Top 10 Best Freezerless Refrigerators in 2019 Reviews

You may not understand the need for a Freezerless Refrigerator untill your fridge just froze. It is then that you can appreciate the need for these devices. These devices can store food and other items for quite a while. In addition, they come with enough storage capacity for your foodstuffs. If you think this is not what you need, then you may need to rethink again.

So what is the best Freezerless Refrigerator for you? You may not need the best refrigerator, as most of them are relatively expensive. All you need is just a good enough refrigerator that can serve the purpose. How about if you can afford the expensive ones? Then the answer is simple, proceed and buy them. They are definitely made for you.

Below is a review of 10 Best Freezerless Refrigerators in 2019. You may want to go through it before you can make a decision on which one suits you. We will later culminate this section by looking at the factors you may consider if you are to get the best Freezerless Refrigerator for you. For now, enjoy the review.

Table of the Best Freezerless Refrigerators:

1Hisense RR63D6ASE Refrigerator with Single Door and Freezer, 6.3 cu. ft., Stainless Silver

Hisense RR63D6ASE Refrigerator with Single Door and Freezer, 6.3 cu. ft., Stainless Silver
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Hisense RR63D6ASE Refrigerator has a capacity of 95 litres: 65 litres fridge and 25 litres freezer.This refrigerator is ideal for small families that do not need an extra-large fridge freezer, or is perfect for keeping all essentials in a convenient space whilst a larger appliance can keep bulk shopping cool elsewhere. The temperature of this unit is controlled manually via an adjustable thermostat giving you complete control of the temperature between 16-32°C. This Refrigerator model also comes with adjustable feet that guarantees sturdiness

This Refrigerator model also includes a clear crisper and deli drawers and a clear door bins that can easily hold 2L bottles. It includes 5.5 cu ft refrigeration compartment and 0.8 cu ft freezer compartment. This model also has 2 transparent shelves are easy to clean and also makes food very accessible. It is made of high quality steel that adds to its durability. Furthermore, this Refrigerator model comes with a reversible door that allows you to choose between the right hand or left hand opening model. The good thing with this model is that you can reorganize the racks to allow for an accessible way of storage of frequently removed items.

Special features

  • 5 cu ft refrigeration compartment and 0.8 cu ft cooler compartment
  • 2 transparent shelves are easy to clean and make food more accessible
  • 2 removable racks
  • Clear crisper and store drawers.
  • Clear Door containers effortlessly hold 2L bottles.
  • Vitality Star affirmed.


  • Allow for temperature regulation
  • Good capacity
  • Durable
  • Allows for easy cleaning
  • Food is easily accessible

2Kenmore Elite 4679043 24.1 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator in Stainless Steel, includes delivery and hookup (Available in select cities only)

Kenmore Elite 4679043 24.1 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator in Stainless Steel, includes delivery and hookup (Available in select cities only)
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Kenmore Elite 4679043 24.1 cu. ft refrigerator model is designed to allow enough space to store your foods, fresher and for a longer time. It has a multi-air flow technology that allows for easy flow of fresh air into the refrigerator. The multi-air flow technology uses venting to balance cool air throughout the fridge. It includes a full-width pantry drawer, gallon storage bins and a Tilt-N-store door bin.

The latter two helps in storing tall items with ease. It also has built-in icemaker at the bottom of the freezer to keep fresh ice.The Kenmore 1st Tilt-N-Store door bin flips up and out of the way to create more vertical space to store taller items like wine bottles and pitchers with ease.

