Top 10 Best Gifts For 70 Year Old Mom in 2019

Has your mom just hit 70? Well this calls for a celebration. But how do you put a smile on that face of hers? A gift can do just the trick. But what gift? What do you buy for a woman who nearly has everything in her life? Worry not, we have compiled on your behalf thoughtful and unique gifts. If your mom is in her seventies then you shouldn’t get her an ordinary gift. It should be unique and something that she will appreciate. Below are the top ten gifts for your 70 year old mom.

Table of the Best Gifts For 70 Year Old Mom:

1The Fall Leaves Personalized Cutting Board

The Fall Leaves Personalized Cutting Board
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One thing your mum will never get tired of is cooking for you. Therefore you should get her tool that can make preparing food easy. This cutting board is a useful tool. It’s made from the finest hardwoods. You therefore need not worry about it wearing out or breaking. It will serve your mom for quite long. The great thing about this gift is that you can have it personalized with engravings on the surface. You can have it written her name, birthday or anything special that will make her happy.

2The Bloomingville Ceramic water Pitcher

The Bloomingville Ceramic water Pitcher
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Even if she is in her 70’s, your mom will definitely appreciate fine art. This pitcher is slim and tall. It’s unique design will make it stand out on your mom’s table. It’s made of ceramic and has an un-glazed band at the base that spices up its appearance. It’s also embossed with water on the front side.

3The Lipper International Serving Bowls

The Lipper International Serving Bowls
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She can use this serving bowls to serve fruits, salads or any meal she wants. It will help break the monotony of using regular plates. Plus, the cherry finish makes it look fantastic. It matches any table setting. You should also know that other than serving boards, Lipper International is a leading manufacturer of unique kitchen, office and even home products. Therefore as you buy your mom this bowl, check out their other products. However, the bowl shouldn’t be put in a microwave or refrigerator. The fluctuation in temperature could lead to the breaking of the bowl.

4The Gilhuo Women Cloak Coat

The Gilhuo Women Cloak Coat
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Keep her warm during cold weather this stylish woolen coat. It comes in three different colors; grey, red and black. You should pick among the three, a color that not only does she love but will look great on her. It’s made of wool. It can be either hand or machine washed. It’s single breasted and has a stand up collar. It also has two hand pockets. It’s ideal for casual wear and can be worn in all seasons except summer. You can be assured that it will definitely look great on her.

5The Set of 6 Royal Doulton Pacific Accent Mugs

The Set of 6 Royal Doulton Pacific Accent Mugs
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Moms always love inviting their friends over for a cup of tea. This set of six mugs will surely work wonders for her. The cups design entails a mixture of coastal discoveries such as waves, rock formations, nets and much more. The patterns are unique and entirely different from regular mugs. You can order for this product to arrive as gift, therefore saving you time you will have spent decorating the mug.

6The Deco 79 Large Seagrass Basket

The Deco 79 Large Seagrass Basket
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Get her this simple but elegant basket that she can always carry when going shopping. It’s big enough and can fit a substantial amount of shopping. It can also act as home décor. She can put it in one corner of her living room. It’s made from Vietnam and it’s well woven.

7The White Geometric Suite Two Concrete Planters and One Candle Holder

The White Geometric Suite Two Concrete Planters and One Candle Holder
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These hand cast products can really spice up the décor of your mom’s living room. The three feature sleek and well-built vessels that can look great wherever you put them. If your mom is into having a smart and elegant home décor then you can buy her this white geometric suite. She will definitely appreciate it.

8The iRobot Roomba 652 Vacuum

The iRobot Roomba 652 Vacuum
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Surprise your mom with this iRobot Vacuum Cleaner. She will definitely be amazed at first but considering the help this piece of tech will give her. She will love it. It will help ensure that her floors are always clean. You can schedule the robot to clean at least seven times in a week. It’s designed to suction dirt particles and debris from both floors and carpets. It also has dirt sensors, therefore cleaning thoroughly in areas with lots of dirt. It features dual multi-surface brushes.

9The NOW Ultrasonic Faux Wood Essential Oil Diffuser

The NOW Ultrasonic Faux Wood Essential Oil Diffuser
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NOW is well known for manufacturing natural and organic beauty products. Not only is the above product an efficient oil producer but it’s also well designed to complement her home. Its BPA free and features ultrasonic electronic vibrations that ensures maintenance of essential oils and all its holistic properties. It’s a good alternative for synthetic fresheners.

10The GSI Outdoors Enamelware Water Pitcher

The GSI Outdoors Enamelware Water Pitcher
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This product from GSI is another great water pitcher. It comes in bright red and blue colors. It’s been kiln-hardened, and you can, therefore, be assured that it will last long The GSI water pitcher is great for outdoors.

A Guide to Finding the Best Gift for Your 70-Year-Old Mom

It should be The Gift of a Lifetime

You should be proud that your mom has reached her seventies. You should, therefore, gift her something that will make her happy.

Personalize It

Adding a personal touch will have a significant impact. Give her something that will make her feel good about herself.

Be Unique

If she is seventy years old then, she has probably received nearly everything. The gift should, therefore, be unique.

Ask Her

If you are finding it hard to come up with a gift for her, then ask her. She will direct you to something she has always wanted.


Your mom is one of the most important women in your life. You shouldn’t take her for granted. One of the best ways to appreciate her is by getting her an awesome gift. The above are some of the best gifts in the market. Choose one or two or even three gifts from the ones above and follow the guide to help you find a perfect gift. There is no limit when it comes to making your mom happy.

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