Top 5 Best Indoor Bike Racks in 2018

With the right kit, your bike could all be safe left outside. Otherwise in a society with sticky fingers and lazy people this will be equated to throwing money away. It is then safer to have it kept indoors away from uncertainties and suspicions of such characters that always prey on unattended assets. Indoor bike racks ought to be carefully thought of as they need to be good enough to go with your interior and simple enough to not be an obstruction.

Table of the Best Indoor Bike Racks in 2018


This seems the easiest and quickest choice of all racks available. The Racor solo vertical bike rack is fitted on the wall, and you store your bike securely by hanging the front tire. It helps you store your bike vertically along the wall thereby saving lots of floor space. Its hooks are coated with rubber to secure and protect your bike’s tire and rim from scratching. The makers of this rack guarantee durability and support by using high-grade steel to make it. It works well for road bikes simply because it accommodates the tire size as compared to mountain bikes.

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Some apartments have many windows, wall hangings, doors and bookshelves on their wall; this does not for a minute mean you will not have space to keep your bikes indoor! Feedback Sports Velo Column is the answer. It holds up to two bikes at a go. It can put into a secure position between the ceiling and the floor. Its construction saves you drilling or nails. It is very mobile just in case you need to rearrange your apartment. Its frame is well adjustable just to fit several types of bike frames as the need may be.

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The Ibera adjustable bike wall hanger is also great. As the name suggests, it can be adjusted to whatever degree to keep your bike where and at the position you want it. This rack can be changed to suit your needs at any time, for instance, you can change its height and broadness and lock it into your preferred configurations. This rack also gives you an opportunity to decide how far it should stick out into your space due to its telescopic tubes mechanisms. It is made of aluminum, and with the double padded arms, it keeps the bike safe and secure and protects against paint damage. It is constructed to hold a single bike horizontally, therefore, saving floor space.

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This is the rack comes close second to Michelangelo. It is very unique. It unfolds from the wall similar to an ironing board. It is very economical in space because it folds away, 180 degrees flat when not in use and therefore not obstruction caused. It stores your bike in a vertical position. You simply push your bike on its rear wheel till the front tire sits on the rack. The rack is big enough to accommodate tires of various sizes including the mountain bike. As per the customer’s reviews, this rack would quickly sit in for Michelangelo.

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Michelangelo was created by Delta Cycle. It does not even need to be fastened or drilled on the wall; it just leans on the wall. It is light in weight and makes it easy to handle. Michelangelo has adjustable arms to fit any bike. This indoor bike rack is unique in its own way because it has a lifetime warranty against defects and above all made of high-quality materials. It has extra hooks that are handy for keeping your helmet and such. It can support up to 80lbs as a maximum load. For small apartments, it could look too big, but Michelangelo is space saving as compared to garage storage in that one rack can comfortably hold two bikes in a horizontal position.

 MICHELANGELO. indoor Bike Racks
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It might look hectic to assemble some of these racks before you, but the final service rendered worth the time you took to assemble it. Owning a nice bike of whatever make or style or fame could be easy as compared to owing a vehicle. That aside no matter how affordable a bike could be, taking care of it will guarantee you long service and value for your money. Therefore, apart from just helping you store your bike, having a bike rack helps you organize your space no matter how big or small space could be. Above all when your bike is well secured and kept, you are at peace as compared to leaving it outside exposed to all the uncertainties of life.

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