Special features

  • Only available in select cities.
  • It includes room of choice delivery, unboxing, item hook-up (including required parts) and free optional haul-away at checkout
  • 24.1 cubic foot capacity with bottom freezer.
  • Full width pantry drawer; split adjustable shelves
  • Multi Air Flow technology
  • TechnologyHumidity-Controlled Crisper Drawers
  • Gallon storage bins; Tilt-N-Store door bin
  • Energy Star qualified
  • Item dimensions are length 34.88 by width 32.75 by height 69.88 inches. Measure th


  • Allows enough space for your food
  • Multi-air flow technology
  • Ease in item storage
  • Readily available ice
  • Durable and reliable

3Kenmore 04661212 20.8 cu.ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator with LED Lighting in White, includes delivery and hookup (Available in select cities only)

Kenmore 04661212 20.8 cu.ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator with LED Lighting in White, includes delivery and hookup (Available in select cities only)
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This Refrigerator model is the best for storing your food. It provides more than enough space of storage. With the help of the adjustable split shelves, you can easily fit whatever you want to in this unit. This refrigerator’s frost free freezer allows for it’s easy maintenance. The model is designed with a garage ready technology that allows the unit to be installed in a garage, no extra adaptor is required. The refrigerator has four shelves, this allows for more storage space.

The capacity of the refrigerator is 20.8 cubic foot. It includes energy-efficient, long-lasting LED lighting casts a warm, natural light on this refrigerator’s interior. You can also make sure everything is in good shape Sadly, the refrigerator model doesn’t include an icemaker. Some may not like this but the refrigerator still serves the purpose perfectly. The the dimensions of the unit are: length 33.8 by width 32.87 by height 66.1 inches. You may need to measure the space set aside for this unit to see whether it fits.


  • Plenty storage space
  • Keeps your food fresh for long
  • Adjustable split shelves
  • 4 shelves
  • Garage ready technology
  • Long-lasting LED lighting
  • Energy efficient


  • Large capacity
  • Garage technology
  • Keep foods fresh for long
  • Energy efficient
  • Adjustible split shelves


  • Lacks ice maker

4Danby DFF100C2WDD Frost-Free Refrigerator with Top-Mount Freezer, 9.9 Cubic Feet, White

Danby DFF100C2WDD Frost-Free Refrigerator with Top-Mount Freezer, 9.9 Cubic Feet, White
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This refrigerator model is about 60 inches tall and 24 inches wide. This, coupled with its compact design makes it a perfect appliance for condos, apartments, wet bars, and office lunchroom. You can comfortably adjust it to left or right hand opening depending on your preference, because of its reversible door hinge system. It is interesting to not that this unit has a frost-free operation for hassle-free maintenance. The device also has a separate electronic control for the freezer and the the refrigerator.

The top mount freezer of this model has one adjustible wire shelf and two door bins. Space organization for maximum storage is never an issue due to the glass covered crisper and adjustable wire shelves. Led lighting also makes space organization easy. This unit comes with 18 months labor and parts warranty cover. This is lovely.


  • 10 cu. ft. (281 L) capacity refrigerator
  • Energy Star rated (297 kWh)
  • Frost-free operation for hassle-free maintenance
  • Separate electronic controls for refrigerator and freezer
  • Top-mount freezer has 1 adjustable/removable wire shelf and 2 door bins
  • Refrigerator has LED lighting
  • Environmentally friendly R600a refrigerant
  • 2 full width and 1 – 1/2 width removable wire shelves for maximum storage versatility
  • Integrated door shelving with tall bottle storage
  • Vegetable crisper and cover
  • Integrated door handle and Reversible door hinge
  • Smooth back design


  • Frost free operation
  • Smooth back design
  • Enough space for storage
  • 18 months warranty
  • Separate electronic controls for refrigerator band freezer
  • Environmentally friendly


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If you are looking for a stainless steel refrigerator to replace your old one or just to get a new one for the first time. Then, look no further. The best stainless steel refrigerator is right here with you. It’s definitely worth your penny. This is an energy rated generator with an upright door. It is shown to have complied with all safety and sanitation standards, so you shouldn’t be worried of such. It is made of stainless steel to add to its durability. Its ergonomic design gives your kitchen an awesome outlook. The use of advanced technology created in it an environmentally friendly refrigeration system with shorter run times, low energy consumption and is known for its very cool temperatures.

Special features

  • Top mount compressor units.
  • Exterior and interior stainless steel construction.
  • Dixell digital temperature control system.
  • Heavy duty embraco compressor.
  • Self-closing and stay open door.
  • Efficient refrigeration system.
  • Round corner design.
  • Recessed door handle. Standard safety door lock.
  • Magetic door gaskets
  • Pre-installed castors and Pre-installed shelves.
  • 155lbs loading capacity per shelf.


