Top 5 Best Magnetic Phone Car Mounts In 2017

Magnetic Phone  Car Mount is one of the most innovative gadgets for the current generation mobile lovers, who are busy with mobile at the time of driving. This gadget allows user a safer and better, distraction free means of communication. This magnetic device offers the user to mount it within an accessible location in the car and answer the calls without distraction of eyes from road. These magnetic car mounts used to hold our smartphone while driving. Some of the user depends on their smartphone for GPS navigation at the time of driving and that’s why a car mount is essential for them. It is vital to use best in class Magnetic Car Mount and we are here to assist you in finding the top rated and best customer reviewed car mount for you. Below is the list of top of the line outstanding top five Magnetic Car Mounts in 2017.

List of Top 5 Best Magnetic Phone Car Mounts In 2017

#5. Vano Magnetic Car Mount

Vano Magnetic Car Mount is perfectly designed and innovative creation of the technology. The car mount is quite well attached to any car air vent, will not obstruct windshield and consist of two grip settings, one is for thicker vents and another one is for thinner vents. It will not leave marks or permanent stains on dashboard or car air vent. This magnetic mount has a super strong grips on its back which will protect the device from falling. The magnetic field which generated by car mount is safe and harmless for your smartphone and holds the device with 360° rotation which provide flexibility to view maximum. The magnet is strong enough and will not slip off device while driving. You’ll be delighted after installing this Vano Magnetic Car Mount.

Vano Magnetic Car Mount
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#4. Scosche MAGDMB Car Mount

Scosche’s Car Mount is one of the most famous car smartphone holder nowadays available in the online market. The device can be used for better GPS navigation and for holding smartphone while driving. It comes with Cradle-free design which suits the dashboard of car and has a secure magnetic mount with the automotive-grade 3M adhesive in it. It offers a magnetic plate which install behind the case or back panel of phone directly. This device is convenient and flexible to rotate at any angle as you like. The installation of the device is quite simple and customers had given this device a positive feedback.

Scosche MAGDMB Car Mount
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#3. Mpow Car Phone Holder

Mpow’s Car Holder comes with a well-designed sturdy rubber base with a powerful magnetic head for holding smartphones. It has a multi-compound mode which will provide protection film to your smartphone. It allows user a 360° view which is flexible and easily adjustable. The magnetic field generated by the device is quite friendly and can’t harm your smartphone at all. It also comes with dual setting clips similar to other car mount in this category which offers thin and thick air vent blade. The device operate after a three step effortless installation. Firstly, you should mount air vent in car. Secondly, you should place metal plate between cover and phone. Finally, you are ready to operate by adjusting viewing angles.

Mpow Car Phone Holder
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#2. Universal Magnetic Car Mount

Universal’s Magnetic Car Mounter is amongst the top reviewed product in current online market. It comes with perfectly strong magnet with awesome grip which offers great stability even for the lightweight big screen smartphones or tablets ranging from 6” to 8”. The device is said to be looks awesome due to stylish black chrome featured in it. This car mount is different from others as in it, no need to install it on windshield but install on car’s dashboard which protect you from danger. It offers single hand mounting with full 360° rotation which gives you all access of the device touchscreen and charging ports. It uses a neodymium magnet which is super strong in this category and harmless for phone, tablets and GPS. This high quality product is recommended by many consumers.

Universal Magnetic Car Mount
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#1. WizGear Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount

WizGear’s magnetic car mount is one of the most remarkable product currently available in online retail market which comes with complementary design. It allows users to hold their smartphone securely and saves hassle of placing of their smartphone here and there. It is small in size, not bulky and also fits into the Air Vent without blocking windshield. This car mount is easy to rotate, fix, or tilt to any angle which best suits while driving your car. It comes with magnetic technology which will not harm any smartphone and consist of carbon steel plates inside which are ultra-thin. The sturdy base consist of high quality rubber construction which provide base a good strength to hold the magnetic head of the mounter easily. WizGear’s car mounter is the top reviewed and most rated magnetic car mount on

WizGear Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount
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