Top 5 Best Floor Standing Speakers in 2017

Home entertainment is never truly complete without a kick-ass sound system dispersing impressive sound feeds from visual or audio contents. A key component of an effective sound system is the floor standing speaker, which is responsible for fine-tuning and magnifying the sound conveyed from the source,Floor Standing Speakers.

Floor standing speakers are expertly manufactured to satisfy the numerous demands of a vast number of end-users because every consumer has a set of features that they prioritise when searching for a speaker to purchase. Perhaps the most apparent feature that is uniformly represented in most floor standing speakers is its slender and compact size, which ensures that the speakers fit perfectly in various home settings.

Choosing an ideal floorstanding speaker may be challenging considering the absurd number of speakers in the market today, if one is searching for the best floorstanding speakers in 2017, then the 5 speakers aptly described below should certainly be in one’s consideration.

List of Top 5 Best Floor Standing Speakers in 2017

#5. Bluedio US (UFO) Wireless Bluetooth Satellite Speaker System

The Bluedio US is not a conventional floorstanding speaker and it is, in fact, this unique build and design that makes it stand out from the other speakers in the market. With a mainframe that is built from aluminium alloy, the Bluedio speaker possesses a remarkable blend of lightness and durability — a rare blend of features to find in floorstanding speakers. Oddly shaped like a spaceship with two propelling wings on the sides, the speaker is certainly an aesthetic specimen when it comes to its design.


  • A mainframe that is composed of aluminium alloy
  • A 2.1 soundtrack that utilizes a 59mm bass driver in order to facilitate the strengthening of low frequencies
  • A 3D sound feature that modifies the speaker’s sound in order to create a cinematic experience.
  • Control buttons located on the top of the speaker for easy accessibility
  • A passive radiator that enhances the speaker’s base by maximizing the performance of the 59mm bass driver.

Bluedio US (UFO) Wireless Bluetooth Satellite Speaker System
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#4. Update DIKAOU Bedside Clock Bluetooth speaker

While having a set of floorspeaker in the living room of a home is impressive, what is more impressive is having an expertly modified speaker in the bedroom…and not just anywhere in the bedroom but on the stand adjacent the bedside. The Update DIKAOU bedside speaker ensures that the amplified emission of rhythmic sounds doesn’t have to seize while one is in bed. Its stout build and compact frame make it the perfect sound equipment for the bedroom, which can be used to optimize the sound from a smartphone.


  • A multi-functionality feature that includes a Bluetooth enabled speaker, an alarm clock, and a sleek mirror
  • Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, this speaker remains active for 16 hours after 3 hours of charging
  • Its alarm clock function is aptly designed to incorporate songs in an SD card as the alarm tune
  • It possesses an LED/LCD screen design that also has mirror capabilities and displays very pertinent data.

Update DIKAOU Bedside Clock Bluetooth speaker
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#3. Zoee Portable Bluetooth Speaker

There are not many Bluetooth speakers in the market that are able to tick all the boxes with regards to features and performance, yet the ZoeeTree S3 aces every test of reliability and performance without any hitch. How else can one describe a beautifully designed speaker that is portable but still equipped with a stereo subwoofer that contains HD sound and bass?
Its compact size is a valuable feature that aids the handling of the speaker but perhaps what is really remarkable is the fact that it doesn’t in any way hinder the excellence of sound output.


  • Beautiful aesthetics that imitate the shape of a capsule Able to boost its maximum volume by as much as 50%
  • Impressive surround sound that can be attributed to an embedded bass chip, a bass diaphragm, and a magnetic horn
  • It utilizes the latest Bluetooth technology, which enables fast connections to all types of smartphones
  • A built-in rechargeable battery that is able to withstand up to 10 hours of non-stop music.

 Zoee Portable Bluetooth Speaker
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#2. Anker SoundCore Mini

This oddly shaped portable speaker is a dream come true for music lovers that want to remain serenaded while on the move. Its compact build doesn’t only help increase its durability, it also aids the speaker’s handling and portability. The speaker is also equipped with an enhanced bass system and the latest Bluetooth technology that is certain to improve the quality of the sound it emits.


  • The speaker is both compact and effective due to possession of a bass driver and a passive subwoofer.
  • It applies Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with other Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Its battery is able to support an extended playtime of up to 15 hours
  • With both Micro SD and AUD capabilities, it is able to deliver non-stop audio services.

 Anker SoundCore Mini
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#1. AOMAIS Sport II

The Aomais Sport II portable speaker is indeed a masterpiece that can only be matched by a few floorstanding speakers in the market. Its sleek build is just a tip of the iceberg as the sport-themed speaker is also equipped with an effective base driver and a pair of thumping stereos. Aptly designed to function with smartphones and other devices, the rectangularly shaped speaker is certainly the most heralded sound enhancement tool in 2017.


  • It is waterproof with an immersion tolerance of up to 30 minutes
  • Its aesthetics is rugged, perfectly fitting the sports theme used in branding it
  • It has a stereo pairing function that helps amplify sound output
  • It is also equipped with a hands-free function that supports the hands-free answering of a phone-call.
  • Floorstanding speakers are becoming more compact with each design and many can now be used while on the move. There is, however, one thing they all have in common: incredible sound output.

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