  • Efficient refrigeration system
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Low energy consumption
  • Good cooling temperatures
  • Safe

6Frigidaire FFTR1222QM 24″ Counter Depth Top-Freezer Refrigerator, Silver Mist

Frigidaire FFTR1222QM 24
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This is a ft Capacity refrigerator that is about 24″ wide but has enough space for your food storage. It has easy-access freezer with a shelf and a door rack. You can easily organize space in this refrigerator model as the shelves are adjustable. You can either adjust the shelves up and down to create more space for your taller items. Most users argue that this is an awesome feature. The crisper drawers are more clear and you can easily see the stored items. You can keep the refrigerator and freezer temperatures controlled separately using the independent temperature controls

Special features

  • 11.5 cu. ft. Capacity
  • 3 Glass Shelves, Gallon Storage
  • 2 Full-Width Door Bins
  • 2 Clear Crisper Drawers
  • Reversible door swing
  • Bright lighting
  • Static condenser
  • Color-coordinated door handle and cabinet finish
  • Independent Temperature Control.


  • Enough space for storage
  • Reliable
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Independent temperature controls
  • Crisper drawers are transparent

7Danby DAR044A6BSLDBO 4.4 cu.ft. Outdoor Rated Compact All Refrigerator, Spotless Steel

Danby DAR044A6BSLDBO 4.4 cu.ft. Outdoor Rated Compact All Refrigerator, Spotless Steel
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This is a durable refrigerator model that has been tested for cooling capacity in tropical environments. It comes in a water-proof electrical housing and UV protected plastics. It features a classic retro-inspired curved door design, rubber-grip ergonomic handle and stylized worktop. This unit is known for 4.4 cubic-feet of storage and cooling space and features two and a half tempered glass shelves for maximum storage versatility. You can see through the vegetable crisper through the top of the glass.

The adjustable shelves also allows for an up and down adjustment of shelves to accomodate taller items.
The unit is very convenient as the reversible door hinge system allows you to choose between right hand and left hand opening depending on your preferred one. We cannot afford to miss to mention the warranty cover. This model also comes with a 12 months warranty cover for parts and labor. However, the cover doesn’t include installation.

Special features

  • Energy Star compliant
  • 4 castors featuring stainless steel ball bearings for rust-resistance
  • Waterproof electrical housing
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Automatic defrost
  • 12-months warranty
  • Rubber-grip ergonomic door handle
  • Vegetable crisper and cover
  • Adjustable glass shelves
  • Integrated door shelving with tall bottle storage
  • Mechanical thermostat
  • Interior LED lighting
  • Reversible door hinge


  • Automatic defrost
  • Adjustable glass shelves
  • Led lighting
  • Energy compliant
  • 12 months warranty
  • Reversible door hinge

8Willz WLR27S5 2.7 cu.ft. Refrigerator Single Door/ Chiller, Stainless steel

Willz WLR27S5 2.7 cu.ft. Refrigerator Single Door/ Chiller, Stainless steel
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This refrigerator model will give you the best service. It is made of an excellent design and made of steel that confers durability. It features a half-width freezer compartment with a door that is ideal for ice and frozen food storage. The unit also has an excellent organizational features such as interior light, a coated wire slide-out shelf, 2 leveling front legs and storage for 2-Liter bottles.

The reversible door hinge technology allows the refrigerator to open from either the left or the right hand side depending on your liking. The unit also includes a mechanical adjustable thermostat control that enables quick and simple temperature adjustments depending on the need. It is celebrated for low power consumption and is energy efficient. What most product users love to hear is warranty cover. As it is with some refrigerator models, so it is with this one, it comes with a 1-year warranty cover.

