Top 10 Best Gifts For 60 Year Old Man in 2019

Making it past the 60th mark is not a regular achievement. Very few people have passed that age limit, therefore it’s only best if you find an appropriate gift. Whether it’s your father, brother, husband or friend you need to give him an excellent gift. But, what do you get this man who has everything in his life. We have compiled ten creative and thoughtful gifts suitable for a man aged 60 years. Get him something fancy that will take him down memory lane and allow him to commemorate his past few decades.\

Table of the Best Gifts For 60 Year Old Man:

1The Audio Technica AT LP60 Stereo Turntable System

The Audio Technica AT LP60 Stereo Turntable System
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If the 60 year old in your life has just retired or is about to, then you need to keep him entertained at all times. What better way to entertain him than gifting him this AT LP60 Stereo Turntable. It has a silver color fused with a simple but stylish design. It can be easily operated. It produces clear and high quality audio. It features a wide variety of connectivity options. It comes with two output adapters and a dual RCA mini plug. The turntable features a built-in pre-amplifier.

2The Crosley ST66-PA Entertainment Stand

The Crosley ST66-PA Entertainment Stand
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Because he is spending most time at home, then this media stand is a perfect gift. It’s appropriately handcrafted with sturdy woods and can hold his turntable. You should ideally get this gift alongside a turntable. There is also another holder underneath where he can gently place all his favorite records. The paprika finish gives it a stylish look that will spice up his home décor. Assembling it is easy and doesn’t require the help of a professional.

3The All-New Sonos One Smart Speaker

The All-New Sonos One Smart Speaker
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The 60 year old man in your life is someone who has done most of the things for himself. This Sonos speaker will be a great aid. It’s because, not only does it play music it also features Alexa Voice Control. He will therefore be able to request for songs, or even turn the volume up by just commanding it via voice. He can also control the Sonos speaker using the Sonos mobile application. He will also have access to news, sports updates and a variety of other information. It can also be connected wirelessly to home speakers.

4The Carhartt Men’s Lightweight Chambray Button Front Shirt

The Carhartt Men’s Lightweight Chambray Button Front Shirt
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Why not add to his wardrobe this elegant shirt. It comes in five different colors and a couple of sizes ranging from small to extra-large. It features a soft and gentle fabric. It’s a 100% ring-spun cotton. The Chambray shirt has a button-down collar and two chest pockets. It’s long sleeved and entails an embroidered logo at the flap.

5The Bullseye Office

The Bullseye Office
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Is he a fan of traveling? This Bullseye magnetic globe isn’t only an office decorator but will help him map the places he has been to and those that he intends to visit. Its mounted on a stainless steel base and comes with 30 magnetic pins that he can use to pinpoint different locations. You can either pick the blue, black or tan. Unlike other maps, you can forget about puncture marks. With this globe, he can easily pinpoint locations without leaving traces of puncture marks.

6The Spigo Indoor LED Light Glow Garden

The Spigo Indoor LED Light Glow Garden
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One thing about folks aged 60 years is that they are no fun of junk food. Gifting him the Spigo garden will allow him to grow a few plants at a time. It’s ideal for herbs, such as peppermint, nettle, and cacti amongst others. Additionally it’s great for decorating a living room. Every time he sees, he will always remember you. It’s small in size and has a stylish design. The light tech provides eight hours of white light, 8 hours of grow fuchsia light and 8 hours off mode. However, the light is regulate-able as per the user’s preference. It comes completely with a soil pot, water gauge and AC adapter.

7Robe’s Factory Star Trek Red Scotty Pajama

Robe’s Factory Star Trek Red Scotty Pajama
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Gift the 60 year old in your life this comfy set of pajama to ensure he spends quality nights. As if that’s not enough, it features the star trek logo. If he was a fan of star trek, what better way to help him go down memory lane other than getting him this pair of pajamas? Both the shirt and pants are made from 100% cotton.

8The Victrola Modern Turntable

The Victrola Modern Turntable
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Victrola is well known for producing distinctive and nostalgic products. This turntable is a work of great craftsmanship incorporated with modern day technology. He can therefore play music from decades ago using today’s latest tech. It has two stereo 50 watt speakers that produce quality sound. It also features Bluetooth tech allowing seamless playing of music from other devices. The high gloss finish gives it an elegant look.

9The Modern Motif Men’s Haberdashery Dress Socks

The Modern Motif Men’s Haberdashery Dress Socks
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These are not just any regular type of socks. They are uniquely and colorfully designed. They feature moustache, flower and other stylish types of drawings. It’s made from 80% cotton and 17% Nylon. It will also provide him with ultimate comfort and breathability. These socks are also anti-bacterial.

10The Osaka Pour-Over Coffee Dripper with Wood Stand

The Osaka Pour-Over Coffee Dripper with Wood Stand
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The Osaka Pour over Coffee Dripper has a stainless steel cone filter that will allow him to enjoy the rich and balanced taste of coffee. It also features a glass server that is thermal shock resistant and absorbs no chemicals. The wire stand is to help make brewing much easier and comfortable. You can choose from three different types of colors. Find one that will add vibrancy to his kitchen.

Tips on Getting the Best Gift for a 60 Year Old Man

His Personality

His personality is the key factor to consider when getting a gift for a 60-year-old man. You don’t want to get a gift that he will just put away in his store. Is he into music? Is he into sports? Once you know his personality, then get a gift that will suit him best.

Take Him Down Memory Lane

Gift him something that would remind him of his past. 60 years is no joke. Find him something that he used to do when he was young.

Make it Useful

Depending on his personality, find him a gift that he will use on the regular. This way, every time he sees it, he will always remember it was you who bought him that gift.

It Should Be Special

Buy him a gift that he will appreciate. It should be something that should improve the bond between you and him.


The above are the top 10 gifts for a man aged 60 years. You don’t have to stress yourself looking all over for the perfect gift. Make sure you use the tips provided above to lead you to the most suitable gift. Whether the gift is for your father-in-law, father, friend, or even husband, you can be assured that he will like and appreciate it.

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