Best GoPro Motorcycle Helmet Mounts in 2019 Reviews

GoPro action cameras have increased the popularity of motovlogging. People can go out on adventurous rides and capture their journey in high-definition mode by attaching their GoPro action camera on their helmet. Such cameras can capture ride videos with a wide-angle fish-eye perspective and their presence is not distracting due to their small size. If you are one of such adventurous riders, you will need a motorcycle helmet mount for your GoPro action camera.

You can capture Point Of View(POV) footage effortlessly with hand-free shooting and put them up on social media and YouTube for the rest of the world to enjoy the thrills of your ride. The following are the best GoPro motorcycle helmet mounts in 2019 that you should go through before buying one of them that suit your GoPro camera perfectly.

Table of The Best GoPro Motorcycle Helmet Mounts:

Preview Product Price

GoPro Chest Mount Harness (GoPro Official Mount)

$23.99$39.99 (40% off)

Anyprize Chest Mount Harness Adjustable Body Strap Rig with 3-Way Adjustment Base and Aluminum Thumbscrew Kit for GoPro Cameras

Carrying Case for Gopro Karma Grip - Travel Bag for Gopro Hero 7 Black Hero 6 5 Gimbal Stabilizer Mount - Full Protection w/Custom Mold - Durable Weather Proof Go Pro Traveling Cases by SublimeWare


Lightdow OEM Sports Action Camera Accessories Bundle for LD4000 LD6000 Yi Campark Crosstour AKASO APEMAN FITFORT EKEN DBPOWER Gopro and more

Luxebell Outdoor Sports Camera Accessories Kit for Gopro Hero 6 5 Session 4 3 2 Sjcam DBPOWER AKASO Apeman Xiaomi Yi


Kupton Accessories for GoPro Hero 5 Session/Hero Session Bundle Action Camcorder Camera Accessories Mounts Waterproof Housing Case Chest Head Bike Car Backpack Clip Mount

$31.99$69.99 (54% off)

Emmabin Action Camera Accessories Outdoor Sports Combo Kit for APEMAN / Victure / AKASO / DBPOWER / Campark / Crosstour

CCbetter Accessories for Gopro30-in-1 Accessories Kit for Gopro Hero 4 Hero 5 Session Hero 1 2 3 3+ for most of sports camera (Black)

Underwater Action Camera Accessories Kit Bundle for Gopro Hero 5/4/3+2/1 Session Silver Black Camera APEMAN;YI 4K Campark ACT74/76 & NEXGADGET (42 Items)

ZOOKKI Accessories Kit for GoPro 6 Hero 5 Session 4 Silver 3 Black SJ4000/SJ5000/SJ5000X/SJ6 Legend/SJ7 Sports Camera Accessories Set for Xiaomi Yi 4K/Lightdow/DBPOWER/dOvOb


1GoPro Chest Mount Harness

GoPro Chest Mount Harness
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This GoPro motorcycle helmet mount is the bestselling and most highly-rated mount on Amazon. As a matter of fact, it features under Amazon’s Choice for its overwhelming popularity. It fits the helmet perfect and it sits tightly due to double strap system. There is no worry about fitting the size of the helmet as the straps are adjustable. It is known for providing super immersive perspective for capturing stunning videos. It is not only suitable for biking but also for skiing, paddle sports and any other sports where one has to wear a helmet and carry the GoPro camera effortlessly with the mount.

2Anyprize Chest Mount for GoPro Cameras

Anyprize Chest Mount for GoPro Cameras
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This GoPro motorcycle helmet mount is suitable for GoPro Hero 5, Hero 5 Session, Hero 4 black and silver, and Hero session. You can use it while mountain biking, skiing, boating, off-road biking and whichever sport is there where one has to wear a helmet. The adjustable triangular 3-way base design makes it sit on your helmet more comfortably and the straps are fully adjustable for all adult sized helmets. It is rather lightweight and hence, you can put in on for a long time without feeling any weight or pressure.

3SublimeWare Jaws Flex Clamp Complete Accessories Set

SublimeWare Jaws Flex Clamp Complete Accessories Set
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This is a complete set of all the different types of mounts you will ever require for your GoPro camera for shooting videos and photos at any posture or sport. There are actually 22 pieces of accessory kits that come in the package. One of them is a motorcycle helmet mount. The point of view and wide-angle view are extremely good for shooting phenomenal videos in hand-free mode while you are riding. The product is compatible with Hero 3, 3+, 4, 4 Session and 5. It is an extreme useful product to buy if you want to mount your camera in different postures and areas of your motorcycle or any other device to take videos from different angles and perspectives

4Lightdow OEM Pro Accessory Kit

Lightdow OEM Pro Accessory Kit
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There are different models to choose from such as amateur, prosumer and professional as per your requirement. This GoPro motorcycle helmet mount is designed for regular and rough use whether you are riding on roads or waves. It is highly versatile and durable. There are various accessories available with the product for mounting your camera in different positions and capture videos from different angles. The product comes with a 90-day hassle-free return policy.

