Best Folding Bikes In 2019 Reviews

A foldable bicycle is the most convenient bike for those who don’t have a car or enough space for storage and parking. The bikes are made of lightweight materials for easy transportation and are easy to fold as well.

Tips for buying the best foldable bicycle.

The speed.

The bikes consist of different speed gears whereby some have a single lever while others are equipped with up to 21-speed-changing gears. If you move on uneven or hilly roads, you will require a bike with multiple speed gears for efficiency and easy control.

The brakes.

Make sure the bike is made of sturdy and durable brakes for easy control of the speed. A good bike should have dual brakes for smooth power.

The size.

The bikes are constructed to a fit a particular size and weight. Therefore make sure that the bike is strong enough to withstand your weight, and the seat should be adjustable for comfort while riding.

Table of the Ten best foldable bicycles:

120 Inch Light Weight Aluminum Folding Bike.

20 Inch Light Weight Aluminum Folding Bike.
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The bike consists of aluminum material that is light in weight hence making it easy to move. It is foldable and therefore you don’t require a large storage space plus the bike comes with a back rack where you can carry your personal necessities. You can use the bike for commuting to work or for leisure activities due to its elegant structure. The bike is ideal for riding on different roads since the six-speed shifters allow you to change the speed, It is also equipped with a latching mechanism for safety purposes. Assembling of this bike will only take about ten minutes with the aid of a user manual.

2Euro mini Urbano 24 lb Aluminum Frame Foldable Bike.

Euro mini Urbano 24 lb Aluminum Frame Foldable Bike.
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This is a great bike to get your teenage son for his birthday since it is crafted with user friendly features for majority of age. The bike features a beautiful red color that makes it look attractive, it weighs about 24 pounds and has aluminum material. .For safety purposes, the bike is equipped with brakes on both sides and has a total of 8 speed gears which allow one to ride it on different roads. The seat and the handlebar are adjustable making the bike ideal for different sizes and heights. It does not require large storage space since once folded; it measures about 27 x 31×12.5 inches. Other equipped accessories include the double wall rims, multi-terrain tires, plastic pedals and a magnetic catcher. Note that all these parts are foldable.

3Folding 36V 250 W Electric Moped Sports Mountain Men Bicycle Foldable Bike.

Folding 36V 250 W Electric Moped Sports Mountain Men Bicycle Foldable Bike.
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This is unique foldable bike since it functions with the use of a rechargeable battery. It is made with sturdy materials that make it withstand various roads hence making it a good sports bike. The bike consumes about 250 Wattage which enables it to run for a distance of up to 30 kilometers. It takes less than seven hours to charge fully and it is equipped with power cut brakes for easy control of the bike in different speeds. It is foldable to a small size in case you want to fit in your car boot and it is also light in weight. Note that you can still use it as a normal bike even when you run out of charge.

4Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain bike.

Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain bike.
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Some of the best features found on this bike include the Shimano gear that enables one to control the bike regardless of the speed he is moving at. it is easy to move the bike around due to the lightweight structure it is made of, and the presence of the rechargeable lithium battery enables one to move at high speed and on different areas. Folding Bikes  features 26 inch magnesium alloy wheels which have thick tires and has a fixed anti- sleep mechanism that allows one to comfortably ride the bike during the rainy seasons. This bike also has 21 Shimano gears which allow you to ride in sloppy and hilly areas and for safety measures; the bike has brakes that are strong and easy to use. The bike is safe to use on busy roads or even at night since it has a horn and a front LED light for easy visibility.

5Origami Cricket 7 Light Weight Folding Bicycle.

Origami Cricket 7 Light Weight Folding Bicycle.
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You can carry the bicycle to different places as it is foldable to a minimum size that can easily fit in the car boot. The bike is constructed of aluminum material hence making it light to carry around. The bike consist of 7 speed-changing gears and the seat can be adjusted to fit different heights; For adequate control and safety, the bike has hard brakes on both sides of the wheels plus a rack where you can carry your good at. It has good and wide tire essential for riding on different surfaces since it measures about 20 x 1.75 inches. Other included accessories on the bike are the front and the back fenders.

#6. Xspec 20 inch 7 Speed City Folding Compact Bike.

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This is an excellent bike for riding around the city with. You can use the bike to commute to work or school as it will not require large storage space. It is s easy to fold, and the lightweight structure makes it easy to carry the bike around. The bike has both front and back brakes for safety plus a back rack where you can keep your bag or other necessities. You can easily cruise on hilly or sloppy surfaces since the bike has a total of seven changing speeds for easy movements. The seat is adjustable to fit people who are about 6 fit inch.

7Retrospec Bicycle Speck Folding Single-Speed Bicycle.

Retrospec Bicycle Speck Folding Single-Speed Bicycle.
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I would recommend this bike for beginners since it only features a single speed for easy control. It is foldable thus making the storage and transportation to be convenient. The presence of the equipped brakes allows one to easily control the speed of the bike at any surface. The bike is good for commuting or even exercising since it is quite easy to use and light in weight. The wheels measures around 20 inches wide and the tires are smooth for easy movement on the roads. It is easy to fold and unfold the bike as it takes less than five minutes.

8Goplus 20 Inch Electric Mountain bike.

Goplus 20 Inch Electric Mountain bike.
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A great bike for working out or even for sports purposes since it features great structures such as strong frame and wide wheels for these reasons. The bike comes with a rechargeable 48 V lithium battery essential for empowering the bike and does not take long to charge.You can fit the bike in the trunk of the car as it is foldable. The dual disc brakes make it easy to control the speed of the bicycle. Other features include the six-speed gear options, an LED headlamp and two working modes essential for people who are working out with the bike.

9Ferty 2019 New Electric Mountain Foldable Bicycle with Removable Lithium Battery.

Ferty 2019 New Electric Mountain Foldable Bicycle with Removable Lithium Battery.
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Ferty Bike is made with an adjustable seat to fit different heights. It is powered by a lithium rechargeable battery that empowers the bike for fast riding. The presence of the three gear speeds enables the rider to move on different surfaces with ease. You can ride the bike even during the night due to the available equipped led headlamp. The two working mode enables you to create an excellent resistance if you want to work out. Other features include the anti-slip mechanism for the easy riding of the bike on slippery surfaces and are foldable for easy transportation and storage.

10Foldable Electric A-bike urban City bicycle.

Foldable Electric A-bike urban City bicycle.
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If you are looking for a multipurpose bike, then this is the best choice for you. The bike is powered by a lithium rechargeable battery that enables you to move fast and easy. It has seven-speed gears thus you can run even on hilly places with ease. The bike can be used for leisure purposes, workout and also for competing since it has two riding mode that enables the rider to get optimum results. It is crafted with aluminum alloy wheels for smooth movement on different surfaces, and the availability of the LED headlamp allows one to ride even in dark areas. You can fold the bike for secure storage or transportation, and assembling takes less than 15 minutes to complete. Other equipped parts are the dual brakes and the release clamp for easy folding and unfolding the bike.


The above are ten of the best foldable bikes essential for various activities. Note that some bikes are powered with rechargeable batteries while others are manual. Therefore, know the kind of bike you want to buy before you order. Also, it is advisable that you check the materials used in crafting to ensure it is high quality and durable. Make sure the bike has brakes, and they are functioning correctly for safety purposes.

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