Top 10 Best Gifts For 50 Year Old Woman in 2019

What gift should I get her? This is a question that all of us ask ourselves when getting a gift for the special women in our life. Finding the answer to this question is much harder when she is a 50 year old woman. Mostly because she is mature and her preferences are a bit different. To save you the hassle of going from store to store with no clue of what to get her. Below we have compiled the top ten gifts for that 50 year old woman in your life. Whether it’s her birthday, anniversary or it’s just a random occasion, the gifts below will surely put a smile on her face.

Table of the Best Gifts For 50 Year Old Woman:

1The Floxite LED Lighted Travel and Home Magnifying Mirror

The Floxite LED Lighted Travel and Home Magnifying Mirror
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A mirror is a must-have for a woman. Getting her this mirror will ensure she can conveniently apply makeup and admire her face. It’s foldable and therefore she can either use it at home or carry it wherever she is going. It features up to ten times magnification. The Floxite magnifying mirror also has a bright bulb for easy visibility even in dark places. When opened, the cover turns into a stand for hands free viewing.

2The Patch Planters Compact Self Watering Herb

The Patch Planters Compact Self Watering Herb
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Unlike young women, most 50 year olds know and appreciate the benefits of eating a healthy diet. Gifting her this patch planters will allow her to grow a variety of greens and herbs such as arugula, basil, kale, lavender and much more. She therefore won’t need to go to the store every now and then. Other than that the patch planters will also spice up the look of her home. They can also perfectly fit small spaces and are built to last.

3The Family Tree Necklace

The Family Tree Necklace
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This necklace stands out among all other jewelry. It is a meaningful gift for that 50 year old woman in your life. It features one large teardrop and smaller gemstones on the side. The bigger gemstone represents the mother and the other the kids. You can have it tailored to suit the number of your family members. It’s an excellent gift for a mother because it will always remind her of the bond you share.

4The Poppin 3-Drawer File Cabinet

The Poppin 3-Drawer File Cabinet
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You can gift her this cabinet because it will help her conveniently store her files. The white and aqua coated steel gives it a simple but elegant design and can significantly spice up her office décor. The locking drawers can conveniently be opened and closed. It will keep her files safe and secure.

5The Sori Yanagi Stainless Steel Kettle

The Sori Yanagi Stainless Steel Kettle
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Does she like tea? Then this kettle is a great gift. It features a matte finish. It features a plastic made holder that will ensure safe carrying of the kettle when it’s hot. It has a wide bottom for rapid heating. It portrays simplicity but in a unique way. It’s also quite efficient.

6The Crosley USB Turntable

The Crosley USB Turntable
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Not only does it look good, but this turntable will enable her to play her best songs. Its USB enabled to allow connection with a PC. It’s portable, she can therefore carry it wherever she deems fit. It will also allow her to transfer and edit vinyl via the USB on her computer. It also features a variety of output options such as the headphone jack port. It has dynamic full range stereo speakers that produce high quality sound.

7The Acorn Unisex Slipper Sock

The Acorn Unisex Slipper Sock
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The Acorn unisex slipper sock will keep the 50 year old woman in your life warm at any time of the day. It provides comfort. The socks come in a variety of colors and sizes. It features cloud cushion technology that provide iconic comfort. It’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor purposes. There are durable sidewalls that are water repellant.

8The GSI Outdoors Enamelware Water Pitcher

The GSI Outdoors Enamelware Water Pitcher
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The GSI Outdoor Enamelware water pitcher holds 3.5 quarts of water. The opening is wide enough and she can use it as a flower vase also. The red color makes it have a unique and appealing look. It’s sturdy because it’s built from heavy gauge steel with an enamel finish. The three-ply construction maximizes heat distribution, therefore, ensuring even cooking.

9The Leatherman Wingman Multi-tool

The Leatherman Wingman Multi-tool
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Gifting the 50 year old woman in your life this tool enables her to conveniently carry out a variety of projects in her home or workstation. It features 14 different tools. Its stainless steel, light and pocket sized. It’s an ideal every day tool. It features a knife, scissors, pliers, bottle, can opener and many others. It can come in handy when she goes for camping. It’s small size and lightweight makes it easy to carry.

10The Kate Spade New York Square Stud Earrings

The Kate Spade New York Square Stud Earrings
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These beautiful earrings will definitely put a smile on her face. The earrings are a product from Kate Spade which is well known for offering high quality and well-designed clothing, handbags and much more. The pair of earrings feature a well-crafted faux crystal design. You can choose from seven different colors.

Factors to Have in Mind when Getting a Gift for a 50-Year-Old Woman

It should Be Uncommon

A woman in her fifties has probably received nearly every type of gift. You should, therefore, make sure you find something that she has never had.

Do Some Digging

If the two of you are not that close, do some research. Find out what she likes, what she doesn’t. This will guide you to finding the best gift.

Keep her Preferences in Mind

Once you know what she likes, find something related to that. Make sure the gift will have a significant impact on her.

It should Be Beautiful

Whether it’s a pair of earrings or a cabinet, it should be beautiful. Make sure you check the design and find something appealing.


The above are the top 10 suitable gifts for a woman aged 50 years. Their first 50 years were great, and you should, therefore, gift them something that will make the next 50 even better. The above ideas were well researched, you can, thus, be assured that they will work like a charm

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