5Luxebell Outdoor Sports Camera Accessories Kit

Luxebell Outdoor Sports Camera Accessories Kit
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This GoPro motorcycle helmet mount is suitable for all the GoPro cameras available as it is fully adjustable to any size. But it is not suitable for rough usage in high-impact sports. You can take it for boating, biking, skiing, bicycling and such less impact sports. There are various other accessories available for mounting the camera in the car, bike, or other holding frames. There is also monopod, wrist mount, and floating grip mount available with the product.

6Kupton Accessories for GoPro

Kupton Accessories for GoPro
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This is another accessories bundle for GoPro hero 5 Session, Hero Session and Hero 4 Session. When it comes to the motorcycle helmet mount, there is a 3-way base which makes it suitable for carrying your camera effortlessly on your helmet. It is adjustable only for the models specified. It also comes with waterproof housing case, backpack clip, chest harness, suction cup and buckle and various such accessories to capture videos from any angle while you are riding. There is a double protection design of the strap to face the rough conditions comfortably.

7Victure Action Camera Accessories

Victure Action Camera Accessories
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You will rarely get GoPro motorcycle helmet mount only because most of the companies sell the complete set of accessories of GoPro cameras and the helmet mount is included in it. This set comes with cheat belt strap mount, car suction cup mount and holder, tripod mount, monopod mount, wrist mount, handlebar mount and finally head or helmet mount. There is the popular three-way adjustable pivot arm that makes the mount sit on the helmet firmly and weightlessly. It is tailor-made for regular rough use and it will fit any GoPro action camera due to its adjustable straps. The product comes with a 30-day return policy.

8CCbetter Gopro 30-in-1 Accessories Kit

CCbetter Gopro 30-in-1 Accessories Kit
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This accessories kit is suitable for most of the variants of GoPro cameras like GoPro Hero 1 to 4 and includes Hero 5 session as well. There are 30 different mounts and items available and one of which is the helmet mount. The helmet mount is quite sturdy and designed for using it in rough weather condition including in the rain and underwater. It is very easy to clean and the material is highly durable. You can capture hand-free videos steadily even when you are riding on a rough road.

9Somate Action Camera Accessories Kit Bundle

Somate Action Camera Accessories Kit Bundle
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This GoPro accessories kit is suitable for almost all the models of GoPro cameras starting from Hero 1 to Hero 5. There are 42 accessories available though you can always opt for 50 accessories kit if you are a professional video shooter. It is suitable for all the different types of activities and regular rough usage due to its versatility and durability. It is very lightweight and holds on to the helmet firmly such as bumps on the road especially when you are biking on the mountains cannot move it from its place. The video capturing will also be steady

10Zookki Accessories Kit With Helmet Mount

Zookki Accessories Kit With Helmet Mount
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There are different accessories kits available from the company and you should choose the one that you require. For example, there are 9 in 1 and 40 in 1 kits and if your main requirement is GoPro motorcycle helmet mounts, you should go for small accessories kit. This helmet mount is compatible with GoPro Hero 6, Hero 5 Session, Hero 4 Silver and Hero 3 Black. The mount is very sturdy and the grip is very firm. But it is lightweight and you will not feel its weight. The product is durable too and tailor-made for regular usage and in impactful sports.

Buyer’s Guide – Things To Keep In Mind

Which Is The Best Type Of GoPro Motorcycle Helmet Mount?

There are basically four types of motorcycle helmet mounts available on the market. They are the top of the helmet mount, on the side, on the chin, and the universal strap mount. The reason why the first three are not suitable for riders is that there are non-adjustable which means they are suitable for only specific GoPro Hero camera and most importantly, they can be mounted on certain helmets that have the provision for mounting. Therefore, if you upgrade your camera in future, you have to buy a new mount and a new helmet in most of the cases.

That is why universal strap helmet mounts are the best as they are adjustable and fit for most of the models of GoPro cameras. Furthermore, they can be mounted on any helmet whether it is for motorcycle or sports. The camera can be put anywhere on the helmet such as on the top, on the chin area, or on the sides as per requirements.

What Are The Parameters To Check Before Buying?

Accessories Kit – Most of the GoPro motorcycle helmet mounts are not available in isolation. You have to buy the entire accessories kit to get the helmet or head mount. If you are looking to buy only the helmet mount, you should settle with a kit that has fewer accessories such that it will cost you less and In addition to helmet mount, you will get some other mounts that could be very useful. If you are a professional video shooter, you should go for the accessories kit that has maximum accessories like 40 to 50 accessories which include all the different types of mount ever possible.

Compatibility and Suitability

Before buying a motorcycle helmet mount, make sure the mount is compatible with your GoPro action camera model. Furthermore, you should check whether the mount can sustain impacts depending on how extreme your ride will be. There are some which can take only low impacts and they can get dismounted under high impact.


Go ahead and buy any of the above-mentioned best GoPro motorcycle helmet mounts in 2019 to get the best value for your money. Keep the parameters in mind before selecting on to buy so that the mount can sustain your activities and your camera comfortably throughout your ride.

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