Top 10 Best Hidden Spy Cameras in 2019​ Reviews

In this current days, trust is no more anywhere to be found. As a result, people have come up with various ways to improve their security one of which is the evolution of spy cameras. These devices in a past few years were only used in businesses, but recently people have encouraged their use at homes. Mostly they are used to monitor peoples behaviors at home and as well act as security. There is a wide variety of spy cameras in the market, and hence, need for the buyers to have a well-prepared guide on tips to follow before real purchasing. In this article, we shall consider some Top 10 Best Hidden Spy cameras in 2019 and factors to be considered before buying one.

Table of the Best Hidden Spy Cameras:

1. TENVIS HD IP Camera

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With the high technology, the “smart eyes,” the camera can provide clear night vision. Its 32ft wide range in night vision, it enhances home security. The 1280*720 pixels and the high-technology optic lens provides more sharp and clear images. The motion activated camera has a real-time video which is excellent in capturing any moving object within its range. Once its connection with Wi-Fi is completed “through the sound wave smart,” one can start and finish a recording using a cell phone. The smart alarm and the two-way audio with the use of the motion detection, every risk shall be identified and sent to the user, and one can communicate to the other members of the family by use of the IP camera.

2. Enji prime for Home, Car, Drone and Office

Enji prime for Home, Car, Drone and Office
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With its full night vision, it can capture every detail of what is going on. The enhanced night mode “state-of-the-art mini eye” features give a clear display of all the happenings in low light environments. It has six infrared LED not visible to human eyes even when in sound or motion detection. It has a MiniEye spy cam world smallest with 1080P recording solution. It can capture over 12 million allowing the user to capture on every detail required and it is highly flexible from its small size of less than a cubic inch and hence can be used indoor or outdoor security.

3. NIPYS of Home and Office

NIPYS of Home and Office
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The super mini body camera is the smallest pocket portable body camera, which makes it convenient as a house security camera, used for recording snapshot cameras and videos without creating any attention. NIPYS mini spy camera is capable of video recording in 1920 x 1080p HD at 30 frames just in a second, with an enhanced night vision for clear displays. Its Body cam can support a minimum of 4GB and a maximum of 32GB capacity for loop recording video. It supports video recording and charging at the same time. One needs to slot in a T-flash and immediately start recording.

4. KinCam FREDI Hidden Camera

KinCam FREDI Hidden Camera
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It is the world smallest Dvr video camera with 140 degrees angle lens, and it supports real-time video recording, snapshots, and IR night vision as the FREDI L16 has 10pcs black around the lens with night vision of up to 16 feet. Date and time can be changed, and loop recording is therefore defaulted to overwrite the oldest file over the new one which can be adjusted back. It has a solid 400mah battery that will always assure a continuous recording.

5. AOBO Spy Camera

AOBO Spy Camera
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It is a 1920 x 1080 min camera that allows the user to view his subjects in a true high definition without loss of details. Its lens is small with clothing button, which makes it easy to hide and portable. When a motion is detected, the camera takes a picture and sends a message to the user and motion detection sensitivity can be set. One can take pictures, record videos and save them on the phone. The camera supports a maximum of 128GB micro TF card.

6. SOOSPY 1080P Wireless WIFI Mini Camera

SOOSPY 1080P Wireless WIFI Mini Camera
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It has a super small camera with eight different style DIY lens buttons, which makes it good for human security. Its 300mAh capacity rechargeable battery gives a long recording time and can charge while at use. The 1920 x 1080 video resolution at 30 frames ensure high-quality videos and photos and supports up to 64GB SD card when full, and the old files can be overwritten with new ones. The camera has motion detection and any time picked it starts to make recordings and snapshots immediately.

7. Youlanda Wi-Fi Hidden Camera

Youlanda Wi-Fi Hidden Camera
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The camera can support recording with 1080P, 720P, 640P, and even 480P, and one has just to select the one he or she feels comfortable with, and it can record with 170-degree angle lens to giving users best video experience. When the camera detects any movements, it takes three photos and sends a message to the user’s phone. It has 10 IR bulbs to strengthen its night vision, and the bulbs don’t light while at work. It supports a maximum of 128GB SD card, and it must be inserted before camera use. It also supports loop videoing and has a 700mAH for three hours of continuous use and can be recharged as the camera still work.

8. Facaword WIFI spy Camera

Facaword WIFI spy Camera
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It has six glasses lens with clear images than the other devices. The secret clock has six piece IR lights, a highly sensitive photoresister and the night vision mode is automatically turned on when the light turns dark. The user can playback and download the video from micro SD card. Once the SD is inserted it has to be first formatted before use, afterward the recording can start.


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It is a 1080 P HD camera, with a Bluetooth wireless speaker which can be used simultaneously with the camera. It supports the PTZ camera lens right to left rotation at 180 degrees, using a phone app and nobody can notice. Once connected to a smartphone or iPad, one can monitor his home or whatever business anywhere and the camera can work without an SD card. When a movement occurs, it will notify the user then take photos and save them in the phone app used. It supports up to 128GB SD card and has a 24-hours recording from its 3000mAH battery and also supports a circular recording.

10. Sharpcam (Spy Pen with Surveillance Hidden Camera)

Sharpcam (Spy Pen with Surveillance Hidden Camera)
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Through one-button operation, one can record video in FHD 1920*1080 and photos in 2560*1440 using the concealable FHD lens. Allows motion recording as well as loop recording. It has a 260mAH capacity battery for 75 minutes video recording in 1080P.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Hidden Spy Camera

Video resolution

The resolution represents the number of pixels for a recorded video and the higher the resolution, the more details the user can view. If the buyer is planning on using a spy camera to protect and monitor his or her home from intruders, then he or she should consider a camera that will record with a higher resolution. Most of the best are 720P and 1080P HD cameras which can give important details including the tattoos.

Night Vision Mode

Another factor to consider is the Low-Light condition as some of the cameras do not work well at night an implication that the time of use of the camera should be considered. When shopping for a spy camera for night use, one should look for a lower LUX rating, to know how well the camera performs in low night.

Other Factors

Other factors to consider when buying a hidden spy camera include the viewing options and storage. Most of the spy camera uses a micro SD card which is important for storage of video data and makes it easy for the transfer of video data from the camera to a computer. Devices that support 32GB and 64GB are considered the best. The buyer should also consider power supply and for how long the user expects to work with the camera.


Owing a spy camera is one of the most beautiful things. The above-discussed spy cameras are among the very best the buyer can find in the market. With consideration of their high battery capacity, high night vision, ability to support large space SD cards as well as their wide angle lens range, these are the best a person can find. Before purchasing, the buyer should consider some of the above-discussed factors, and afterward, he or she is guaranteed to buy one of the best spy cameras in the market and the ones that soot his or her needs.

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