Top 10 Best Honey Extractor in 2019 Reviews

There are few things that have a great taste than a sweet and pure honey. Millions of people around the world love consuming honey. If we turn the pages of history we will find that people of the old times too were fantasized by this natural sweetener. In the modern days, however, it is hard to find the best and most natural honey.

You’re blessed if you have a beehive that can give you the natural and pure honey. But to extract the honey out of those hives you need a honey extractor. This is the time where you really need to peep into the outside world and find out the best extractor that can squeeze out honey for you. By ardent research, we have compiled this list of the top 10 best honey extractor in 2019. Going through this list will help you to get the latest extractor for this year.

Table of the Best Honey Extractor:

1 Goplus presents Premium Quality Stainless Steel Honey Extractor

 Goplus presents Premium Quality Stainless Steel Honey Extractor
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Featuring a solid construction that gives the optimum output our first and the best extractor is loaded with many benefits. Made of high-quality stainless steel this extractor is durable and long-lasting. This two-frame extractor is equipped to fit frames of shallow, medium and deep sizes. To provide a clear view of the extraction process the lid of the extractor is made of clear plastic. The durable handle cranks the gears through the spring clutch giving you the convenience to operate it. As all the parts come in the box with an instruction manual it does not require strenuous efforts to assemble the extractor. Stainless steel tank is very easy to clean with soapy water. This saves your time and energy giving you the optimum benefits.

2 VIVO presents (BEE-V004) Stainless Steel Bee Honey Extractor

 VIVO presents (BEE-V004) Stainless Steel Bee Honey Extractor
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Vivo honey extractor features a high-quality stainless steel construction with rustproof 304 stainless steel and metal gears. This makes the extractor durable for long-time use. A full stainless steel basket gives you the assurance of a hassle-free operation. It features a clear lid that gives you the benefit to take a look over to the extraction process and get the work done easily. All metal gearbox assures you of minimum breakdown and maximum service. Being compact in size you can easily move and store the extractor as per your convenience. On the other hand, it’s stainless steel feet can be bolted down to keep it fixed at a location you desire. The full metal honey gate and drain reduces the chances of choking up. This perfect height can fill over five-gallon buckets.

3 VIVO (BEE-V002)Stainless Steel Manual Crank Bee Honey Extractor SS Honeycomb Spinner

 VIVO (BEE-V002)Stainless Steel Manual Crank Bee Honey Extractor SS Honeycomb Spinner
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Durable body and premium quality make are some of the special features of this honey extractor. With a reasonable height of 24-inches and diameter of 15-inches, this extractor hosts the perfect amount of space needed for extraction. Made from premium quality mirror polished stainless steel that gives an attractive look to the extractor. A clear and transparent lid gives you the freedom to monitor the extraction process. The full metal gears provide the added durability and strength to the extractor. Stainless steel interior gives the optimum benefit in providing clean and convenient extraction. It fits small, medium and large frames making it convenient for you. To make it easy for carrying the manufacturer has added heavy-duty steel handles to the extractor.

4 VIVO presents Stainless Steel Honey Extractor 3 Frame (BEE-V003D)

 VIVO presents Stainless Steel Honey Extractor 3 Frame (BEE-V003D)
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This is a manual three frame honey extractor made from superior quality stainless steel. To deliver maximum extraction of honey, the bucket and drum at the inner side are also made from stainless steel. All these features result in a durable and strong product. Operating on metal spiral bevel gears and ball bearings result in extensive smoothness and long life of the extractor. Being able to hold three frames of small, medium and large size gives the added convenience. It’s very easy to operate the extractor and obtain pure honey from it. Easy assembling and dismantling within two minutes help you to thoroughly clean the extractor.

5 OrangeA 3 Frame Electric Honey Extractor

 OrangeA 3 Frame Electric Honey Extractor
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Our list hosts this premium quality electric honey extractor. What you need to do is just put the frames in this extractor and it gets all the honey extracted from you. Capable of holding three frames the drums is 24-inch in height and has a 15-inch diameter. This makes it easy for you to store the extractor is less space. Made from food-grade stainless steel this extractor is safe to use anytime. For fast rotation of the bucket, this extractor has high-precision bearing and has longer service life than the ordinary ones. You can view the process of extraction through the two clear lids at the upper side. The motor operates on 120W power giving you the best results.

