slot and ready to use.

Then, you can check out some of the features included. You can check the rotation degree if your car holders can be rotated or not since this allow you to make sense for your needs. You need to know if the holders could let your phone fall down during the driving on bump road. And, the important thing is that you have to make sure that that car holder fits with your devices or not.


We have come to the end of our reviews today on the best magnetic phone car mount in 2018. We have tried to brief all the information of each product here, so we believe that these reviews should be useful for you if you are to buy a magnetic car holder. Do not hold the phone while driving. Instead, let one of these awesome holders hold the phone for you.

One thought on “Best Magnetic Phone Car Mounts in 2018

  1. Magnetic Phone  Car Mount is one of the most innovative gadgets for the current generation mobile lovers, who are busy with mobile at the time of driving. This gadget allows user a safer and better, distraction-free means of communication. This magnetic device offers the user to mount it within an accessible location in the car and answer the calls without distraction of eyes from road.

    These magnetic car mounts used to hold our smartphone while driving. Some of the user depends on their smartphone for GPS navigation at the time of driving and that’s why a car mount is essential for them. It is vital to use best in class Magnetic Car Mount and we are here to assist you in finding the top rated and best customer reviewed car mount for you. Below is the list of top of the line outstanding top five Magnetic Car Mounts in 2017.
    List of Top 5 Best Magnetic Phone Car Mounts In 2017

    #5. Vano Magnetic Car Mount
    Vano Magnetic Car Mount is perfectly designed and innovative creation of the technology. The car mount is quite well attached to any car air vent, will not obstruct windshield and consist of two grip settings, one is for thicker vents and another one is for thinner vents. It will not leave marks or permanent stains on dashboard or car air vent. This magnetic mount has a super strong grips on its back which will protect the device from falling. The magnetic field which generated by car mount is safe and harmless for your smartphone and holds the device with 360° rotation which provide flexibility to view maximum. The magnet is strong enough and will not slip off device while driving. You’ll be delighted after installing this Vano Magnetic Car Mount.

    #4. Scosche MAGDMB Car Mount
    Scosche’s Car Mount is one of the most famous car smartphone holder nowadays available in the online market. The device can be used for better GPS navigation and for holding smartphone while driving. It comes with Cradle-free design which suits the dashboard of car and has a secure magnetic mount with the automotive-grade 3M adhesive in it. It offers a magnetic plate which install behind the case or back panel of phone directly. This device is convenient and flexible to rotate at any angle as you like. The installation of the device is quite simple and customers had given this device a positive feedback.

    #3. Mpow Car Phone Holder
    Mpow’s Car Holder comes with a well-designed sturdy rubber base with a powerful magnetic head for holding smartphones. It has a multi-compound mode which will provide protection film to your smartphone. It allows user a 360° view which is flexible and easily adjustable. The magnetic field generated by the device is quite friendly and can’t harm your smartphone at all. It also comes with dual setting clips similar to other car mount in this category which offers thin and thick air vent blade. The device operate after a three step effortless installation. Firstly, you should mount air vent in car. Secondly, you should place metal plate between cover and phone. Finally, you are ready to operate by adjusting viewing angles.

    #2. Universal Magnetic Car Mount
    It comes with perfectly strong magnet with awesome grip which offers great stability even for the lightweight big screen smartphones or tablets ranging from 6” to 8”.  This car mount is different from others as in it, no need to install it on windshield but install on car’s dashboard which protect you from danger. It offers single hand mounting with full 360° rotation which gives you all access of the device touchscreen and charging ports. It uses a neodymium magnet which is super strong in this category and harmless for phone, tablets and GPS.

    #1. WizGear Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount
    WizGear’s magnetic car mount is one of the most remarkable product currently available in online retail market which comes with complementary design. It allows users to hold their smartphone securely and saves hassle of placing of their smartphone here and there. It is small in size, not bulky and also fits into the Air Vent without blocking windshield. This car mount is easy to rotate, fix, or tilt to any angle which best suits while driving your car. It comes with magnetic technology which will not harm any smartphone and consist of carbon steel plates inside which are ultra-thin. The sturdy base consist of high quality rubber construction which provide base a good strength to hold the magnetic head of the mounter easily.

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