Top 5 Best Kitchen Shears in 2018

Things or tools should always be used according to the purpose for which that tool has been manufactured for. Same stands true for kitchen shears. One cannot use any normal scissor which is manufactured or cutting fabric or any garden shear in the kitchen for fulfilling kitchen cutting requirements. The only thing such attempt will lead to will be havoc. In order to give you the list of top 5 kitchen shears, we conducted research on nearly 50 kitchen shears and spent hours for compiling this list. Well, we are sure that you will surely find the right kitchen shear from the below list which will meet your needs and requirements both budget wise as well as practical use wise.

List of Top 5 Best Kitchen Shears in 2018:

5J.A. Henckels International – Kitchen shears

Kitchen shears manufactured by J.A. Henckels International are crafted of stainless steel. The sharp precision blade which also features micro-serrated edges ensures safe and superior cutting of almost everything that one can find in his or her kitchen from heavy duty packaging to basil. If you are in search of a great shear that offers quality, durability, and safety, then this great tool can be the best addition to your kitchen. The equal sized handles allow both right as well as left handed use of this kitchen shear. Now coming to its review, there is only one word that can best describe this tool in the best way, and that is “Awesome.”

J.A. Henckels International - Kitchen shears
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4Wusthof (5558-1) Come-Apart Kitchen Shears

Wusthof is a well-known name in the field of kitchen tools as they have been manufacturing high quality forged knives since 1814. Well, you will know about their great reputation and about the high quality of their products by simply gazing at the 8” Whustof Come-Apart Kitchen Shears 5558-1. These kitchen shears are sturdy and sharp and easy to maintain because of their come-apart feature which makes it very easy to clean and sharpen these shears.
This evenly balanced kitchen shear comes with symmetrical hands, and this very feature allows both left as well as right handed cutting. The synthetic handles ensure safety as they offer slip-free grasp over the shear even while using with wet hands. This great kitchen tool made out of high carbon stainless steel will not disappoint you and is an ideal option for if you are looking for a durable kitchen shear.

Wusthof (5558-1) Come-Apart Kitchen Shears
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3KitchenAid Shears featuring Soft Grip Handles, Color – Black

If you have ever visited any cutlery store then for sure, you must have seen a number of products of KitchenAid. KitchenAid is a well-known name all over the globe as they manufacture a wide variety of kitchen products. Well, they have garnered a great reputation in the market because of their quality products. They have maintained their reputation by offering KitchenAid Shear which includes all the necessary features that one needs in an amazing kitchen shear. Available in five different colors this great product is crafted from stainless steel that can easily resist rusting and offers durability. The blade of KitchenAid shear features micro-serrations that offer enhanced cutting performance. This shear comes with a plastic guard for protection.

KitchenAid Shears featuring Soft Grip Handles, Color - Black
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2Chef Remi’s Latest Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears – Best Multi-Purpose Utility Scissors for Poultry, Chicken Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Herbs, and BBQ’s

This multi-functional heavy duty shear can be used for cutting poultry, meat, vegetables and for trimming fat which minimizes the use of board and knife. The high-quality corrosion resistant stainless steel blades along with a bottle opener between the handles make it an ideal tool for the kitchen. The equal sized hand grips offer great grip for both left and right handed chefs. The best thing about this kitchen shear is that it comes with a 100% money back lifetime guarantee.

Chef Remi’s Latest Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears – Best Multi-Purpose Utility Scissors for Poultry, Chicken Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Herbs, and BBQ’s
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1MAIRICO Kitchen Shears

With MAIRICO Heavy Duty Kitchen Shear you get the deadly combination of outstanding performance and unique design. The sharp blades of MAIRICO kitchen shear feature blades with micro-serrations that allow users to cut precisely that too with very less effort.  The superb quality and professional design of this great kitchen shear guarantee top performance. With this multi-purpose scissor you will have more fun cooking food than you ever had.

MAIRICO Kitchen Shears
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