6 Mann Lake Stainless Steel Extractor without Legs (HH160)

 Mann Lake Stainless Steel Extractor without Legs (HH160)
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Featuring heavy-duty construction and a durable design this is one of the best honey extractors. Made of 26 gauge stainless steel material result in a durable product that delivers optimum output. It can hold 3 deep, 3 medium or 6 shallow frames. Easy to open honey gate and a convenient hand crank are the added benefits of this extractor. Make the use of optimum storage space with this extractor measuring 18-inch in diameter and 26.5-inch in diameter. A 1.5-inch honey gate results in a smooth and uninterrupted flow of honey. You can also get the legs separately if you want to enhance the elevation of the extractor.

7 Mann Lake Plastic Extractor 2-Frame (HH130)

 Mann Lake Plastic Extractor 2-Frame (HH130)
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If you’re a beginner beekeeper of are thinking to explore the hobby of beekeeping then this is a perfect bee extractor for you. Featuring a two frame design you can learn quite a lot about the honey extraction process through this extractor. Made from the heavy-duty plastic of food grade it is both safe and convenient to use. However, the shaft is made from steel for optimum benefits. It has a durable handle made of steel and plastic that can rotate in either direction. You can place this unit at a proper height or can get the HH-161 stand solely made to provide elevation for this extractor. Inspired by a space-saving design this extractor measures 26.5-inch in length, 16-inch in diameter and height as well.

8 Goodland Bee Supply® presents Stainless Steel Bucket Honey Strainer, Honey Extraction, and Filter

 Goodland Bee Supply® presents Stainless Steel Bucket Honey Strainer, Honey Extraction, and Filter
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One of the most simple and easy to use honey extractor available in the market Goodland Bee Supply extractor. This honey extractor features a double sieve 304 stainless steel construction. You get the optimum output with the double sieve design with 1000 micron top mesh and fine 500-micron mesh bottom. This extractor can fit over a 5-gallon bucket to ensure that you get a good amount of honey. Adjustable arm designed to fit a basket size between 10-inches to 16-inches. This makes it convenient to fit a variety of containers.

9 StarSide presents Honey Gate Valve Honey Extractor Tool (2pcs)

 StarSide presents Honey Gate Valve Honey Extractor Tool (2pcs)
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When it comes to honey extraction you should have all the tools necessary to do it. An extractor would not work efficiently without a bottling tool. That is why this product features two pieces of extractor tool. This threaded barrel can fit into a suitably sized tool and it is made of food grade plastic and nylon material. Durable construction with stainless steel screws ensures that it seals well the bucket. Tried and tested by many customers this is a great tool.

10 Goplus presents Large Honey Extractor Stainless Steel

 Goplus presents Large Honey Extractor Stainless Steel
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Goplus offers another fantastic honey extractor in the series. Specially designed for high-quality stainless steel the total height of this extractor measure 32-inches. The inner side of the extractor includes a stainless steel bucket. You can put frames of shallow, medium and deep size. Transparent lid makes it easy for you to monitor the process of extraction. This machine features a build to last construction that saves your time and efforts providing you a convenient way to extract pure and natural honey.

Buying Guide for Best Extractor

  • Material: When you are searching for a honey extractor the first thing you should see is the material. There are extractors made of plastic and stainless steel as well. But the best one would be made of high-quality stainless steel that is food grade. This ensures that your extractor lasts lifelong.
  • Size: This feature of the extractor is important when you think of regularly using it. In the most efficient way, an extractor with around 15-inch diameter can yield around 5 gallons of honey. This size of the extractor is easy to store and is perfect for regular use.
  • Operation: Many of the extractors features a manual operation technique. This requires efforts on your part to turn the crank yet it can help you to get your work done at the right speed. On the other hand, there is electric honey extractor that operates with minimum manual efforts. With a view of maintenance, the manual extractor is certainly the best one.

Sweetness that is Pure

The sweet taste of honey comes with the right process of extraction. You can get the right kind of extractor and reap the benefits in the form of sweet and pure honey. Our list contains the best of the extractors available in the market. These can make sure that you get the best and optimum output.

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