Special Features

  • 2.7 CU.FT. Compact Size
  • Reversible hinge door system
  • Mechanical Adjustable Thermostat Control
  • R600a Compressor, Reversible Door
  • Coated Wire Slide-Out Shelf
  • Full-Width Freezer Compartment
  • 1-year warranty cover


  • Durable
  • Low energy consumption
  • Adjustible temperature settings
  • Reversible hinge door system
  • 1-year warranty cover

9Avanti FFBM102D3S Bottom Mount Frost Free Freezer/Refrigerator, Black with Stainless Steel Doors

Avanti FFBM102D3S Bottom Mount Frost Free Freezer/Refrigerator, Black with Stainless Steel Doors
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Avanti FFBM102D3S model is the second last in our list of best refrigerators. Its appearance as the second last must not be misconstrued to mean poor results when you are to use it. It did outsmart several other units and that’s why it had to appear in our list.

This unit comes with a plenty of storage space for your items. Its shelves are removable and adjustable to create more room for storage. The top and the bottom doors are reversible to allow for either left or right opening depending on your choice, a feature that many users cherish. The refrigerator also features dual crisper with glass lid and two-liter bottle storage on door, full temperature controls, wire shelf and storage basket in freezer. The glass shelves in the refrigerator section allows you to see easily what is stored in the refrigerator.

Special features

  • Reversible hinge door system
  • Bottom Mounted Freezer Section
  • Electronic control panel
  • Adjustable / Removable Shelving
  • Glass Shelves in the Refrigerator Section
  • Full Range Temperature Control
  • Energy Star Rated


  • Reversible hinge door system
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Temperatures are controlled
  • You can clearly see through the storage shelves

10Fisher Paykel E522BLX 17.6 cu ft Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator – Stainless Steel with Left Hinge

Fisher Paykel E522BLX 17.6 cu ft Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator - Stainless Steel with Left Hinge
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This is the last in our list. Yet still it’s an excellent product that is durable, reliable and convenient. It is made of stainless steel making it durable and of high quality. It comes with adjustable glass shelves that allows for creation of more space. You can also see through the glass top. The good news for you is that it has a 17.3 cu.ft. Capacity and humidity control systems. It includes left hinges

Special features

  • LED Lighting and Smart Touch Control Panel
  • Left hinges
  • 17.3 cu. ft. Capacity
  • Adjustable Glass Shelves
  • Humidity Control System


  • Adjustable glass shelves
  • Good capacity
  • Durable
  • Allows for humidity control

Factors to be considered when choosing Freezerless Refrigerators to Purchase

Shelves and Drawers

You need to pay attention on how smoothly the drawers open. This is an awesome consideration as it ensures ease in the use. You can also check the shelves to ensure that they are spill-proof. Flexibility of the shelves is an added advantage. It makes the fridge very convenient.


Most fridges are of good capacity and can serve you well without any problem. However, it can be so unwise to buy a fridge of very low capacity. You may even regret purchasing it under such events.


We are living in a world where expensive products are believed to be of high quality, reliable and durable. This may not be true, though has elements of truth. Expensive refrigerators come with added features like ice making ability, shelves flexibility, temperature control ability among other features. It is also not arguable that expensive fridges have improved capacity. But that aside, the choice of a refrigerator is based on the amount of cash you have. You cannot purchase what you can’t afford.


Before you can go buying a refrigerator, it’s wiser that you measure the available space. It’s only proper that you buy a refrigerator model that can fit on the available space. Otherwise you will be mourning for having wasted your cash.

Ice maker

Fridges with ice making capability attracts most consumers. They are known to be very convenient. The good news that most fridges now have automatic ice makers. So you have a wide range to choose from. However, ice making capacity comes with its disadvantages. Study shows that fridges with automatic ice makers require frequent maintenance compared to those without.


This review is unbiased and based on raw facts. It compiles some of the best Freezerless Refrigerators in the market today. As you might have realized, the units so selected by us are of high quality and are durable, reliable and above all serves the purpose for which they are made. These units are among the best if not the best, but we are persuaded that they are the best. You could agree or deny that. Their excellent features make them exceptional. You need to try one. For them who were looking for information on the best available Freezerless Refrigerators, I hope you found your march.

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