Top 10 Best Extension Hose for Pressure Washer of 2019 Reviews

Are you looking for best extension hose for a pressure washer? You need to have the best extension hose if you need to deliver quality services to your customers. The challenge comes when need to purchase the extension hose since you will find many providers in the market all claiming to offer the best. To avoid the confusion once you get into the market, you need to do proper research so that you make an informed decision. Quality should be your priority when purchasing the extension hose for you to enjoy quality service for long. You don’t have to mind where you will get information about the best extension hose in the market. Here are the reviews of the best extension hoses 2019.

Table of the Best Extension Hose for Pressure Washer:

1Schieffer Co. Craftsman Black Pressure Washer Hose

Schieffer Co. Craftsman Black Pressure Washer Hose
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This is a great extension hose that you can purchase and enjoy quality services as it can handle a significant amount of pressure. Schieffer, the manufacturer, has a good reputation when it comes to providing quality hose services and best extension. There is no doubt about the products this manufacturer offers hence you have no reason to double this smooth thermoplastic hose.

2KLAREN Garden Hose

KLAREN Garden Hose
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This extension hose can be perfect for car washing or watering your garden as it supports a significant amount of pressure. The KLAREN hose is flexible and can expand when you are using to accommodate the pressure and shrink for useful storage when you are not using. The tube is made of sturdy material to serve you for very long time and get value for your money.

3Gilmour Flexogen Grey Garden hose

Gilmour Flexogen Grey Garden hose
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Another great option for extension hose is the Gilmour hose since it’s powerful to serve you very long time. The tube is also light for comfortable to use and connects very well without leaking making it perfect for multiple usages either at the farm or the car wash. The tube can work well in any working environment and will not tear easily.

4Snow Joe SPX Heavy Duty Pressure Washer Hose

Snow Joe SPX Heavy Duty Pressure Washer Hose
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This hose fits well in almost all pressure washers without leaking and is very strong thus ideal for any working environment. Snow Joe pressure hose is not affected by weather conditions or terrain and is resistant to kinking. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about environmental situations when you are using it. You can settle on this hose and enjoy quality service and by the end of the day get the value for your money. Storage is also easy as the hose fits comfortably in any hose reel you purchase and since it’s strong, no damage can quickly affect the hose.

5Twinkle Star High-Pressure Washer

Twinkle Star High-Pressure Washer
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This 50 feet long hose offers excellent service that very few tubes can challenge. The length of the Twinkle Star ensures that you can water your garden efficiently. The hose fits any pressure washer comfortably and connects without leaking even a drop when you install it well. The tube can support the pressure of up to 3, 000 PSI which means can be of great help if you run a car wash business. The tube is reliable and resistant to tearing and harsh weather conditions.

6UBERFLEX Pressure Washer Hose

UBERFLEX Pressure Washer Hose
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This hose is designed to work correctly with gas or electric pressure washer and supports a significant amount of pressure of up to 3,100 PSI. The tube is very flexible to use and for perfect storage when you have the reel. You can use this extension hose to water your garden or in your car wash business since it can work under any condition. Remember this hose is made of plastic thus don’t use it with hot water or steam it you will cause damage to it.

7Gilmour Heavy Duty Pressure Hose

Gilmour Heavy Duty Pressure Hose
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This 50 feet long Gilmour pressure hose will be another excellent choice for your work in 2019 for use in your garden or car wash. The hose supports high pressure making it ideal for use with any gas or electric pressure washer. Gilmour tube is very light to use hence you will not have to strain a lot when using it in your work. The durability is also something that you will love about this pressure hose since it’s made to serve you for long.

8Simpson Cleaning Extension Hose

Simpson Cleaning Extension Hose
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The other option you can consider in 2019 when you want to buy extension hose that will work correctly with your pressure washer is the Simpson hose. This tube can support a pressure washing machine that produces pressure of up to 3700 PSI. The tube is also light and comfortable to use at your working station for floor washing or any other washing and garden watering.

9Schieffer Rubber Pressure Washer Hose

Schieffer Rubber Pressure Washer Hose
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You can decide to purchase this fantastic extension hose from Schieffer Company which supports very high pressure of up to 4000PSI. The tube connects well with any pressure washer you may have at your working station without leaking hence saving your water and providing quality service. The weight is also reasonable for you to execute your work efficiently.

10Simpson Cleaning Heavy Duty Pressure Washer Hose

Simpson Cleaning Heavy Duty Pressure Washer Hose
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This 50 feet long hose will provide you with fantastic working experience since it supports very high pressure of water amounting to up to 3700PSI. The tube is made of polyester material that is light to provide you with comfortable working experience without straining. Connecting to the washer is very easy and does not leak if you make the proper connection.

What to consider when purchasing pressure washer hose?


– how long do you need your hose to be for you to work correctly? The hoses come in different range sizes hence choose the tube that you feel fits your nature of work.

The amount of pressure the hose can handle

– you pressure washer should guide you on what hose to purchase. You should buy a tube that supports the amount of pressure your washer releases.


– make sure you are buying pressure washer extension tube that fits your budget but with the best features to suit your work.


The above reviews of the best pressure hoses in 2019 should help you make informed decisions when you plan to purchase one for your work. To get the best extension hose will assure you of quality services and value for your money.

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