Top 10 Best Glass Electric Tea Kettle of 2019 Reviews

Your kitchen should not lack the electric tea kettle which nowadays it’s proving to be essential to every home. The electric kettle fastens your breakfast preparation since it takes less than three minutes and the tea will be ready. For quality service and durability, you need to purchase the best tea kettle brand in the market that will guarantee you value for your money. When buying tea kettle, you should not pick any brand that you come across in the market you need to take time and understand which brand offers the best service. There is so many glass electric tea kettle you will find in the market but only go for the best. Here are some of the best kettle brands that are leading the market currently;

Table of the Best Glass Electric Tea Kettle:

1Mueller Ultra SpeedBoil Electric Glass Kettle

Mueller Ultra SpeedBoil Electric Glass Kettle
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This kettle is one of the few fast heating tea kettles available in the market. Designed in Germany, Mueller Ultra SpeedBoil kettle features 1100 watts of power for the first boiling of 1.8 liters of water. Within a minute your tea waster will be ready for use hence saving the time you use to prepare breakfast. The tea kettle also features auto shutoff option.

2Aicok Electric Glass Tea Kettle

Aicok Electric Glass Tea Kettle
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Another top glass tea kettle brand on the market today is the Aicok which features 1500 watt that assures you of faster water boiling service. Within few minutes your water will be ready for tea, and it has a blue LED indicator that goes on when the kettle starts boiling water. The auto shutoff feature makes it safe since you don’t have to turn off physically when water boils. The handle is non-conductor hence does not heat up as the water boils.

3Royal Electric Glass Kettle

Royal Electric Glass Kettle
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The unique design that comes with the Royal glass kettle which features an excellent glass complimented by stainless steel makes the brand stand out. This kettle boils 1.7 liters of water within minutes and has an auto shutoff feature which works correctly when the water boils. Convenience is a guarantee when using Royal kettle since its cordless hence no worries when serving your tea.

4Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle

Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle
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The Hamilton stainless steel kettle offers you excellent tea making experience as it boils your water within a short time. The kettle features a push button, cord-free and easy to pour option that ensures no hot water spills out. Auto shutoff option reduces your worries when boiling the water and you get held up in other house chores. You can boil up to 1 liter of water within minutes, and your water will be ready for coffee or tea making.

5Stariver Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Stariver Stainless Steel Electric Kettle
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With the capacity of 2 liters, Stariver electric kettles assure you of fast water boiling for easy tea making in the morning. This kettle will be a perfect choice for your house since its safe for use due to the auto shutoff feature, and non-conductor handles for easy handling. The kettle is cordless hence no stress when serving the tea at the dining table.

6Stariver 1.5L Electric Kettle

Stariver 1.5L Electric Kettle
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This classic collection kettle will be ideal for your home if you don’t like the 2 liters capacity Stariver kettle which can be significant for your family. This kettle features stainless steel make with an auto shutoff capability which makes the electric kettle very safe for use. The comfortable plastic handle will also provide you with easy usage and serve the tea since it does not heat up.

7BELLA Ceramic Electric Tea Kettle

BELLA Ceramic Electric Tea Kettle
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For those looking for elegance, BELLA ceramic kettle offers the option for you as it comes with a beautiful design featuring a long neck pour. The kettle will boil your water in few minutes and features a blue LED light that helps you know when the kettle is on. BELLA comes with a manual to guide you on how to it hence make sure you read it thoroughly after purchasing the product.

8Aicok 6 – Temperature Control Electric Kettle

Aicok 6 – Temperature Control Electric Kettle
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This Aicok new model comes with temperature setting options that will enable you to set the heat level you wish your water to reach. You will be sure of fast heating when using this kettle that has a capacity of 1.7 liters. The handles fit comfortably in your hand grip and being cordless you are assured of a healthy serving of coffee or tea at the dining table.

9Tenergy Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Tenergy Stainless Steel Electric Kettle
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You can also consider the Tenergy electric kettle which has a capacity of 1.7 liters and 1500W ensuring that you boil the water within few minutes. When using make sure you don’t put water beyond the max line. Durability is not something to worry about when purchasing the Tenergy kettle since it has quality materials that will serve you for long. The kettle comes with a user manual that you need to read carefully to guide you on how to use this fantastic tea maker.

10Aicok Cordless Strix Control Electric Kettle

Aicok Cordless Strix Control Electric Kettle
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This kettle features safe Strix Thermostat for easy use and the auto shutoff option hence you have nothing to worry about when using this kettle. Boiling your water within few minutes is what this electric kettle offers and a capacity of 1.7 liters which translates to seven cups. Handling is also straightforward due to the fitted, comfortable handle.

What to consider when purchasing an electric kettle


– the amount of water you can boil at once when making tea in the morning should guide you in choosing the best electric kettle for your family. For the big family, you will need a capacity of 1.7 liters and above.


– the electric kettle should be able to save your time when making tea or coffee for your family. Select a kettle that will boil the water in the shortest time possible.


– pots come in various designs, choose the one that you feel will suit your class and will look good in your kitchen.


The market is full of electric tea kettle brands that might give you a challenge when selecting the best for you. The above top 10 brands in 2019 can make an excellent choice for you evaluate and choose the one that impresses you.

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