Top 10 Best Gifts For Teacher in 2019

Teachers are vital. The best teachers inspire us, work with us to improve ourselves, and, at a bare minimum, teach us things that we need to know to do our jobs and live our lives. When you were in grade school, an apple for the teacher, or a handmade knick-knack was enough to show your appreciation, but now, you might feel like doing something a little special. It can be tough to choose the right gift for your teacher. You don’t want to get something too impersonal. The ideal gift shows you put some thought into it, without being too intimate. And you never want to get something silly or inappropriate to the person who will be writing your college (and beyond!) reference letters! This list is a great place to start, whether you’re looking to impress a mentor, or get a great reference letter.

Table of the Best Gifts For Teacher:

1. Fountain Pen Set for Ink Cartridges Bamboo Antique Calligraphy Writing

Fountain Pen Set for Ink Cartridges Bamboo Antique Calligraphy Writing
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This is a gorgeous statement gift with an air of formality that is also very practical. Ink cartridge pens tend to be less expensive and less messy than bottle filled calligraphy pens. This handcrafted bamboo vintage pen is a great pen for beginners, but writes with beautiful smoothness that can compete with Montblanc, Pilot, and many others. It writes smoothly whether right hand or left, and comes with a beautiful gift pen case, and a cartridge converter for bottled ink, and the cartridge size means it’s compatible with most brands of ink cartridge. A beautiful pen set that will make a statement, but won’t break the bank.

2. KABB Modern Digital Mechanical Retro Flip Down Clock With Internal Gear Operated

KABB Modern Digital Mechanical Retro Flip Down Clock With Internal Gear Operated
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This is a great little desk clock with a lot of personality. The retro-modern look is distinctive and a little quirky, without looking like a desk toy. It may look retro, but it’s still a quartz watch, so it keeps perfect time, flipping by the minute and hour. It’s a 12 hour, gear operated clock, made of stainless steel and ABS plastic. It doesn’t smell, or fade, and wipes down easily, so it’s perfect as a desk clock, even when things get a little hectic in the classroom. It does take one D carbon-zinc battery, not included. It’s very distinctive, and a great gift for showing personality without getting too personal!

3. design 17 Month Agenda 2019-18 Academic Calendar design 17 Month Agenda 2019-18 Academic Calendar
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If you don’t know, you should! They do really bright personal planners of all types, which can be customized many different ways. They’re cute, fun, and come with pages for months, years, days, lists… and it goes on. There are two pages of stickers, and has a line of accessories designed to work with their planners. This academic planner is 17 months, covering everything from August 2019- December 2019. It’s the perfect way to celebrate your favorite teacher’s personality, while respecting her busy schedule! It’s also chock full of inspirational quotes and fun pop art, to help her take on anything that comes her way.

4. OLizee Multifunction Trapezoid PU Leather Tissue Box Holder Desk Storage Box Pen Pencil Remote Control iPhone 6 iPad Holder Gold Flower

OLizee Multifunction Trapezoid PU Leather Tissue Box Holder Desk Storage Box Pen Pencil Remote Control iPhone 6 iPad Holder Gold Flower
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Another great desk accessory. This one is designed to help your favorite teacher keep her desk organized. No doubt you’ve noticed how hard it is for her to keep track of everything, and having a desk storage box to put her electronics, planners, pens, and anything else that comes to hand, in one easy to reach spot. It’s even got a tissue holder, because we all know how important it is to keep germs out of the classroom. The leather makes it sturdy enough to last the entire school year. The pink and gold floral pattern is just for the sake of style.

5. G.U.S. Eco-Friendly Bamboo Laptop Stand and Organizer with Dry Erase Board and Storage Drawer

G.U.S. Eco-Friendly Bamboo Laptop Stand and Organizer with Dry Erase Board and Storage Drawer
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Less frilly but no less stylish, the eco-friendly bamboo laptop stand by G.U.S is a practical desk organizer and laptop stand for an eco-conscious teacher. The bamboo means it’ll last way past the school term, and never be too heavy to carry around. It’s been ergonomically designed to put your laptop at optimum angles. Perfect for those long lectures. The pull out white board gives an extra space for notes in a pinch. The organizing compartment has a space to charge four other devices, and still keeps all your cords in one place. This is a great option for a stylishly practical teacher to comfortably use her tech, in the classroom and at home.

6. 2 Tier Industrial Style Torched Wood Desktop Document Tray, Paper File Holder With Chalkboard Labels

2 Tier Industrial Style Torched Wood Desktop Document Tray, Paper File Holder With Chalkboard Labels
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Really striking with the torched wood, this document tray is small enough to fit on a desk, but can hold papers, files, and even books. The dimensions in inches are 13.5x11x10.5, making it a great size for any busy teacher in need of some organization. The trays are wooden and sturdy, and made all the more sturdy by the metal stands. The erasable chalkboard labels make it a great addition to a classroom, but are also perfect for a home office. A teacher would surely appreciate this practical gift.

