Top 10 Best Gifts For Men Under $50 in 2019

I once bought my dorm mate a DVD player but it turned it he didn’t like them. He somehow forgot the whole thing and regifted it to me the following year during my birthday. Forget about receiving utensils and cutleries as gifts, nothing is impressive in receiving a thoughtless gift. For this reason, we have prepared a list of great gift ideas that you can give to the nicest man near you under $50. From T-shirts, specialty gift cards, Suitcases and more, the list is diverse with items that will impress the guy close to you. Here are the best men’s gifts under $50:

Table of the Best Gifts For Men Under $50 :

1Majestic Youth Cool Base Shirt

Majestic Youth Cool Base Shirt
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This wicking MLB T-shirt is officially licensed by Los Angeles. Clearly, there is no man wouldn’t want to receive the official MLB jersey adults softball and youth baseball leagues. It is available in 6 adult sizes and 4 youth sizes. If you are looking for a cool base wicking material for both the fans and players to gift a guy then this is the best option.

2Victoria Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Enabled Suitcase

Victoria Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Enabled Suitcase
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This one of the most impressive suitcases on the market thanks to its Bluetooth connection and 3 speed turntable speakers. The Bluetooth capability ensures that you can play music with no cords attached. This speaker supports 1/3, 45, 33 and 78 RPM to play most of your vinyl records. It is handy and easily portable complete with an easy to grip handle. You can opt to connecting to a non-Bluetooth enabled auxiliary via the 3.5mm

3RCA headphone jack.

Aleratec Adjustable Laptop Stand Up
RCA headphone jack.
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This laptop stand up has square folding bed measuring 15”. You can opt for the 21”, and 28” and their variants. The versatile and adjustable bamboo tray can hold tablets, books, laptops and more. The ergonomic design allows the lapdesk stand to erect at a perfect view angle and height. The fact that it is made of bamboo instead of wood makes it eco-friendly. The lapdesk’s legs can fold completely underneath for convenient storage.’s Gift Card folded in a Holiday pop-up box’s Gift Card folded in a Holiday pop-up box
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This is a perfect choice if you want to give an affordable gift card affixed inside special box. One good thing worth mentioning is that the gift doesn’t have expiration date or any sort of fees. The gift card can be redeemed towards millions of products in Amazon’s store. Better yet, there are no returns or refunds on the gift cards. You can easily scan and redeem the gift card with a tablet or mobile device via Amazon’s app. You are also guaranteed free 1 day shipping.

5PCB Home’s You Had Me at Bacon apron

PCB Home’s You Had Me at Bacon apron
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This men’s grilling apron is homemade, in the USA. It is made of 100% unbleached cotton fabric complete with rusty brown colored drawstrings. It is designed in such a way that one size fits all. It measures 25” wide and 30” long with drawstring measurement of 16” by the neck and 40” by the waist. By this apron for a man who loves grilling with a good beer in his hands.

6Original Buddha Painting Board

Original Buddha Painting Board
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The original Buddha board comes with a superior and authentic feel made possible by the high quality and fine material. It is easy to fill it with water; just fill its stand with water and proceed to dip the provided bamboo brush to start drawing. It comes with non-transferable warranty that covers for defects. This is the best gift for a guy who loves painting.

7Umbra Ribbon Wall Clock

Umbra Ribbon Wall Clock
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This modern wall clock has the hours marked with copper colored steel ribbons. It has a stainless steel construction with copper finish and black hands which make it easy to read the time. The quartz movement guarantees maintenance-free and precise time keeping. The clock measures 12” in diameter and 2/1/4” depth.

8Hosley’s Embossed Floor Vase

Hosley’s Embossed Floor Vase
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This the best gift for weddings. It can perfectly fit for purposes involving spas, reiki or parties. It can easily complement an array of decors other vases can’t rhyme with. One of this vase’s benefits is bring the accent in your home or office without the need for greenery conditions or floral paints. It is has 100% iron construction.

9Hardmill Lunch Tote

Hardmill Lunch Tote
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This US –made dark oak lunch tote with a 10.10 oz army waxed canvas was made to last longer. The rivets are made of copper. The 7 oz leather is hand-dyed. The tote measures 7” wide, 5.5” deep and 12” tall. It is spot clean and comes with damp towel. It is

10handcrafted in USA.

Hidden Secret Message Leather Bracelet
handcrafted in USA.
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This is a simple, special, authentic and meaningful gift idea for your man. It can be personalized with a custom date or quote accompanied with a strong hypoallergenic magnetic clasp. It is made by BeGenuine, a renowned European handmade products brand.

Factors to consider while purchasing a gift for man

The taste of the recipient

Knowing what a man likes most can guide you to buying the best gift; all you do is to base it on his interests. For instance, if he is an audiophile then high fidelity headphones would be perfect.

Cost of the gift

You don’t want to appear extravagant but rather, save on the gifts. For this reason, a gift just below $50 is perfect. Cheap but thoughtful gifts are cute to everyone.

Value and usefulness of the gift

Here is where thoughtfulness comes into the mix. Ensure that the gift serves a purpose and helps the recipient complete a critical task.


You can’t run out of options if you think of the best items to gift a man at a cost of just $50 and below. Nothing impresses more like receiving an item you’ve always admired as a gift. Generally, putting into considerations the interests of the recipient as essential as ensuring the gift is of observable value. But where can you get the best gifts below $50? Amazon and other e-commerce websites on the web have an extensive collection of items from which you can select the best yet affordable gifts for a man. All you need is to understand the need sof the reciprnt.

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