Top 10 Best Gifts For 80 Year Old Woman in 2019

Gifting the 80 years old woman in your life can be quite a puzzle. Whether it’s just a thank you gift or a mother’s day gift or her birthday gift, it can get quite challenging to choose a present for her. Mainly because you might not know what thing(s) she places value most. One must be very careful when picking a gift to these kinds of people and considerate of their emotions as you do not want to be misread.

In her 80’s you are probably thinking that she must have been given all sorts of gifts and therefore there is nothing new. Well, if you are stuck and are looking for a way to impress her, here are ideas that might help you put a smile on her face.

Table of the Best Gifts For 80 Year Old Woman:

1French market basket

French market basket
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At her age she wants something more traditional and what a perfect way to deliver that than this basket? It is made from palm leaves and thus makes it strong and durable. It is not limited to any occasion and the good thing is that the size is just perfect since it is 24inches wide 15inches high and 12 inches deep.

2Culver gold glass set

Culver gold glass set
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This cat shape glasses are made from real gold. The material used is thick which makes them long-lasting. Also they can be washed by dishwashers and provide just the right diameter to drink from.

3Hand knitted camel neck warmer

Hand knitted camel neck warmer
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Made from cowl wool this will keep her warm in cold season. Plus, the color is just perfect as it can blend with any other color she might be wearing. It also stretches which means it can fit any size and can be washed by machines or hand washed.

4Wood Desktop Document Tray

Wood Desktop Document Tray
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This tray is perfect for organizing mails, letters and any other relevant document. It has two chalkboards which will assist in naming the documents for easier access when need be. The wooden and metallic materials used in making makes it more durable and also it is spacious enough to hold all of the crucial documents.

58 Piece Garden Tool Set

8 Piece Garden Tool Set
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If she loves to garden, then this is just the right gift to buy for her. Its foldable stool makes it more flexible as it can be carried around during gardening. The six tools will sort out all your gardening needs be it digging, weeding transplanting aerating or loosening soil. Not to mention the tote bag is able to hold various kinds of tools.

6Bionic Women’s Jacket

Bionic Women’s Jacket
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It is windproof and hence can keep you warm. The design is unique and up to date. The hem cinch-cord finish allows it to be adjusted to suit the wearer. This coat can be used in mild aerobic activities.

7Home doormat

Home doormat
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It is large enough to cover more ground. It is made dense fiber that removes all kinds of dirt from the shoe when they are scrapped over it. This beautiful doormat is backed with vinyl that makes it long lasting. Furthermore, it is moisture absorbent. There is no trouble when cleaning as you can vacuum, sweep or hose clean it.


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In case you are wondering what this really is, it is a loop of solid softwood sculpture that has a close resemblance with a human heart and at the center, air plants are fitted in it. It can be hand bent because it is made of soft and light wood. It is 6inches wide and 4inches long which provides just the right size. Again, it is made from conifer wood which makes it durable.

9Slipper Sock

Slipper Sock
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Looking for warmth in a cold season? This is just the perfect sock she may need. It is woolen which makes it warm and has a leather sole that makes it resistant to tear and hence and be worn for a very long time without and even in rough surfaces. Also the sold protects the leg from danger for instance sharp materials that may cause cuts.

10Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase

Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase
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For many years Victrola brand has been praised worldwide for its unique design and quality sound. This suitcase is made from a combination of latest technology. It has built-in Bluetooth that enables sharing music from any available Bluetooth device and it can stream in music as far as 33 feet away, speakers that produce quality sound and has a headphone for private listening. It is flexible as in can be carried around because of its carry handle. If she is a lover of music, then you should definitely consider gifting her with this suitcase.

Tips on how to choose a gift for an 80 years old woman

While everyone is different, but at 80 these people have accepted that their lives are almost coming to a close and appreciate the fact that they are alive. One should be very considerate when gifting them. Here are some tips that may help you to choose a gift for her.

Opt for a memory keeping gift

These people just want to spend the time they have left with their loved ones. Consider gifts that are memory keeping for example memory journal.

Travel gift

Think of a place that she has always wanted to visit. And then you can buy her a buy ticket or a plane ticket, and it’s best that you accompany her or have her go there with someone.

Cozy gifts

At this age, one needs to be comfortable enough. You can opt to buy cozy but unique gifts such as socks, jackets or neck warmers.

Practical gift

Such as key finders, pill organizers they will help them manage their day efficiently.

Health gift

There is nothing more important than health. You can buy for her a yoga matt or an adult coloring book that will help her reduce stress if they have any.

Be creative

Surpass the ordinary and gift her with something she did not expect. Regular gifts may not be appreciated since she may already have been given the same before as she was aging.


Choosing a gift for a senior without a doubt can be challenging. But with the ideas listed above am sure you can find your way out. Also, it is important to remember to be extra careful when gifting them because you don’t want to buy something that they won’t appreciate or will not make an impact in their lives. It is the thought that counts. As you might spend a lot of money but seniors just appreciate the fact that you thought of them.

All said and done, the most important gift you can give is your time. As these elderly people feel lonely and abandoned because they are not able to drive or to visit people, therefore they will appreciate if you just drop by their houses every now and then to check up on them.

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