7. Stanley Starbucks Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle

Stanley Starbucks Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle
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Whether your teacher runs on coffee, or diligently brings her lunch to school to eat at her desk, she’s sure to love this gift. It’s big enough for a grande, and will save a ton of money at Starbucks. The stainless steel is built to last and easy to clean. Any teacher with a noted Starbucks addiction will appreciate this one.

8. Sony MDRXB950BT Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones

Sony MDRXB950BT Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones
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Perfect for the cool teacher who uses pop culture to teach. You know the one I mean! These headphones are designed for both corded operation and wireless, with bluetooth. They’re super comfortable, made in over-the-ear style to fit snugly and comfortably while you’re on the go. Bluetooth audio streaming with AAC and apt-X support, and electronic bass boost, for added bass emphasis. The battery recharges in a matter of hours, and can go for 20 hours at a stretch (depending on volume.) The striking red colour means the cool teacher will look even cooler, whether he’s blasting music, or making an important call. USB charge cable and detachable audio cable included.

9. Poppin White + Aqua Stow Rolling 3 Drawer File Cabinet

Poppin White + Aqua Stow Rolling 3 Drawer File Cabinet
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Poppin has cute office accessories down. This one is a bit pricier, but for a special teacher in your life, it could make the perfect gift. Of course a file cabinet is a perfect office accessory, at home, or at work. Two sizes of drawer make enough room for anything as small as a roll of tape, or big as a binder full of lesson plans. All the drawers are lockable, and the size and included casters mean it’s easy to move around. The design is distinctive and frankly, adorable. Not a word you’d usually use to describe office furniture! If you feel like spoiling a favorite teacher, but you don’t want to step out of bounds, choose this practical gift to say, “I know you work hard, I appreciate it, and I think you’re really stylish too!”

10. Traveler 12oz Local Collection Double Wall Ceramic

Traveler 12oz Local Collection Double Wall Ceramic
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Part of the Starbucks Local Collection, this is another one for the coffee loving prof in your life. You can choose between a variety of states. Pick the home of your school, or maybe you know your teacher’s home town? As a collector, It’s a great personal gift that isn’t too personal. The double wall ceramic and plastic lid keep that morning cup of coffee hot for hours. It’s a great way to tell them to go ahead and enjoy the starbucks. After all, your teachers work hard, and they earned it.

Considerations when buying for a teacher

Think about your relationship

Is he the cool teacher everybody loves? Is she super strict but always knows how to bring out the best in her students? Think about how you see this teacher, how you want them to see you, and how close you are. Can you get away with a sentimental personal gift, or keep it casual and professional? You wouldn’t give a teacher who barely knows your name an engraved ballpoint pen, but you also don’t want to give a teacher who’s had a huge influence on you a desk toy. Unless it turns out, they really like desk toys!

Think about their personalities

Most teachers become teachers because they are passionate people, with an interest in the world around them, and the people in it. Odds are, the teacher in question has shown a particular interest, or at least a particular style. A teacher who doesn’t have a lot of personal effects on his or her desk would probably want a practical gift, like a desk clock or stationary set. A teacher with a bit more flash to their style might like something on the quirky side. Think about what you know about their personal lives, and try to find something that shows off a bit of personality. Maybe you will even find some common ground.

Don’t be extravagant but don’t cheap out either

One of the quickest ways to show an inappropriate level of intimacy, is through a too-expensive gift. It’s not exactly like buying for your mailman, but no matter how tempting it is, it’s not a good idea to shop like you would on your friends or family. It’s a doubly bad idea to shop like you’re trying to impress someone. There’s a point where it feels a little out of place for a teacher to be receiving expensive trinkets from a student. It may even come off like you’re trying to get a favor. If you have a close mentor type relationship with a teacher, you may be tempted to choose something a little more expensive than is traditional for this kind of gift. But if so, keep it to something practical, not something you expect them to be showing off.


Buying for a teacher can be tough. The idea is to show appreciation for all the work they do, and attention they give to their students. Teachers work a profession where they are undervalued for the importance of the work they do. That can’t be remedied with expensive or extravagant gifts. But a thoughtful gift well-chosen will carefully walk the line between showing appreciation and respect, without being inappropriate. The gift should be a reflection of the teacher’s personality and teaching style, and relationship with the student, without being too intimate. On this list there are ten gifts that cater to a variety of styles and tastes, without being too friendly or too inappropriate. We are sure you’ll find the perfect gift for that important teacher in your life.

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